Couple More TV Spots For "Aladdin" Deliver Some New

So, up until this point the Aladdin looks have been a new look to familiar material, much like Lion King has. These new spots deliver us some of the new material to flesh out the story form its animated counterpart. Along with some great lines of dialogue. Such as, "If you don't have anything, you have to act like you own everything." Love this line. It comes in a new spon on the tale where AL apparently breaks into the castle to see Jasmine. To me, a great addition that dosen't change the essence of the original at all. It just builds that much more on it. I'm also starting to feel a little the subtle "I'll say anything yo get what I want" evilness from Jafar. Not on the apparently evil on first glance from the original, but I am starting to see where we could get there. Not to mention some of the visuals in these are amazing. Like the giant parrot, & our first look at evil genie Jafar. Loving the top knot callout as well. Will Smith might just really pull this one off gloriously. Going into my favorite line of the second spot, "The whole song was the instructions!" line after Aladdin asked how it all works. May 24th is definitely a top spot on my calendar now. That said, we're all over the place in what they've shown now. I could almost put together a smal coherent film. Granted we already know the story, as it's a remake. I just don't want them to give away too much when it comes to new content. There still has to be some surprises left. Honestly, if you're not in by now, they've shown you enough, you're not gonna be. So, are you in or not? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

The New TV Spot For "Aladdin" Is Beautiful

There's no other way to put that. This new TV slot for Disney's upcoming live action Aladdin is absolutely beautiful. This might have been the spot that has totally won me over. I loved every second of this minute long spot. Every scene of the carpet ride is gorgeous, & from what we've seen, I'm really digging the chemistry between not only between Aladdin & Jasmine, but Al & the Genie as well. Any worries I had have been replaced with anticipation. I'm actually trusting that they can pull this off. We won't know until May 25th, but this is definitely a whole new world I want to visit. How bout y'all? Are y'all on board yet, or still on the fence? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 

Bo Peep Dominates New Toy Story 4 TV Spot

Bo Peep takes center stage along with some of the new additions in this new TV spot for "Toy Story 4". Including a total laugh out loud moment for me involving Ducky & Bunny & a cat. My worries when it comes to this film are starting to fall away with every new look. Luckily there's a lot going on to fill the time until June 21st. Love this spot though, curious what y'all thought? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Another Adorable Trailer For Disneynature's "Penguins"

Disneynature’s newest film Penguins is right around the corner. April 17th an Adélie penguin named Steve joins millions of fellow males in the icy Antarctic spring on a quest to build a suitable nest, find a life partner and start a family.  None of it comes easily. As he's targeted by everything from killer whales to leopard seals, threatening his happily ever after. Opening in theaters nationwide in time for Earth Day 2019, this trailer reminds you to see it opening weekend so your proceeds go helping these little guys out. It's no secret how much I love penguins. Check out our Instagram to see some inspiring penguin statues from the Disneyworld Resort Parks made of trash that has washed ashore. A tragically beautiful reminder why these guys need that opening weekend help. This trailer looks adorable, & I can't wait to help & be entertained at the same time.

Finally, An Animal Speaks In New "Lion King" Trailer

The new trailer for Lion King  has arrived, & with it we finally get our first speaking animal in the form of Scar. Even then though we still don't get much. A couple lines actually come out of his mouth with any other speaking parts off screen. Still a little concerning, but otherwise this movie looks absolutely amazing. Showcasing many iconic scenes, every moment was stunningly real. We even get a little Hakuna Matata , with a very quick glimpse of our second talking animals. If you blink, you'll miss their mouths moving though. Despite my concerns of them seemingly hiding the whole talking aspect, this trailer is probably the best, most fleshed out look yet. I'm a little more excited, after seeing this. I have a feeling we're still going to see more before this thing releases on July 19th. Namely get some more talky type interactions. This was a step in the right direction to get me on board though. What about y'all? Am I the only person worried they're shying away form one of the biggest aspects of this film? Let me know in the comments, like, & share.

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Disney+ Is Going Back To Monstropolis!

