"Christopher Robin" Movie Review

Took a little while extra to get to this one. There's a lot going on right now. That was actually the best thing about for me about Christopher Robin though. It totally took me to another place. This is the definition of a feel good movie. If you haven't seen my first thoughts video you can see it here. First off, I'm a huge Winnie the Pooh  fan. If you find yourself in that category at all, you're going to love this movie. It captures the spirit of the Hundred Acre Wood in all it's glory. Jim Cummings absolutely shines as Pooh. Completely stealing the whole show. Every time Pooh was on screen you begged for more. There's a lot of wisdom in that silly ol' bear's childlike ignorance. He says the most simple, yet deep things throughout this film's course. Pooh's supporting plush cast were depicted pretty much exactly how you know & love. Nothing really new. Except Eeyore, he served as kind of a fourth wall breaker. A little more aware than the rest of the crew. His comments here & there were so matter of fact, & the timing was just perfect. The human side of this worked, even though you really just want as much Pooh as possible as this goes on. As I say in the video, my hat's really of to Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, & the girl that plays their daughter. Considering most of their acting & responses were to inanimate plush objects, they were amazing. Same goes for the people who notice the talking plush in the streets. Great reactions. The overall story was a little old hat. It resembled Hook  with its child becomes adult, gets over wrapped up in work, & neglects the family he's working for. They do go out of their way to justify it this time. Instead of a dedication to the job in the name of success, it's for the preservation of other families jobs. Humanizes it bit more, but doesn't change the similarities. We have a lot of of similar films though, some carbon copies. So the real question is did they pull it off. The answer would be a resounding yes. This movie tugs at your heartstrings, playing with every emotion. The whole time surrounded by the most hilarious, innocent comedy. The packed house we were in was a combination of awes, hysterical laughter, & uncontrollable sobbing. In the end, everyone erupting in applause. All in all, this film was everything I could've asked for. A family, feel good film that brought the Hundred Acre Wood to life so well you'd swear they did just that. I'm sure I will be enjoying this one for years to come. That's my full thoughts, I'd love to know yours. Put 'em in the comments, like, & share.