TV Spot For "Toy Story 4" Introduces Us To Duke Caboom

Toy Story 4 is going all in when it comes to the comedy this time around. Fully evident in this new TV spot featuring Duke Caboom. Keanu Reeves' character labeled on the box as the best stunt daredevil Canada has ever seen. Only on the box though, out of the package the reality is totally different. As shown in this TV Spot, in a moment that made laugh so hard I had to watch it again just to see what I missed.  Mainly because I highly remember these toys that didn't really live up to their descriptions. It wasn't funny then by no means, but now I can laugh at the false claims we were subjected to as kids. In the days of false advertising lawsuits you don't quite see stuff like this anymore without giant disclaimers. Loved this spot though. Caboom is gonna give Forky a run for being my favorite new character. Once again, June 21st is looking like a date to look forward to. Can't wait to see if this pays off on the emotional level of Toy Story we're used to, & at the same time keep up some of the comedy level these looks keep displaying. Anyway, what did y'all think of this look of Duke Caboom? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Toy Story 4 Spills It On Some New Characters, Including The Villain

Toy Story 4 is bringing us some new characters. We've already met Ducky & Bunny, but thanks to an Entertainment Weekly exclusive now we've got some more new faces in the form of some of the lost toys. First up, there's the guarded secret of Keanu Reeves' character. Up until now there was no mention of who he'd be voicing in the new installment. Niw we know a little about Duke Caboom. A 70's motorcycling action figure that's the "greatest daredevil in Canada." That is, except for the fact he's never actually been able to pull of any of the stunts in his commercials. Next up, we've got Officer Giggle McDimples. She's a Polly Pocket inspired character. An officer from the Giggle McDimples line of toys. As well as Bo's best friend, to be voiced by Alli Maki. Last but definitely not least, what looks like the creepiest villain ever to grace a Toy Story, Gabby Gabby. A creepy 1950's doll with an voiceless group of henchmen in the form of ventriloquist dolls. This creepy old doll is said to be perfect, except she has one broken thing keeping her form being purchased & loved. Her Annabelle vibe has her down as probably the lost toy I'm most excited for. However, Duke Caboom comes in a very close second, just because of how much I love Keanu Reeves. Just a few more things to get me more excited for Toy Story 4. How bout y'all? What's your favorite synopsis when it comes to these new characters? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

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