"Jessica Jones" Final Season Trailer Released

Am I the only person having trouble getting excited for the final season of Jessica Jones? I mean, Jessica Jones was already not my favorite of the Netflix Marvel series. This trailer wasn't horrible, but with that big Final Season hanging over it, it does make me care a little less. I've lost interest all together in the Rachael Taylor character. My favorite thing about this show, Killgrave, got took out in Season 1. There's just not much pulling me into wanting to see this. This trailer would've had to be phenomenal to change that, & instead I came out of it as meh. I'll try nonetheless. I've made it this far. Maybe the fact that I'm not expecting much will help. What do y'all think? Does this trailer do it for you? Or doe that even matter when you know we're going nowhere after this? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Official Trailer For Marvel's "The Punisher" Season 2 On Netflix

I hate to say this in a world where every single Marvel show on Netflix has been cancelled. With this first trailer for the second season of The Punisher , I really wasn't as impressed as I'd have liked to be. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is that doesn't do it for me here, but just off top, Jon Berthal doesn't come off as the Frank Castle of we've known from  Daredevil or the even the first season for that matter. Not to mention I'm hating the look of the guy we're not going to officially call Jigsaw. Maybe it was those two things mixed with the excess in daylight scenes. Combine that with that fact that I personally think this one will join the void of cancellation the others were thrown into after this season, & it's real hard to get excited. And that's coming from someone who thought the first season was one of Netflix's best so far, save the first season of Daredevil . Anyway, I so hope this proves me wrong. I want this to be good. Hell, great even. The Punisher was one of my favorite comics when I was a kid. So, that said, I've still got my fingers crossed. Curious though, what did y'all think of the trailer? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Iron Fist Trailer Gives Danny A Worthy Opponent

I loved this new trailer for Netflix's second season of Marvel's Iron Fist. I was one of the very few big fans of the first season, but my only drawback was that no one seemed to stand a chance when it really came down to it. Much like Luke Cage's Bushmaster, this season will feature more of an equal to Danny Rand in the form of the man he previously beat to take the mantle of Iron Fist in the first place. If they treat this the same as season 2 of Luke Cage  we're in for one heckuvan awesome season. This trailer made me think that's the formula they're going for. Sept. 7th will find Danny getting roadblocked by this new foe while trying to take up Daredevil's job of protecting the city after the events of Defenders . After this trailer? I'm all in & then some. What about y'all? Are y'all feelin' this trailer as much as I am? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Looks Like I'm A Little Late To The First Actual Trailer For "Iron Fist" Season 2

I heard a lot of negative feedback for the first season of Marvel's Iron Fist  on Netflix. Personally, I loved it. Out of the first seasons of each show, I thought it came in second, right under DaredevilSo, needless to say I was really excited when I saw the date announcement a couple weeks ago. Then I clicked it. Honestly, I would've been more happy with just a logo & a date. The video we got might've worked if it was for season 1, but it's not. This video up top though is more of a teaser trailer. Personally, I would've used this to announce the date. Edit it down of course, but this one built on season 1 without spoiling it. Hinting at what we can probably expect from Season 2. Leaving aside spoilers, on top of protecting the city, I'm guessing we're picking up on the search for KunLun. The hidden which Danny seems have some memories resurfacing. The video shows the classic Iron Fist mask from the comics, & what looks like a pretty brutal tournament. If I had to guess this was probably for the mantle of Iron Fist. Even though the mask looked a little cheesy, this was an awesome teaser. I can't wait until September 7th. If it's on the same level as Punisher  & especially Luke Cage  season 2, we're gonna be in for a real treat. Loved this, even if I did see it 3 days late. What did y'all think? Are y'all in for Iron Fist  season 2? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Trailer For "Luke Cage" Looks Very Promising

June 22nd is now one of the most anticipated dates on my calendar. This new trailer for Luke Cage  season 2 is awesome! I loved the first season's first half. After Cottonmouth's demise however, it quickly fell apart. This one looks like it might fix that downfall by putting Mariah in the crosshairs of new baddie, Bushmaster. Who looks like he's gonna be friggin awesome by the way. Putting Mariah in his line looks like it's gonna be a nice way to curb her story. It puts her under Cage's reluctant protection, effectively switching the narrative to this new, invincible, bullets bounce off him, magic man. This trailer actually looks like this season could top Daredevil , which for me has been the high point for Netflix's Marvel shows. Can't wait though, what do y'all think of this new trailer? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Trailer For Marvel's "Luke Cage" On Netflix

