"Ralph Breaks The Internet" Movie Review

So, if you haven't seen my first thoughts video, you can check it out here. The only thing that has changed between then & now is, the more I think about Ralph Breaks the Internet , the more I love it. This is truly a spectacular follow up to the original Wreck-it Ralph . I'd have to see it again before I'm sure, but there's a chance this might've surpassed its predecessor. Not just in terms of success, but also in animation, story, & especially in the comedy department. After decades of not so great animated sequels (understatement), it might be safe to say Disney's starting to figure this out. The first & biggest example of this is how well thought out this sequel is. It takes the foundation layed in the original, & just runs with it. The result being a sequel that felt like a perfect segway from the first. You can tell they really wanted something that felt like a logical, natural direction. And what could be more natural for retro-gaming, than a trip to world wide web? A trip for Ralph & Vanellope to fix the broken "Candy Rush" via Ebay to be pricise. A trip that winds up being the best social commentary on the state of the internet & how we use it I've ever seen. Literally laugh out loud funny throughout, I even felt like this movie was more accessible than the first. Not everyone grew up with or was into retro games, but you've been under Pride Rock if you haven't used the internet in one form or fashion. On top of more relatable, this film returns the amazing performances of the original, & they don't skip a beat. As much as I love me some Sarah Silverman & John C. Reilly, I don't think they will ever be as great as they are in these roles? These characters have so much heart & soul you almost have to remind yourself they're animated. The most surprising part of this whole film for me though, was once again, just how funny it was. It's hard to make a classic Disney animated film genuinely hilarious. Sure you can add some humor here & there, but it takes some talent to write a straight up PG rated comedy film for everyone. For me, this was this films greatest achievement. The jokes just keep going from beginning to end. Disney even pulled out every franchise from Star Wars to the Princesses  to keep the yucks going. The original Princesses actually all coming back to reprise their roles for what turned out to be a much bigger role than I thought it would be. Speaking of new roles, Gal Gadot didn't disappoint either as the tough as nails Shank either. In fact I think my only gripe with this film was wanting even more. Specifically in the form of Fix-it Felix & Calhoun. Who had potential for some awesome comedic scenes. The set up was there for what I can only hope will be in the special features of the BluRay release. Anyway, I loved this film. Much like the Toy Story  trilogy or Incredibles 1 & 2, I'm sure I won't be watching one without the other. These will go hand in hand from now on. I would not only recommend this to fans of the first, I would recommend it to people who haven't even seen the original. That said, I'd love to know others thoughts as they see it. So, sound off in the comments, like, & share.