D23 Teases Sunday's Disney Park News

D23 is finally upon us again. I'm opting for a wrap up video this time. I'm hoping covering it all at once will save some time. Until then though, we've got a small taste of what's coming Sunday through their “Imagining Tomorrow, Today" Parks Pavilion. Obviously there's progress on Tron & Mickey's Railroad form the last D23. Some new offerings have been thrown out there now. The biggest of which for me is details on upcoming changes to Epcot. With talk of it being split into “neighborhoods”, & the addition of a Moana attraction where guest will interact with living water. Can’t wait to see some details for this! Especially what the neighborhood thing means for Future World. They also unveiled the Halcyon. This us the name of the “starship” you will be staying in if you opt to stay the night at Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios in the future. There's also a pretty bad ass model to go with. On top of all this Tony Stark has set up an expo to display Avengers Campus coming to California, Hong Kong, & Paris! I had first seen it in stills, but Disey Parks put out this video previewing the pavilion. Check it out for a small sample of the excitement to come. Can't wait to get into it! Definitely more to come. Check out the awesome pics below the video form D23 featuring g concept art for everything as well as a teaser of legacy & news things coming to Epcot.


Preview Of New Firework Show "Epcot Forever"

This looks absolutely amazing! I Epcot's current show Illuminations , but if I'm being honest, I don't love it. Especially after all the advances in the firework presentations at the other parks.  The current one comes off as a little tame to me. Looks like they're going to fix that. Disney just released this preview of their new show, Epcot Forever, set to debut October 1st, 2019, & it looks absolutely amazing. A combination of all the aspects of the previous shows, with a host of new features. Including remote, glowing kites, & more. You get some real looks here, as well as some absolutely beautiful concept art. I can't wait for this. I've thought it was needed for awhile, & this looks like a lot of fun. What do y'all think? I know some love Illuminations , but will this help you "Let it go"? Put your thoughts in the comments, like, & share.

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New Plans Unveiled For Epcot's WDW 50th Anniversary Updates

We've known for awhile my favorite park was going to go through some big changes for the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort. Now Disney's gave us a concept look at some of these major changes to come. First, they're finally going to do something permanent with the "Wonders of Life" pavilion. Turning into an interactive "city", full of interactive experiences, Disney characters, hands on activities, & engaging entertainment. Reminds me of a suped up Innovations of the past, but they're saying this will be a play pavilion unlike anything we've ever seen. According to Zach Ridley, portfolio executive at Imagineering it's described as an "immersive 'city'" where we'll "explore, create, & interact with some of your favorite Disney characters. Also mentioned was more details for the update coming to the park's entrance. The "Leave a Legacy" photos will be moved just outside the gate. Hopefully minus the giant "tombstone" looking objects they're attached to. They'll be replaced by a beautiful new setup of pathways, greenery, & a newly reimagined fountain. There will also be significant redevelopment between Spaceship Earth & the Wolrd Showcase Promenade that will be announced at a later date. Until then they releases this amazing concept art of what's to come. However, if you really can't wait to see more, they also announced a new Experience Center coming later in the year to the Odyssey Events Pavilion. Her you'll find interactive exhibits to help fully visualize all the park projects taking place. More on that once it pops up. While the downtime for Epcot during all this is going to drive me crazy, I can't wait for this amazing park to get a much needed facelift. It's probabaly my favorite place on the world, & I hope this can help make it that for more people.


Disney Gives A Countdown On The Upcoming Skyliner

Gotta take some time out for this. I was more excited than I should be for this one already, but now that I've been hopping from park to park on the monorail, I'm even more pumped for this to be up & going. Disney gives you some facts in this video countdown style. For me however, the most important piece of information is this connecting the parks in another way. With its completion, the only park not networked in will be Animal Kingdom. This makes a day between all the parks so much easier. On top of the fact that these concept images are beautiful! I could see riding these with no rhyme or reason at all. Even without a destination, this just looks like an amazing, relaxing ride. What do y'all think? Am I the only one who's super excited for these? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

I Actually Want To See This "GOTG Awesome Mix Live" Show Now

When I first heard about this concert at Epcot, I'll admit, I really wasn't that excited. I absolutely love the Guardians of the Galaxy,  & probably even more so the soundtracks. Those soundtracks have basically fueled the years in which they were released for me. I just didn't really think this show was going to come off as anything but a cheesefest. Seeing this little preview video though, has made me realize this isn't a cheesefest, it's an amazingly awesome cheesefest. It does seem corny, but the actors look great, & it looks like it's a lot of fun. I've gotta check this out now. Funny what looks like a throwaway experience at Disney can always fool you. My past couple of visits I've been trying things I never had before, & I've found some real diamonds in the rough. This looks like it could be one of them. You really can't judge a book by its cover, & that especially rings true at Disney Parks. What do y'all think though? Would y'all attend the Awesome Mix Live? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Walt Disney World Has An "Incredible Summer" Lined Up For 2018

