Am I The Only One Who Can't Get Too Excited For Star Wars Casting?

So, Star Wars Episode IX  has added Dominic Monaghan of LOTR  & Lost fame, as well as former Doctor Who Matt Smith, over the past couple days. Normally this news would have me super pumped, but these known actors seem to just not matter. They're either hidden or wind up like Benicio Del Toro in TLJ . I really liked his character. However it being Del Toro, it seemed like not only a small role, but a waste of an awesome actor. Star Wars  just seems to swallow big actors & totally make smaller ones. I'm curious to find out more about these characters nonetheless. I'm just not too excited for them to mean anything. Won't know for sure until we see it though. What do y'all think? Do we even need big names in the Star Wars galaxy? Put it in the comments, like, & share.