Disney just announced Monsters at Work, an animated spinoff for Disney+. John Goodman (Sulley) and Billy Crystal (Mike Wazowski) will return. A THR exclusive went further reporting they'll be joined original cast members John Ratzenberger (Yeti), Jennifer Tilly (Celia) and Bob Peterson (Roz). Along with some new blood Ben Feldman (Superstore), Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Henry Winkler (Barry), Lucas Neff (Raising Hope), Alanna Ubach (Coco), Stephen Stanton (Star Wars Resistance) and Aisha Tyler (Archer). The series picks up 6 months after the original film with the power plant now harvesting the laughter of children to fuel Monstropolis. It'll follows Tylor Tuskmon (Feldman), a mechanic on the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team who dreams of working on the Laugh Floor alongside Mike and Sulley. Tran will voice Val Little, Tylor's lifelong friend. While Winkler takes on Fritz, the scatterbrained boss, Neff will voice Duncan, an opportunistic plumber, Ubach, Cutter, the officious rule follower, Stanton is Smitty and Needleman, a bumbling custodial team, & Tyler will bring to life Tylor's mom, Millie Tuskmon. The show will be produced by Disney Television Animation & developed & executive produced by Bobs Gannaway (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). With Ferrell Barron on board to produce & Kat Good and Rob Gibbs direct. Add this to the list of things I'm excited for coming to Disney+. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the original, I really liked the prequel, & I love the Laugh House at Magic Kingdom. Can't wait to see where they go with this. They must be onto something to get the whole cast back. Hopefully the animation style won't change. What do y'all think? Ready to visit Monstropolis again? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

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Celebrating 10 Years Of Disneynature!

Walt Disney Studios put up this amazing video capturing the magic that has been Disneynature for the past 10 years. If you've been missing these, this is a great place to get a sample of the beauty that Disneynature is & more. I was first put onto these with Born in China , & I was pleasantly surprised. I bought the tickets mainly when I found out the first weekend sales go to helping the animals & environments depicted in the films. I wasn't expecting however, to be thoroughly entertained by a nature documentary. Even my children couldn't keep their eyes off the screen. This was a great way to not only see nature in a way we don't while trapped in our day to day, but also really realize that we share this Spaceship Earth with a host of other beings not too different from ourselves. That, & there's the fact that the ticket price goes to help so much as I mentioned earlier. Anyway, if you've been sleeping on Disneynature, do yourself a favor & check out this small sample of all the beauty up until now, with a taste of what's to come.

Not Much New To "Aladdin" TV Spot, But..

So, there really isn't much new to this TV spot released yesterday for Disney's upcoming live action Aladdin. Some very quick glimpses of Rajah, "Prince Ali", & the carpet ride were the only things that really stood out. However, for some reason, I still felt myself getting a little more excited for this film. While I had problems with the first Genie reveal trailer, everything since just keeps building up my anticipation for this film. This look is no exception to that build up. Hopefully they're not just skillfully cutting trailers, but my outlook for this film is shifting from worrisome to can't wait. Now if they can just get me on board with this way less sinister Jafar.. Like to know y'all's thoughts too though. Did this trailer, though not much new, do the same for you? For that matter, what your anticipation level for this one? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Toy Story 4 Spills It On Some New Characters, Including The Villain

Toy Story 4 is bringing us some new characters. We've already met Ducky & Bunny, but thanks to an Entertainment Weekly exclusive now we've got some more new faces in the form of some of the lost toys. First up, there's the guarded secret of Keanu Reeves' character. Up until now there was no mention of who he'd be voicing in the new installment. Niw we know a little about Duke Caboom. A 70's motorcycling action figure that's the "greatest daredevil in Canada." That is, except for the fact he's never actually been able to pull of any of the stunts in his commercials. Next up, we've got Officer Giggle McDimples. She's a Polly Pocket inspired character. An officer from the Giggle McDimples line of toys. As well as Bo's best friend, to be voiced by Alli Maki. Last but definitely not least, what looks like the creepiest villain ever to grace a Toy Story, Gabby Gabby. A creepy 1950's doll with an voiceless group of henchmen in the form of ventriloquist dolls. This creepy old doll is said to be perfect, except she has one broken thing keeping her form being purchased & loved. Her Annabelle vibe has her down as probably the lost toy I'm most excited for. However, Duke Caboom comes in a very close second, just because of how much I love Keanu Reeves. Just a few more things to get me more excited for Toy Story 4. How bout y'all? What's your favorite synopsis when it comes to these new characters? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

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Video Officially Welcomes The Fox Family To Disney

So, ever since this Fox merger was announced all I've heard about is people wondering what they're going to do with X-Men & the Fantastic Four. I've known the whole time, & reminded people it's way bigger than just that. However, until this "Final Welcome" video I didn't even realize how big it was myself. I knew Simpsons, Avatar, & a multitude of others things came with it, but forgot some of the multitudes of other titles. Titles like, Book of the Dead, Ferdinand, & Planet of the Apes just to name a few. This video reminded me how big this actually is, & that the face of entertainment really has been changes forever.

