20 Century Fox's “Underwater” Looks Insanely Intense

There was a movie years ago called Descent. It took a group of women spelunking caverns, an already tense situation, & added these creepy blind creatures. Underwater looks like it's cut from the same cloth. I was already getting creeped out with while deep underwater aspect with the leak. Then there’s also something down there they’ve unleashed. Along with we gotta get out & walk? Yeah, I'm so in! Love the cast! This looks like rip the seat off in front you in the theater intensity. 20th Century Fox may be experiencing some cutbacks soon, but i’m glad this isn't one of them. Anyway, what do y'all think of this trailer? Does it seem as intriguing to you as it is me? Put it in the comments, like, & share. I'll keep up with 100% confirmed things like trailers throughout the build up to D23. In which I'll be addressing all the developments there via a wrap up video. So be on the lookout for that, everything will be picking back up shortly afterwards.

Disney Stepping In With Big Changes To FOX

I know I've seemed to be away for awhile now, but truthfully there just hasn't been much going on. Which I'm sure has to do with D23 being right around the corner. I’m going to do a show alone to cover all that comes form there. Until then however, this has happened. Variety reports Disney making huge changes at 20th Century Fox. With Kevin Feige inheriting all things hero, & axing the majority of things in development for the studio, refocusing output. CEO Bob Iger also told Wall Street analysts in addition, the company’s streaming platform Disney Plus will get four big brands from Fox, the Macaulay Culkin holiday franchise Home Alone, the historical action romp Night at the Museum, the family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen and the live-action The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Disney chief financial officer Christine McCarthy revealed Fox film was at an operating loss of $170 million for the quarter. Citing the horrible performance of Dark Phoenix barely breaking even, & marketing costs for upcoming films such as FORD v FERRARI. The only complete FOX film Iger seems to really have faith in. Determined to keep 20th Century Fox it’s own thing, Iger said it would probably take a year or two to have an impact on the films on production. The future slate past this year seems all up in the air though. With James Cameron’s sequels to Avatar, as well as a continuation of the Planet of the Apes to proceed, Iger also said indie label Fox Searchlight will continue on its current trajectory and also make movies for Disney+. Fox's film division will have to pare back its number of releases. I don’t get how this is to big of a surprise. Considering FOX wasn't putting out quality stuff. They were just souring what properties they did own the rights to. I was very surprised when Disney announced as many FOX films as they did. Dark Phoenix should have proved all these films probably need some hard looks at & retooling before deciding on whether they deserve major or minor releases growing forward. The question is will this level of change affect the type of material coming out of FOX altogether. FOX does some weird shit in some of their films, taking major chances with at times edgy material. The House of Mouse is gonna have to jump in running it looks like, as opposed to the gradual pace they had looked like they accepted. Curious to see where 20th Century Fox is in the next 5 years. What do y'all think? Y’all hear this. Can Disney jump in right now 100% & FOX still keep the identity we've always known form FOX? Put it in the comments, like, & share.