All four parks at the Walt Disney Resort are taking part in what they're calling Incredible Summer . Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, & Frozone of the Incredibles will be taking over Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. They will also be joined by superhero costume designer Edna Mode in her debut appearance. If that's not enough each night will feature a "SUPER" dance party on the Rocket Tower Stage. Is it bad that I'm probably going to make my way here just to get a pic with Edna Mode? Epcot's getting ready for their future with StarLord & Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy  will join an extraterrestrial band jamming out to hits from my personal favorite soundtracks ever put together, Awesome Mix Tapes 1 & 2 . Meanwhile, over at Animal Kingdom they'll be celebrating their 20th anniversary. They'll be debuting a new bird show featuring Russell & Dug from UP! , titled Adventurers Meet UP! A Great Bird Adventure. I'll be honest, I usually skipped the previous bird show, & thus one will probably suffer the same fate. I will however, check out a "dino-tastic" celebration withb Donald Duck taking over Dinoland, U.S.A. in a new character celebration. Disney Springs AMC will feature Incredibles 2  starting June 15th, but it all really caps off with the Grand Opening of Toy Story Land  in Disney's Hollywood Studios. All this set to begin May 25th, 2018. I will so be there for Toy Story Land's opening. Needless to say, details will come. What do y'all think though? Does this sound like it lives up to the name? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Epcot's "Circle Of Life: An Environmental Fable" To Close For Good

February 3, 2018 looks like it will mark the last showing of a show I never really cared to go see. Located in The Land pavilion,  the show is a 20 minute live action movie featuring characters from the Lion King giving a lesson about the environment. Now I LOVE The Land pavilion. Soarin' & The Living With The Land boat ride are some must do attractions for me. Hell, I even love the food, & I'm the furthest thing from a healthy eater. This show however, has never got my interests enough to want to check it out. It debuted in 95, so it's been there for awhile. Let me know in the comments if I'm missing anything. As of right now the space will be used for the youth program, Disney Performing Arts. No telling what we'll see this as in the future. Fingers crossed though, I would love a really good addition to this pavilion, making it perfect. What do y'all think of this closure though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Disney Is Releasing Some Awesome Retro Gear For Epcot's 35th Anniversary!

October 1st what better way to celebrate Epcot's 35 Anniversary at Walt Disney World Resort than to take it back with some retro-themed merchandise. This stuff is so cool I'm having trouble narrowing down what I actually want to get. I do know at least some of that Figment & Spaceship Earth stuff will be going home with me on my fall visit to the parks though. This really captures the spirit of the original Epcot Center vibe. The nostalgia of the whole thing really gets me, as I'm one of those people who think Epcot is on it's way to, while still being a fun place, abandoning it's original mission to take us into a prosperous future. As a child that theme really stuck with me, & it's a shame we tend to not have a futurist point of view as whole in American society now. It's been replaced with an almost cynical approach to an inevitable post-apocalyptic future or Idiocracy (Great movie, check it out!), whichever comes first. So this is positively a great line of merch in my eyes as it inspires back to a time that actually in itself was inspirational. Can't wait to pick some of this up. Am I alone? Let me know in the comments, like, & share.

Here's Some Of The Kiosks For Epcot's Food & Wine Festival 2018

Epcot Food and Wine Fest is coming closer and closer with August 31st right around the corner. According to the Orlando Business Journal Disney has some Orange County permits for which they're expecting to be for Food and Wine kiosks for said event. Scotland, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium (my favorite), the Caribbean (wife's favorite), Patagonia, Brazil, along with 2 other kiosks, "Chocolate" and "Sustainable Chew" will be joining the annual food festival throughout November 13th. And that's just a portion of the 30 international kiosks. I got a chance to go to this last year and it was amazing. Everything is pretty conveniently priced, we had at least one item from every kiosk & the portions were just enough for 3-4 to get a couple small tastes. Even at that rate we left the park too full to even think about any more food. Definitely put this on your to-do list, grab a Food & Wine "passport", & try some of the best food from around the world.

Egg-stravaganza Returning to Disneyland

Disneyland is bringing back the Egg-stravaganza for the fifth year. Basically a Easter egg hunt on steroids, it will take place from April 1-16, 2017. Cost for the event taking place at Disneyland Park, California Adventure Park, & the Downtown Disney District is 5.99 plus tax, not including Park ticket prices of course. That gets you a map & stickers to search for Disney & Pixar themed eggs. When you find them you attach the correspondingsticker to the map. Afterwards you take your map to a redemption location for a surprise. Florida, they didn't forget you as the Egg-stravaganza is also a part of the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival through May 29, 2017 as well. I haven't done this particular one, but I have done a few of these scavenger hunts around the parks. They are definitely fun for the whole family & give yet one more aspect to enjoying the Happiest Place in the World.