June 22nd we've got another round of Luke Cage  coming to Netflix, & I'm not sure what to think. The first half of season 1 was some of the best stuff Netflix has made as a studio. Then they killed off the best character. This has left us with a portion of plot rolling into season 2 that I could care less about. On the other hand, seeing this trailer, Bushmaster looks like a formidable foe. I don't know anything about the character. From the trailer, I'm getting a voodoo vibe. Always makes for a good antagonist. It also looks like we're taking one more step towards "Heros for Hire". That's one of the things I've been looking forward to since the addition of Misty & the Iron Fist. So all in all, this trailer has left me kinda just wondering. There's what I knew would be the inevitable already disappointing leftovers from the end of season 1. However, everything new looks really good. I'll say this, I'm more excited for this now than I was. What do y'all think? Amped up for season 2? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Looks Like We're Gonna Get Some Heroes For Hire Action On Netflix

Luke Cage & The Immortal Iron Fist, Heroes for Hire. Ever since Netflix announced these two in their line up those are the words I've been waiting to hear. And with this Empire's Pilot TV exclusive photo from Season 2 of Luke Cage, it looks like I'm getting one step closer to that becoming a reality. It looks like we might see the two man team starting to develop here. The issue also gives us the tease that Danny will help Luke channel his chi, leading me to guess this will strengthen the relationship even further. Fingers crossed this is received well, & we get the announcement of a Heroes For Hire  going into development next. I'd be more hyped for that than I was Defenders. While I agree with most that the first season of Luke Cage  fizzled out in the second half, the first half was some of the best television I've seen. I'm hoping when season 2 drops on June 22nd, it stays consistent all the way through. As for the Iron Fist , I think he got a bad rap. I really liked that whole season. Not sure why it got so much hate. Anyway, excited for Luke Cage season 2, but even more so about the implications that could reside in this pic. Here's to the hope that season 2 will be the also be the beginning of the eventual team-up I've been waiting for? What do y'all think? Do y'all want to see this built on after season 2? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Netflix Releases Announcement Trailer For Marvel's "Luke Cage"

Netflix has announced season 2 of Marvel's Luke Cage with an action packed announcement trailer. June 22nd is the day to mark on your calendar to see the further adventures of Harlem's invulnerable hero in a hoodie. I really enjoyed the first half of the first season. The second half was kind of a trainwreck, but for TV standards still good. They were just delivering movie standards in the first half though. One mistake derailed the thing. Anyway, this trailer is basically just saying, "Remember Luke Cage? He's coming back." Will you be there? Put it in the comments, like, & share 

Netflix's New "Jessica Jones" Season 2 Trailer Looks Awesome

So, out of all the Marvel shows on Netflix we've got so far, Jessica Jones has probably been my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, I've liked them all. She just happened to be the show I liked the least. Loved David Tennant as Killgrave, & anytime he was there the show really shined. It's just when he wasn't there, I didn't care as much. Now it looks as if we're going to get a Jessica Jones origin story. It also looks really good. This trailer has me very intrigued about a back story I thought I didn't need. I'm already more invested in this than I was in the first run. Even without Tennant's Kilgrave, though I'll take one good guess who that is clapping towards the end. I can't believe it though. All in all, this trailer has me really looking forward to Season 2's March 8th release. What do y'all think? About the first season & this trailer? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Marvel's "Daredevil" On Netflix Just Announced An Important Addition

This comes with small spoiler for The Defenders, but after barely making it through one of the nuns nursing his wounds says to "Get Maggie. Tell her he's awake." We now have a face to go with the name. Gossip Girl Alum, Joanne Whalley will be playing Sister Maggie in Season 3 of Daredevil. Why is this an important character? For those who don't read comics & don't want to know, don't read this next part. The big reveal in the comics is that this winds up being Matt Murdock's mom. I don't remember the full details as to how this is revealed, I just remember it eventually comes out. I'm so excited for this season. I've loved almost even second of this series, and now Kingpin's coming back. By far my favorite part of this show. This addition also signals we're probably headed down some tried & true comic stories as well. Which is always a plus in my book. What do y'all think of this news? I'm sure Whalley can pull this off, so are you digging this direction or is there something else you'd rather see? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Frank Castle Will Be Returning For A Second Season

Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix has probably wound up being my favorite Netflix show so far. Not just my favorite Netflix/Marvel show, but my favorite Netflix show period. They just got every part of this one so right. In fact, usually I'd throw away some episodes so far on almost every one of these Netflix/Marvel seasons. This one had me at every episode. So it's needless to say I got pretty excited when Netflix just announced season 2. With Disney trying their handf at a streaming service soon these show's futures are really in the air. I'm really glad they're going to get a second run. Hopefully, they'll keep with the story they've started & just pick up where they left off. Maybe see the villain I don't want to spoil team up with Kingpin for his revenge even?!? One can only hope... What do y'all think of The Punisher getting a second run? Check out this featurette  on the first season, & put it in the comments, like, & share.

