Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Lost Toys, Endgame Posters, Jolie For Eternals, and More

This week's episode covers Toy Story 4's lost toys, Avengers: Endgame's Revenge the Fallen Posters, Angelina Jolie possibly joining The Eternals, the opening date for Disney Spring's NBA Experience, & where to find Epcot's Flower & Garden coverage:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Fox Merger Complete, Toy Story 4, James Gunn, and More

This week's episode covers the ending of the Fox/Disney merger, Toy Story 4's new poster & trailer, James Gunn back on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, Awesome Planet coming to Epcot, as well as Epcot's 2019 Flower & Garden Festival:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Dumbo, Major D23 Galaxy's Edge Drop, and Maleficent 2

This week's episode covers two new Dumbo trailers, Maleficent 2's new title, date, & poster, & D23's major drop of everything you need to know for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge coming to Disneyland & Hollywood Studios:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Lion King, Oscar Wins, Galaxy's Edge Costumes, & More

This week's episode covers the new Lion King poster & trailer, Disney & Marvel's Academy Award wins, Penguins narrator announcement, Eternals, changes at Epcot, & the awaited costume reveals for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: SparkShorts Kitbull, Netflix Marvel Cancellations, And More

This week's episode covers the sad passing of a Disney Legend, Dave Smith, the Pitbull SparkShort, Black Widow's script rewrite, Kenobi, Captain Marvel first impressions, & the cancellation of the last of Netflix's Marvel shows:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Frozen II, SparkShorts, Aladdin, And More

This week's episode covers a couple SparkShorts, new trailers for Dumbo, Aladdin, & Frozen 2, James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy script, & Hulu's jump into Marvel's adult orientated animation:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Toy Story 4, Doctor Strange 2, & More

This weeks episode we’re talking about Toy Story 4’s intro of Bo Peep, Princess Diaries 3 possibilities, Doctor Strange 2, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6, the return of Kilmonger for Black Panther 2, the addition of R5-D4 to The Mandalorian, Willow, & Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer, SparkShorts, Captain Marvel Posters, And More

Second episode of Snipes-n-Snarfblatts, we’re diving into the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, talkin’ SparkShorts, & goin’ over the Captain Marvel character posters. On top of that we’re also tackling the trailer for The Punisher season 2, live-action Hunchback of Notre Dame announcement, Vision & Scarlet Witch, & more:

"Boyz II Men" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat"

This was the one. The one that I wanted to see more than any other. Making “Boyz II Men” at concert number 10 the perfect place to end for me on this years “Eat to the Beat”. I grew up on this. Even performing “On Bended Knee” at one point for a city talent show, & they did not disappoint at all. I actually got to see this one twice. I didn’t record the first as I thought I’d get better seats for this one. Go figure I wound up in the exact same spot for round 2. This one was more packed than any. Standing room only an hour before the show even started. People were stacked behind us. Great show though. I hope everyone has enjoyed these. Can’t wait for the Flower & Garden lineup.

"Billy Ocean" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine "Eat to the Beat"

Billy Ocean arrived at concert number 9 with us in attendance for this year’s “Eat to the Beat”, & man was I surprised. After doing a little looking I realized Billy Ocean was the guy on a good amount of movie soundtracks I grew up with, not just the guy who did “Caribbean Queen”. Knowing that, I went in more excited. And he put on a great show. Watching this old guy do his thing was great. When he walked out I was never expecting the energy we were going to receive. His performance spread pure joy & happiness throughout the theater. Highly enjoyed myself. There are still more concerts to come on our list for this year’s “2018 International Food & Wine Festival” at Epcot. So stay tuned.

"Kenny G" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat"

Due to circumstances I had to attend our 8th concert alone. Which being alone at Epcot was a lot less awkward than I expected it would be. Kenny G was totally amazing at “Eat to the Beat”. At one point holding a note that I still question the possibility of, & I was there. Someone in line had told me he had seen him earlier this week somewhere & it< “totally blew his mind.” That was not an exaggeration. I enjoyed myself at this one a whole lot more than I thought I would. More to come from the Epcot’s 2018 Food & Wine Festival though. So stay tuned.