Pirate, Jedi, Superhero, but above all I am the boy that will never grow up. Living in the beautiful state of Florida most of my life, I've led a sales career that has highly revolved around my love of entertainment. Whether it be music, movies, comics, or just overall pop culture, I've been immersed in it. Selling it to the masses. That entertainment background & love has led me to where I am now.

Not so long ago, my whole childhood & everything after was sucked in all under one giant playground. Marvel & Lucasfilm had merged under the umbrella of the pirate & princess perfectionists, Disney. With all this occurring I knew what I had to do.

I'm taking upon myself to use my accumulated, otherwise useless knowledge of these things, & bring them to you. I'm doing this in hope to further conversation about what's going on in the worlds I've grown to love. So can't wait to hear from you all in the comments, & here's to the magic.

Your Host,

Jason Jarvis


Disney Not So Spooky Halloween - 2016