Save The Date For Jessica Jones

Here's a nice little release date teaser for the second season of Marvel's Jessica Jones coming to Netflix. Doesn't show much in the way of telling you where we're going this season, but March 8 will be the day Jessica Jones gets back to sexin', drinkin', whoopin' ass, & dealing with more baggage than any superhero to date. Hopefully we can figure out something important for her to do as well this time. Some of the last season seemed to drag by. I mean, I didn't hate the first season, but it definitely was my least favorite of the Defenders solo endeavors. To me this shows saving grace was the Purple Man, Killgrave. He stole every scene he was in, & in my opinion the show suffered when he was not present. I think these get better as they find their stride though, so I'm hoping this season has a major upswing. Coming off the almost perfect run of The Punisher, it's gonna need it. What do y'all think though? Great little put-together for a release date announcement. I can't wait to get a trailer that ties some of these images together. Will you return to Alias Investigations with Jessica Jones this time? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Marvel No Longer Will Produce Shows For Netflix

Ever since Disney has announced its own streaming service coming sometime in 2019 & pulling its content off of Netflix I've been wondering what did that mean for the Netflix/Marvel universe? While we still don't know the future for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, & the Punisher, according to Inside the Magic any future Marvel shows will go straight to the new Disney streaming service. With Disney really seeming to be aiming for Netflix, I definitely wouldn't rule out the Netflix/Marvel shows being moved over to this new streaming service eventually as well. Only the future will tell. I must say though, this is exciting. If they can keep the quality up at least. There's a part of me that can't help but think the Netflix/Marvel shows anywhere but on Netflix might lose a some of their grittiness. What do y'all think of this though? The Punisher on Nov 17th will be the last Netflix addition even if they get to keep their roster intact. Put your thoughts in the comments, like, & share.


Marvel's The Punisher Is Going To Show How To Reboot An Origin

This is how you retell an origin story that's already been told a couple times. The new preview for Marvel's The Punisher airing in full November 17th on Netflix gives us a quick look at Frank Castle's revamped beginnings. I've always thought when it comes to origin stories as long as you keep the basic essentials you can change the rest however suits your story. This is a great example of that mind-frame. Keep the essentials, Daredevil's blinding, Spider-Man's Spider-bite, Frank's family, these all have to happen. How they happen, the details, can be changed up though, & not effect the core essence of the story. Once again though, this trailer delivers. This looks like it's going to be the best Netflix has gave us so far. What do y'all think though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Iron Fist Will Appear In Season 2 Of Marvel's "Luke Cage"

Season 2 of Luke Cage is right around the corner & Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive pic Cage (Mike Colter) with the Immortal Iron Fist (Finn Jones). Actual details of Danny Rand's involvement has been kept mute, but these pics let us know that the heroes for hire will be coming into contact at least once during season 2. I pretty excited about all this, I loved the first half of Luke Cage. (SPOILERS) At least, until Cottonmouth died, & it became a-whole-nother show.  In addition, unlike a lot of viewers, I really liked Iron Fist, & The Defenders for that matter. Especially if you keep in mind that they are supposed to be TV quality, & they're damn near movie quality. Anyway, I can't wait, & if I can make a suggestion (Because Netflix totally listens to what I say..) lets scrap any ideas for season a 3 on both these. Then we can get to work with Danny, Luke, & Misty on a Heroes for Hire series. That concept would keep the writing pretty easy from season to season. What do y'all think though? Of Iron Fist popping up in Luke's second season, & my Heroes for Hire pitch? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Marvel's "Punisher" Gets Postponed??

So in response to the Las Vegas massacre of 58 on Oct. 1 Netflix pulled out of a pre-scheduled panel session for The Punisher at New York Comic Con. Many believed that the panel would have been followed by a special surprise launch in October, rumored as early as Saturday. Netflix had never announced a date, but it's now expected for late fall. This sucks. If this was really the case & The Punisher was coming this weekend, I'm a little pissed off. I know this was a horribly tragic thing, but with everybody wanting it to be labeled terrorism, I can only think this is the wrong way to handle it. I mean, the definition of terrorism pretty much is to instill terror. Isn't this reaction exactly what they're going for in the first place? Every time we change our actions due to one of these heinous acts we're doing exactly what terror bringers want us to do. I understand there are a lot of guns in The Punisher, & maybe it's because I come from a time when uber-violence was understood as fake when in reference to entertainment. My heart goes out to the victims of Oct. 1st's Las Vegas shooting. I just can't help but feel that giving these shooters as much acknowledgement as we tend to do, is exactly what they want. I wish we would mourn the victims, & not even release the shooter's information. Take away that acknowledgement to let any future copycats know they will NOT be remembered for what they have done. Anyway, off subject, sorry for the rant. Would really like to know others views on this. If this is the case are these the right actions to take. Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Netflix's Punisher Lives Up To Its Moto The Truth Must Be Taken

