Ron Howard In Negotiations For A Disney+ "Willow" Series

Awesome news from Variety. Ron Howard & Solo writer Jonathan Kasdan are in negotiations for a Disney+ sequel series to Lucasfilm's 1988 Willow. If this goes through, Warwick Davis will be returning to play the lead character. My big question is will Val Kilmer return to revise his part as Mad Martegan? Hands down since 1988 my favorite character of this whole thing. I totally hope this gets green lit. What about y'all? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Get Ready For May The 4th With Ron Howard's Telling Of "Star Wars: A New Hope"

This video is great!! Ron Howard gives Star Wars  : A New Hope the "Arrested Development" treatment. Just in time for May 4th, or Star Wars Day  as the fans know it, this vid had me rolling. You know you're in for a good start anytime a vid starts with "Meet Darth Vader." I also really love the totally shameless plug for Solo: A Star Wars StoryPart if me hopes they give all the films this treatment. At least, the original trilogy. Anyway, check it out, & have a great Star Wars Day  tomorrow!! Or even better, May the 4th be with you!!

Is "Solo" Going To Suck?

To say it's been a bumpy road getting to the finish line to the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story would be an understatement of giant proportions. With directors being fired, an actor that reportedly can't act, & a complete reshoot of the whole damn thing by Ron Howard this thing deserves a film about the actual making of the film. Now it's starting look like even the studio is losing faith in the movie not too many Star Wars fans have seemed to want in the first place. WDW News Today has reported that Screen Geek has a source close to the film's production informed them that "Disney is preparing for this movie to bomb." I mean... yeah. This is no real shock to me considering what this film's been through already. We'll get to see on May 25th whether or not this preparation is warranted, but so far this keeps looking like stubbornness. Everything has told this film to at least slow down. They just seem to have a hell bent determination to get Solo out May 25th no matter what. As always I hope it's good, even if I'm a little worried this go around. What do y'all think of this apparent lack of faith? Does it disturb you? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


"Solo: A Star Wars Story" Is Pretty Much ALL Ron Howard

We all pretty much know the complicated story behind the making of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lord & Milller with weeks to wrap, got fired from a project that was described by one as resembling Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Now according to an article from ScreenRant, not much of that original Solo project exists. They report on the latest broadcast of Star Wars News Net's The Resistance Broadcast has an inside source that revealed that not only did Ron Howard reshoot "nearly all" of the film, for what could be in the ballpark of  "twice the budget". Not sure the accuracy of the numbers but the estimate is at least 80% was reshot under the eye of Howard. That's crazy, considering the talk of how much usable footage Lord & Miller had left. If this is true that was all just talk, but even if it wasn't I'm sure the more Ron changed the more it clashed with the original material making the two different visions seeming more obvious. That would only lead to changing more. So in the long run this totally makes sense. It just makes me wonder why they didn't just put all this out there from the jump to get ahead of it. These numbers sound a little shocking, after they wind up being so contradictory to the original "damage control" statements when the film changed hands. I'm sure this will all get forgotten after we see the sure to be amazing trailer. Plus, I think this is actually great, one whole vision is what you need in any film. I feel better knowing this isn't going to be a patchwork of ideas. What do y'all think? Not only about this being mostly Ron's vision now, but also the whole Solo debacle so far? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


No Points For Creativity, But Untitled Han Solo Film Finally Has A Name

Anyone who's been listening knows throughout all the problems, I've been anxiously waiting for the untitled Han Solo film to become the titled Han Solo film. That day has finally come, & it feels like someone, namely Ron Howard, is screwing with me. I've been telling everyone from day one not to be surprised if this movie winds up being named Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. I was wrong though, & they have decided to go with Solo: A Star Wars Story. Like you see, I was way off. I still had my fingers crossed for something cool like Kessel Run, but now we have "Alone" or "Red Plastic Cup": A Star Wars Story. I can't be surprised, like I said, I figured this would be the name from the beginning. Not only that though, I'm thinking we con just tag this title onto all the Star Wars Anthology films. So expect Jabba: A Star Wars Story, Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story, Yoda: A Star Wars Story, & Kenobi: A Star Wars Story. Look at me, I'm a regular name generator. Anyway, what do you think of this amazingly creative name, & what insights does this name give you into the story? I'm going with it's a story that takes place in Star Wars. Put your thoughts in the comments, like, & share.


