D23 Teases Sunday's Disney Park News

D23 is finally upon us again. I'm opting for a wrap up video this time. I'm hoping covering it all at once will save some time. Until then though, we've got a small taste of what's coming Sunday through their “Imagining Tomorrow, Today" Parks Pavilion. Obviously there's progress on Tron & Mickey's Railroad form the last D23. Some new offerings have been thrown out there now. The biggest of which for me is details on upcoming changes to Epcot. With talk of it being split into “neighborhoods”, & the addition of a Moana attraction where guest will interact with living water. Can’t wait to see some details for this! Especially what the neighborhood thing means for Future World. They also unveiled the Halcyon. This us the name of the “starship” you will be staying in if you opt to stay the night at Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios in the future. There's also a pretty bad ass model to go with. On top of all this Tony Stark has set up an expo to display Avengers Campus coming to California, Hong Kong, & Paris! I had first seen it in stills, but Disey Parks put out this video previewing the pavilion. Check it out for a small sample of the excitement to come. Can't wait to get into it! Definitely more to come. Check out the awesome pics below the video form D23 featuring g concept art for everything as well as a teaser of legacy & news things coming to Epcot.