Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Dark Phoenix Anticipation, Onward, FORD v FERRARI, and More

In this week's episode we're talking trailers for Pixar's Onward, Lion King, Spider-Man: Far From Home, FORD v FERRARI, & AD ASTRA. Along with my anticipation level for the Dark Phoenix, the last of the FOX X-Men films, & the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler's Run attraction in Galaxy's Edge:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: TOLKIEN, Ghost Rider, Avengers: Endgame Box Office, and More

This week's episode covers the new TV Spots for Aladdin, Avengers: Endgame plowing through the box office, Ghost Rider & Helstrom coming to HULU, TOLKIEN, & the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Hollywood Studios:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Dumbo, Major D23 Galaxy's Edge Drop, and Maleficent 2

This week's episode covers two new Dumbo trailers, Maleficent 2's new title, date, & poster, & D23's major drop of everything you need to know for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge coming to Disneyland & Hollywood Studios:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Lion King, Oscar Wins, Galaxy's Edge Costumes, & More

This week's episode covers the new Lion King poster & trailer, Disney & Marvel's Academy Award wins, Penguins narrator announcement, Eternals, changes at Epcot, & the awaited costume reveals for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge:

Snipes-n-Snarfblatts: Toy Story 4, Doctor Strange 2, & More

This weeks episode we’re talking about Toy Story 4’s intro of Bo Peep, Princess Diaries 3 possibilities, Doctor Strange 2, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6, the return of Kilmonger for Black Panther 2, the addition of R5-D4 to The Mandalorian, Willow, & Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy:

"Boyz II Men" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat"

This was the one. The one that I wanted to see more than any other. Making “Boyz II Men” at concert number 10 the perfect place to end for me on this years “Eat to the Beat”. I grew up on this. Even performing “On Bended Knee” at one point for a city talent show, & they did not disappoint at all. I actually got to see this one twice. I didn’t record the first as I thought I’d get better seats for this one. Go figure I wound up in the exact same spot for round 2. This one was more packed than any. Standing room only an hour before the show even started. People were stacked behind us. Great show though. I hope everyone has enjoyed these. Can’t wait for the Flower & Garden lineup.

"Kenny G" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat"

Due to circumstances I had to attend our 8th concert alone. Which being alone at Epcot was a lot less awkward than I expected it would be. Kenny G was totally amazing at “Eat to the Beat”. At one point holding a note that I still question the possibility of, & I was there. Someone in line had told me he had seen him earlier this week somewhere & it< “totally blew his mind.” That was not an exaggeration. I enjoyed myself at this one a whole lot more than I thought I would. More to come from the Epcot’s 2018 Food & Wine Festival though. So stay tuned.

"Sister Hazel" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat"

Concert number 7 for this years “Eat to the Beat” was a replacement for one of the only bands even my kids were excited to see. “Smashmouth” was unable to make it due to the lead singer falling ill. In their place was a band even I was only familiar with one song with, “Sister Hazel”, & if I’m being honest I thought that song was done by “Blues Traveler”. Needless to say, I didn’t know what to expect. As the show progressed though, I was really won over by these guys. The sax player totally did it. That said, there is still more to come from this years Food & Wine Festival at Epcot.

"Everclear" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat"

Our sixth concert for this years “Eat to the Beat” was “Everclear”. I got here right as they started due to a not so fast Fastpass, so I missed a couple seconds in the video. I was a little disappointed anyway. As cheesy as it sounds I really wanted to hear “Wonderful”, & they skipped that one. Not to mention butchering my second favorite song “Brown Eyed Girl” in an acoustic version. The worst part was they just sounded bad. This is the most people I’ve seen get up during one of these concerts & leave. Looks like so far, no one is touching “Sugar Ray”, but there’s more to come from this years Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT:

"Sugar Ray" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat"

“Sugar Ray”! The band from the Scooby Doo movie!?! This was another that was high on my list from the jump for the 2018 “Eat to the Beat” lineup. Once again, I was not let down. Not skipping a beat, it felt like the 90s were still going strong. They put on an amazing show, & was so natural, made it look easy. Thoroughly enjoyed this show. Unfortunately, my camera froze up during the last 3 minutes, & that missed an epic transfer from “Fly” to some “Sublime”. That was just the icing on an amazing cake though. Here’s that cake with more to come from this years Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT:

"Baha Men" @ EPCOT 2018 Food & Wine Festival's "Eat to the Beat"

“Baha Men” was one of my most anticipated acts for this year’s “Eat to the Beat”, & they didn’t let me down at all. Due to technical difficulties I actually had to see this one twice, & it was well worth it. Second time was even better! These guys looked like they were having a blast! They were friggin’ awesome. Stay tuned, more to come from the 2018 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival’s “Eat to the Beat”!