Billy Dee To Add Some Nostalgia To Star Wars IX

A long going rumor has now been confirmed by sources to The Hollywood Reporter.  Billy Dee Willams will return to the role he originated of Lando Calrissian. Last seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story amazingly played by Donald Glover, this is one of my all time favorite non-main characters in any film. When I heard this rumor, I figured it was a given. All of these movies so far have featured a major tie in character with Han & Luke. The unfortunate demise of Carrie Fisher left this one empty of that sort of nostalgia. I feel sorry for Keri Russell, as this totally eclipsed the news of her addition the day before as an "action heavy" character. After two misuses of Captain Phasma though, it's a little hard to get too excited about that one anyway. I'm actually pretty ecstatic about this addition of Billy Lee though. There's a lot riding on this one for me. As much as I loved TLJ, I feel like that love lasting, heavily rides on the shoulders of Episode IX. What do y'all think the addition of OG Lando? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Donald Glover Gives A Tour Of Lando's Millennium Falcon

I'm already convinced that Donald Glover's Lando will be by far the best aspect of May 25th's Solo: A Star Wars Story . This video just added fuel to my fire. Donald Glover gives you a full rundown of Lando's Millennium Falcon, before it became the "hunk of junk" we know it as. The tour is even complete with a walk through of the Cape room. Which, of course, Lando would have a cape room. I can't think of anyone else right now I would pick besides Glover to fill the shoes of Billy Dee Willams. Each time we see more, I'm that much more convinced not only will Lando steal this film, but we missed a great chance. A Lando film's where it's at. He's the main reason I'm excited for this film. Now I'm going to watch this a couple more times to freeze frame all the parts of the Falcon. Because yes, it's that serious. While I'm doing that let me know your thoughts on this video, like, & share.

New "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Trailer Has Me Still Wanting A Lando Movie

So the new trailer just dropped for Solo: A Star Wars Story , & the biggest thing I once again came to was how much I would rather have a Lando film in its place. Donald Glover seems to just demand attention in every one of these trailers. The more we get of him, the more it shows too. After getting that out of the way though, this is a really solid trailer. If it's a true example of what to expect from Solo, it might actually wind up defying the odds. Finally, I'm starting to get a since of Han out of Alden Ehrenreich. Not much, but I'm starting to see a little of what becomes the smuggler we know & love. I'm also getting the sense that Woody Harrelson is going to deliver, as usual. He looks like he just really slid right into this role. This look here is the first I've actually been fully excited for this movie. It's still just a trailer, I've seen it go pear shaped from here. Going fromjust it though, this film looks like it could be even better than Rogue One: A Star Wars Story . Let me know what y'all think of the trailer below. Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Thank The Maker! Part Of The Untitled Han Solo Movie Is Officially Complete

It's been a pretty rough road for the upcoming stand-alone Han Solo film. I've even went as far as saying they should make a movie about the ordeal to making this movie. Which despite rumors that LEGO gave it away, we still don't officially have a title for. Now however, a small ray of light shines down on the Millenium Falcon as director Ron Howard has announced via Twitter that Donald Glover has officially wrapped his work as Lando on the untitled film. He actually used #UntitledHanSoloMovie, which I would totally say use for my aforementioned movie about the behind-the-scenes hell of making this one. That aside, this is finally some good news involving the Han Solo film. It lets us know there is a chance this thing is on track now & they're actually making some progress. I've still got hope that this thing can be good, & I've heard rebellions are built on hope.. Lucasfilm owned by Disney hasn't done us too wrong yet, I've enjoyed everything they've put out so far. That includes the books & comics. Though some have not been great, nothing they've released has been bad yet. Let's let this small completion be the first sign that everything else is behind this now, & Ron Howard has it back on track. Fingers crossed, May 25, 2018 isn't getting further away. What do y'all think of this? Just an inevitable completion, or a sign of things starting to go right? Put it in the comments, like, & share.