Tokyo DisneySea Getting New Soarin' And Shanghai Disneyland Getting Zootopia Land!

Tokyo & Shanghai's Disneylands are really starting to eclipse our own. Their attractions are always on the next level of innovation. Their two amazing announcements this week are no exception. First, Soarin' is coming to TokyoSea, but not the way we're used to. It will feature a trip around the world, feeling the breeze with new sights of famous landscapes & scents, but this one will have it's own theme & backstory. Not to mention cool DaVinci-esque looking flyers. Oriental Land Company gave a look at its backstory, "Nestled in the hills of Mediterranean Harbor, amidst the backdrop of an old-world Italian village, the Museum of Fantastic Flight is dedicated to humankind’s enduring dream of flying. Today, the museum celebrates Camellia Falco—a visionary innovator in the fledgling field of aviation—with a special retrospective of her life.

A grand tour of the museum includes a magical visit from the spirit of Camellia and culminates with Guests boarding her latest and greatest achievement—a flying vehicle of her own design called the Dream Flyer. Guests soon experience what Camellia believed, that our imagination can propel us into the future and take us everywhere in the world we wish to go. And before Guests know it, their spirits are sent soaring." This sounds totally amazing on so many levels. I love Soarin', but with this announcement it seems second rate all the sudden. While the next announcement from Shanghai Disneyland doesn't come with that much detail, it makes up for it in size. They've announced a whole Zootopia themed land! Their 8th themed land at that. It will feature a state of the art attraction that will bring the characters of Zootopia alive. Along with the obvious amount of merchandise & foods, fully immersing fans in the world of Zootopia. Construction is targeted for this year. Shanghai has become the park I want to visit the most. It's a little too far to hop in the car & go. There's also the matter of all that water in between. There's some concept art below that came with these articles, check it out. Afterwards throw your thoughts in the comments, like, & share.