New Trailer Shows How Jean Becomes "Dark Phoenix"

Ok, so maybe it just shows how she becomes the Phoenix, then eludes to some of the manipulations to have her turn to Dark Phoenix, but you can't have one without the other. Not sure who this is pulling the strings to get her to that place, but this keeps looking better & better. Once again, I know all throughout production they went on & on about how many problems this thing had. And the first trailers didn't really do anything for me. These 2 trailers that have been cut since Disney took over though? They either show the power of a well cut trailer, or this is going to be an awesome send off for the 20 years we've spent with Fox's X-Men. I went from not so worried to actual excitement for this one. There's a chance they could be going out with a bang. Totally dug this trailer. Not only the visuals of the Phoenix, but the mindset behind the changes in her personality as well. This is everything we wanted in X-Men 3. What'd y'all think though? Is anyone else coming around on this one, or are we still skeptical this is just an example of a well cut trailer? Put it in the comments, like, & share.