First Teaser For New Animated "Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures"

Upon first glance the first teaser for Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures looked absolutely amazing. However, I couldn't really hear what I was watching at the time. When I got to a spot where I could hear, I couldn't help but notice although the animation looks friggin' amazing, a lot of the actual substance just looks like hyper-active retreads on the original films. Still not sure exactly what I think of that aspect. I'd know I'd much rather see some new material, but can't help but keep thinking how amazing this teaser looked. The shorts are coming Nov 30th to a new YouTube channel, Star Wars Kids, & will also air on Disney Channel & Disney XD. If the name of the new channel dosen't give it away, they're obviously aiming towards kids for this one. That doesn't mean we all won't love it though. The best thing is we don't have to wait to long to find out. The more I think about it, if these are as good as they look, I'd be down for a full animated version of the classics. Curious what everyone else thinks though? Are you ready to tread old grounds in animated form? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" To Return!! New Trailer!!

This is exciting! I went from not really digging this to totally loving it through the course of the original Clone Wars series run. I was always disappointed how it all was never really tied up. Each season got better as it went on, & if this can keep up that pace, we're in for some seriously entertaining Star Wars . Announced with #clonewarssaved the series will be revived from its 2013 cancellation with 12 new episodes. However, that & this trailer are all the info we got. All the favorite characters pop in for the trailer with the animation looking a lot sharper, if my eyes aren't deceiving me. I can't wait to see how they're going to tie it all up, & whether or not they'll bring it all the way to Rebels . Anyway, I can't wait, what do y'all think? Put it in the comments, like, & share.