“Spider-Man: Far From Home” Movie Review

Alright. Honesty time. With everything going on this week, after my first thoughts video (see here), I completely forgot about this. I usually like to take some time afterwards to write out a more detailed, still non-spoiler review. As much as I’ve been talking about the Marvel Studios/Sony Spider-Man: Far From Home this weekend, you’d figure it’d be impossible, but I forgot nonetheless. Anyway, here we go. My thoughts haven't swayed at all. This film plays the role of epilogue & sequel delightfully. Coming in as a more than solid sequel to Homecoming, while also putting a nice little bow on the 10 years we've decided to call The Infinity Saga. We get plenty of growth from every member of the Homecoming class. Tom Holland is great as Spider-Man, & watching how he develops as Peter Parker has been delightful. He's the perfect amount of awkward to personify the role. Even in his awkward relationship with MJ. It’s not just Holland that displays growth too. The layering to these characters epitomize teenage life. Adding to the cast this time around besides the always perfect Sam Jackson as Nick Fury is Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. Hero from another dimension. Who also adds layers to this character in a role we’ve never seen the character step into. I love what they do with him. Gyllenhaal is amazing. Even more so, I like how they bring a really good explanation to Mysterio's power set. As with the original incarnation it's based in special FX. Which I always found weird in the books. As much as I love effects, they’re still not real. The way this film gets around this is one of my favorite things about it. Don’t want to get to into it as Marvel is making it harder & harder to review these without accidentally dropping major spoilers. Besides being an almost on par, if not on par sequel to the original, another place this film shines is in its epilogue quality. Capping off 10 years of anything is a chore. They do it perfectly, it feels like the issue that caps off a major comic book event. Basking us in the fallout, while giving us hints as where we could next. I love at one point the villain basically gives a social commentary on how we are in real life with these comic films while talking about people in their world. The two post credit scenes are awesome. The first gives us a look towards the future of Spider-Man, while the second gives us the same for the whole of the MCU. Loved this film though. Can’t wait to see it again. Everything I could've asked for to back up Homecoming while helping come back down to earth after the insaneness that was Endgame. Curious y’all's thoughts? As you see it let me know in the comments, like, & share.


"Spider-Man: Homecoming" Movie Review

I have to start this by agreeing with many others on the fact that this is probably the best depiction of Spider-Man we've seen on film. Most comparable to the Ultimate Spider-Man comics line, this movie really understands the character like no one else has. While Spider-Man has been tried twice before, they seemed to have a very troubled Batman-like vibe to them. This one takes an all together different approach to the character. The best way to describe it in comparison is, this time around it's fun. Most comparable to a John Hughes film like Sixteen Candles or Breakfast Club, this movie is a perfect blend of teen-angst, coming of age comedy & how to be a superhero crash course. That's one of the real great things, among many, to me about this movie. The other movies all had the guy gets bit by spider, becomes super-hero, & is all the sudden master of his powers. Not here. The title of the second volume of the Ultimate Spider-Man comics is Learning Curve, & that's basically what this is. This is a normal person, a 15 yr. old kid at that, getting super-powers, wanting to be a hero, & trying to figure out how on the fly. Rather hysterically I might add. Tom Holland owned the part of Spider-Man. He delivered perfectly with all the constant nervous jokes that have become a staple of Spider-Man throughout the comics. Parker was portrayed as the nerdy kid, as it should be. Next up, I don't care if they say he's Ned, Jacob Batalon was playing Ganke. Ganke is a different Spider-Man's best friend in the comics, & if you want to know what his character is like, watch this movie. It's Ned, & he steals the show from the other students that attend Peter's high school. Robert Downey's Jr. popped in as Iron Man & I say popped in because as many trailers as they've had for this thing, you've probably seen 85% of his part in this. As usual though RBJ dazzles while he's on screen. He's born to play Tony Stark. Marisa Tomei was great as hot Aunt May. Michael Keaton however, was amazing as the main villain Vulture. He had a real different approach to playing a villain than we're used to seeing in comic book films. It had a realism behind it that really let you understand his character & motives. As you probably noticed I said main villain. There are multiple big Spidey villains in this Spider-Man. Showing mainly that if you do it right, & there is a reason for these villains to be together in the same film, it can work. As opposed to the only thing in common being having powers, & the same hero as an enemy. All in all, if you haven't realized already, I loved this movie. I wouldn't just suggest it to fans of comic book movies, but also to fans of movies all together. If you want to go to a theater & have a lot of fun this movie is for you. Sony needs to take this as a realization they really need Marvel on this one. I really hope more studios take a page out of this book & see what could happen if they take some time to join forces on some things. The results could be phenomenal. Anyway, let us know what you think of this first outing of the friendly neighborhood wall crawler in the MCU down in the comments, like, & share. Check out the video review here.