Ron Howard's "Spicey", Still Untitled, Han Solo Pic

So Ron Howard tweeted out this pick with the caption Spicey. I'm figuring this is the entrance to a Spice Mine. Probably the famous Spice Mines of Kessel, leading one to believe we might actually get the Kessel Run. That was one of the major things I actually wanted to see in this untitled Han Solo film, besides a friggin' name. That being said though, wouldn't it be cool if it was called The Kessel Run? I'd not only go for that, it would probably restore a little faith in this film that I'm not sure anyone asked for. As for the picture, good job, it looks like a mine entrance one would encounter on a Star Wars planet. Can get too much more than that from a background set pic. I would love to just get a damn name for this thing. Finally getting a look at the dreaded Spice Mines is intriguing, but knowing for sure they were the Spice Mines of Kessel would have been a lot more satisfying. Out of all my worries though, instead of the caption "spicey", the caption Kessel would have eased my worries a little more. A name would be even better by the way. We're almost to a half a year & still don't know what this thing is going to be called. What do y'all think of the pic though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Still No Name, Ron Howard Confirms Paul Bettany's Addition To Han Solo Movie

Ron Howard's Twitter is probably the most anticipated thing in the Star Wars universe right now. Why you ask? Because with that being the biggest line of info coming in & out since he took over, that's most likely where the name of this untitled Han Solo is going to come from. Until that day, hopefully before the movie is released, we'll have to get announcements on everything but. The newest of which coming in the form of Paul Bettany being added to the smuggler's cast. I love Paul Bettany. He's been a favorite of mine since Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger. Since then, I've found him capable of almost anything on screen. I can only assume this addition is so late in the game, to cover the part previously played by Michael K Williams. Williams was unable to make the major reshoots & his part was pulled recently. Really sucks for him, but if this is the case we might have just, we might have just upgraded with Bettany. It's good to hear this thing sounds like it's back on track. After the nightmares so far it needs some light shed the dark clouds it's had over it. What do y'all think though? Is this a good trade out? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Death Star To Make an Appearance In Han Solo Film?

Ron Howard put up this pic of a Death Star trooper helmet with the caption "The Empire Looms Large". This has head many to believe that the planet-killing Death Star will be making yet another appearance in the upcoming Han Solo film. This immediately caught me off guard. One reason is because I was under the impression we were going back a little further than that. The other is considering Han is pretty surprised by the notion of the giant space-station when first seen in A New Hope. Meaning at most, if it appears it will be outside of Solo's presence most likely. Leaving me to think, why have it at all? Then I thought, what if those helmets were used for all space-station operation. The Empire was a machine. If those were just used for operators they would probably be used for operators in many space-stations. Just a thought, we won't know for sure until this things released. So until then what do y'all think? Death Star or another station? Put it in the comments, like, & share.  


Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich "Shot First"

Watching Collider & apparently in a report from our new Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich was the first to bring it to the producers that the screwball comedy direction Lord & Miller were going in was changing the tone & story of the film. A source even went as far to describe it as "oddly comparable to Jim Carrey's performance in Ace Ventura at times." This info caused the higher ups to check everything out, & we know what happened next. I can't blame this guy. He's already in a no win situation. He's gotta live up to one of the most iconic characters to ever be on film. Not only that, if this thing goes all pear shaped he will be the one to take all the blame. Not saying that's fair, but that's what will happen. On another note, I still can't help but think. "What the hell is Ron Howard getting handed to him?" Is this thing salvageable? Or do they just scrap months of shooting, & restart? This is all the sudden becoming a movie of it's own. I'm sure the behind the scenes features on the Blu-Ray are going to be pretty interesting. Let me know your thoughts down below.  

Star Wars Untitled Han Solo Film Has Ron Howard Stepping In To Direct

After severing ties with Lord & Miller over creative differences we later learned were ongoing throughout filming the untitled Han Solo film has tapped former Happy Days alum, & very accomplished director Ron Howard. Best known for Splash, Cocoon, Willow, Apollo 13, & many more amazing films, he will take the helm after three or so months of shooting have already been completed. The release date unchanging, it's makes me wonder how much of this will be saved? I mean, these directors have two totally different styles. I'm hoping this doesn't feel like two separate movies mashed together now. At least no one will get worried about reshoots now, because I can pretty much guarantee those will be a thing. I was already worried about a flashback to this already classic, almost untouchable character. I won't start the emergency sirens yet, but let's just say as much as I love Ron Howard as a director, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this. Let me know what you think? Is there trouble on the horizon for Han Solo or not? Let us know in the comments, like, & share.