I think someone at Netflix was listening to me. After expressing my excitement starting to dwindle, it didn't take two days for them to put up this awesome new trailer for Marvel's The Punisher. We're definitely getting some new Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) origin action, now involving some CIA stuff. Also, seeming to be the reason Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) gets involved. This trailer lives up to everything I've been expecting from this Punisher. My excitement is back to it's peak for this one. I've always found Frank's story intriguing, especially when it's done right. His style of vengeance gets lost in the excessive body counts sometimes. At the core though, what really makes Frank, is that through the rage he has a code to his mission. This seemed like we're going to really dive into what behind not only that code, but what's behind that mindset. And instead of being the focus, the giant body count will just serve as the icing on the cake. They've got this coming out sometime 2017. Which they're running out of, so it's got to be right around the corner. Anyway, what do y'all think of this awesome trailer? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 

Marvel's Punisher New Pics & Teaser

I've been excited for Marvel's Punisher coming to Netflix since they debuted Jon Berthal playing the character in Daredevil: Season 2. I loved the trailer that came out last month. I'm not really sure what I think of this new promo. It features Frank taking out some soldiers Rambo style. Which all looks cool, except for the fact it's shot in strange "shaky cam" supposedly off the soldiers body cams. I didn't really care for it. I'm hoping this is just a one time use, not a frequently used camera trick, but it still leaves me a little worried none the less. Something like that over & over might throw me out of this a bit. Below the promo trailer are some pics that Entertainment Weekly released. A couple of Frank, one from his war days, a couple of Micro (David Lieberman), some agents, acquaintances, & a lot of Daredevil's Karen (Deborah Ann Woll). It looks like she will be a major part of the Punisher's journey. The pics really seem like standard fare. I don't know why my excitement is dwindling for this one. I'm attributing it the fact it's seems like it's been awhile since we've seen Frank. We've had Luke Cage, Iron Fist, & Defenders without a peep from Castle. I don't even remember a mention. (If there was, sorry, I missed the insignificant little thing.) Anyway, I'm hoping by the first episode sometime later this year I swing right back around. I'm sure that'll be the case as I've enjoyed all these Marvel Netflix shows. Anyway, what do y'all think of these? Excited or meh? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Misty Knight Whole Again With A Spoiler For Marvel's Defenders

I'm really surprised we're getting pictures of this only weeks from the release of the Marvel/Netflix superhero team-up The Defenders. This was one of the main "WTF?" moments of the series that brings together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, & the Immortal Iron Fist. So needless to say, of you haven't seen the newest series this is definitely somewhat of a SPOILER & you've now been warned. Those that have seen it will recall detective Misty Knight shedding some weight the easy way, as Bakuto lopped off her left arm at the end of the season. Now surprisingly early, Entertainment Weekly has the first pics of Misty sporting her new bionic appendage on the set of Luke Cage Season 2, bringing her closer to her comic-book counterpart. The arm looks surprisingly more like a "real-life" prosthetic than what I was expecting. In the comics it's got a handful (punny) of special features much like Coulson's hand in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show. This looking a "real-life" as it does makes me wonder if we'll be seeing any of those special features or if they'll keep it more "grounded"? Just off looks I would have to say I wanted a little more of a futuristic sci-fi edge, but I really want to hold off any real judgement until I see it in action in 2018. Anyway, what do y'all think? Do y'all like the look? Do y'all think this is a little early to release? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


New Featurette Lays Out The Foundation For Marvel's The Defenders Coming To Netflix This Weekend

Did anyone else miss this featurette? It's not much new in the way of previews, but it gives some time with each of the actors. We couldn't be any closer to Marvel's The Defenders, with all episodes to drop on Netflix August 18, 2017, & Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage), & Finn Jones (Iron Fist) sit down in this featurette & shed some light as to where each of their characters stand coming into them. Murdock is no longer Daredevil after his second season. He becomes Jessica Jones lawyer; she's done some bad things if you don't recall. Luke Cage is getting out of prison from finishing his sentence. Which leaves Danny Rand who is just doing his Danny Rand thing whatever it may be. It actually looks like him & Cage bump into each other by coincidence. Anyway, we'll know for sure soon. The all wind up hunting what is most likely the Hand's cover-up, Midland Circle. This is where not only Sigourney Weaver, but the newly resurrected Elektra comes in. These series so far have almost done the villains better than the heroes. They have not only gave us the best incantation of the anti-hero Punisher, they've made Purple Man, Cottonmouth, & the now iconic Kingpin some of the most interesting villains in the whole Marvel Universe. I only say this because I'm curious as to where Sigourney Weaver will land in the mix. She is such an iconic actress, I don't think I've ever really seen her do something that looks this cold. Check this featurette out though for a nice setup. Let us know what you think in the comments, like, & share.