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Official Trailer For "Toy Story 4" Released

This official trailer is the first real trailer for the upcoming Toy Story 4. And if anything, it proved that the Toy Story franchise has found yet another way to tug on our heartstrings. June 21st we'll see Woody embark on an adventure to find a runaway toy that was homemade by little Bonnie from a spork. Forky is her favoritest toy in the world right now, & losing it would crush her. If that wasn't enough to get to us Woody seems to find another purpose in this trailer as he's reunited with Bo Peep. Who's been living amongst a group of lost toys. She starts to show him all the things a life outside of a child has to offer. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang attempt a rescue of their own it looks like. I was very pleasantly surprised by this trailer. I found myself wondering if it was to late for this. Not to mention, it's always dangerous to add a fourth to a trilogy. Especially a trilogy that's considered perfect like Toy Story. Just based on what we've seen here though this will contain all the heart of the originals, & leave us all weeping like little babies all over again. This has done exactly what it was supposed to do. It's amped up my excitement level more than it was before. I'm now all in for this round 4 with Woody, Buzz, & the rest of the gang. How about y'all though? What do y'all think after this? One too many, or has this put you on the same page as me, ready to go? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Aladdin Official Trailer Almost Restores My Faith

So, after the initial Genie reveal for Aladdin, I thought it was going to take a whole lot to restore my trust the film being good. Looks like all it took was a full trailer. I'm not saying this made me go full 180. Not by any means. I still think their Jafar is far from the evilness of his animated counterpart. This guy still totally reminds me of the cologne guy at a department store. On top of that I'm not 100% on the look of Genie, even though this extended look helped a whole lot. This proved at least what I thought in Smith being a good pick for at least conveyingthe role, & seeing a little magic behind him helped the overall look. Which was my only problem after that first reveal. Those being the only shakey parts still though. As the rest of this film looks amazing. The parkour style chase in the beginning looked thrilling, the carpet scenes were totally magical, & I'm way into the casting of Jasmine & Aladdin. So, while this didn't completely sell me on the look of Genie still, & more so the presence of Jafar, it did give me the impression that this is still going to be a very entertaining film. For right now I trust in Aladdin once again. What about y'all? The internet skewered this last time. Does this alleviate any of your worries as it did some of mine? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Set Pieces For Dumbo Are Amazing!!

This behind the scenes look at Dreamland for the upcoming live action Dumbo  is amazing! I'm as blown away by the set as Michael Keaton when he says he first saw it. I never expected this much of this film would be real. Especially with are reliance on CGI nowadays. And I'm not knocking CGI at all. I just feel like it's best used only in instances where it has to be. It looks as if Tim Burton thinks the same way. The number of talented extras brought, plus the scope of this amazing set proves that. I can't wait to see this film. Tickets go on sale today. So the countdown begins. Until then, what do y'all think of this amazing set though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Dumbo Sneak Peek Delivers On The Unexpected

I was not expecting that last scene of this new sneak peek for Dumbo at all! Every time they give us a new look it completely peaks my interest even more than the last. And this was no exception at all. Finally, we're getting to see why Eva Green deserves that character poster as they show her soaring atop the flying elephant. I almost wish they'd have saved that for a theater reveal. Nonetheless it was just as surprising to see it now. I also loved the flight prep scene, literally treating his ears as wings. That was great. Just a couple more reasons for me to be super excited for this film. I'm find myself hoping however, that this is the last time we see unseen footage for this one. I feel like we've reached that point where we've seen enough. Now just give us the film. What do y'all think? One, did you love the new bits in this peek? Particularly the two mentioned. Two, have we seen enough already until opening day? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Maleficent 2 Has A New Title, Date, And Poster... Yay.

I've made no secret at all I have no love whatsoever for the live-action Maleficent. Loved Jolie's casting, absolutely hated everything they done with the film though. They turned Disney's most evil villain into, not even an anti-hero, but an actual misunderstood good guy. Couldn't stand it. So while this title gives me hope, I don't pit any weight on her ever taking up her actual dark persona as we seen in the original Sleeping Beauty. That all said cool title, cool poster, bit still just no hope for this one. It'll be titled Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Which just doesn't quite make since after they went way out of their way to take all the villainy out of this character. Smae thing goes for the poster. Looks all cool & dark, but once again I'll believe it when I see it. We will find out earlier than we thought we would as they moved it up to this year. October 18th to be exact. I would say fingers crossed, bit I'm just not looking forward to this one. How bout y'all? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Dumbo Arcade Fire Reveal Contains Dangerous Levels Of Cuteness

Ok, so I know this was to reaveal Arcade Fire's version of "Baby Mine". Which is great, but I took out tow different things from this. The first was the absolute cute fest that was Dumbo playing with his mom. The second was a first real look at Michael Keaton's quick shift to villain. Both of these things has me screaming, "Just take my money already!" Really though, I've had Captain Marvel  tickets for what? Like a month or two now? This film is at the end of this month, & I need to see no more. Take my money please. I officially can't wait. Anyway, prepare yourself for absolute cuteness, & check this out while we impatiently wait for tickets to finally go on sale.

Dumbo Behind The Scenes Video

I loved this behind the scenes video. Mainly because it gave me a whole new outlook on this film. The first thing besides all the new glimpses was the blue between whYs actually real & what's CGI. I couldn't believe all the actual set pieces & extras I was seeing. Looking like they might've found a great blend of CGI & real elements to create that perfect realistic fantasy. The other thing that hit me is when they were talking about how Tim Burton really understands this element & these characters. The sort of abnormal characters that they are. It immediately made me think of another Burton circus in the form of Big Top PeeWee . Love or hate the film, he captured the reality of circus life so well. It made me for the first time think he might have been the perfect pick for this. We won't know for sure until March 29th, but with this I'm more excited for this one than I was before watching. What do y'all think? Is Dumbo on your must-see list? Do you have faith in Tim Burton with this one? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Meet Steve In Ed Helms Special Announcement For "Penguins"

This announces Ed Helm's as the narrator of Disneynature's upcoming Penguins . He wants to introduce you to the adorable star of the film, Steve. This announcement also comes with this synopsis, "..... a coming-of-age story about an Adélie penguin named Steve who joins millions of fellow males in the icy Antarctic spring on a quest to build a suitable nest, find a life partner and start a family.  None of it comes easily for him, especially considering he's targeted by everything from killer whales to leopard seals, who unapologetically threaten his happily ever after." I'm. So. All. In. I not only love penguins, but I'm sure Ed Helms is going to keep the documentary style pretty entertaining. I can't wait for this. Don't forget to see this April 17th, opening weekend by the way. The proceeds from these films on opening weekend go to help protect their subject matter. So, see this & save some little birds in tuxes at the same tine.

Academy Awards Thoughts

So the big night for all things motion picture was last night, & the Disney Empire only took home a small fraction of the 17 awards they were up for. In their defense in a lot of the categories they were nominated, they were up against themselves in one form or fashion. Even in those they came up just short. Nothing surprising though this year's list of nominees were so stacked, a lot of things were hard to call, & just as hard to argue with the winners. I knew Black Panther stood no chance at Best Picture. So, that was no surprise. In fact I've seen most of the films nominated, & Green Book was an amazing film. My choice to win for that matter. Black Panther did take home 3 trophies though, Best Costume, Best Production Design, & Best Original Score. A well deserved, great win for Marvel that was bound to cut into the 17 nominations no matter how it was sliced. Due to Mary Poppins Returns also being nominated in those categories. Some more that had double bookings with Best Original Song, Best Animated Feature, & the Disney loaded Best Special Effects categories, they weren't so fortunate in. However, I cannot disagree with any of the winners at all. It was just that right of a race. All the original songs were great, I've heard Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse wouldn't have surprised some in the actual Best Picture category. The closest race in my head for the night though, was Special Effects. Disney had three examples of very different types of Effects showcased in Solo, Infinity War, & Christopher Robin, but once again, no arguements can be made. First Man had effects so good you'd have one keen eye if you could even spot them all versus actual documentary footage. Other than that Bao was a shoe in for Animated Short as it was pretty much the only one everyone has seen. Great awards race, I've never agreed with more picks in one show than this one. Might've even restored a little of my faith in the Academy Awards. Your thoughts though? Put 'em in the comments, like, & share.