Sony/Marvel Studios Spider-Man Split And What I'd Do

With Disney news being scarce on the way to D23, I wasn't expecting anything this significant from Marvel Studios. And well, technically this isn't about them, it's about Sony. I heard this first last night on Collider, but at that point it seemed there was a lot of hope still they could come to something. Today when I woke up though, THR has pretty much confirmed Sony is taking their ball & going home when it comes to Spider-Man. After a long negotiations the webslinger will not be returning to the MCU. Stupid move for Sony in my book, but I can’t say I didn't see it coming. With the Venom & Spiderverse success, & a little time with the borrowed super success of the MCU films, Sony might think they have it figured out now. Who knows what this means for the character. We know a third with Holland should be a given with the billion dollar run of Far From Home, imaginehow that will look if you just strip away all things MCU? No Tony, no Happy, no reference to the Avengers, or even the blip from Thanos' snap. That's a ton of major plot points. They could Spiderverse him. Would anyone want to see that though? They could kill him off early in the next & go Miles Morales proper. I feel like Sony has a lot more to think about right now than Marvel. It's easier to write out a character than to write out all the characters around a character & keep going. It seems to all come down to money in the long run. Marvel wants to bump there 5% to 50%, & that's a hell of a jump. A Sony Spider-Man has never made a billion dollars & climbing though. They topped out at 890 mil with Spider-Man 3. No argument their worst, only getting there due to the success of part 2. Take that & double it you've got 1780. With Far From Home at 1109 & still creeping, we're shy 680 million as of right now to doubling the profits of Sony's best outing with the friendly neighborhood hero. While that's a huge number still, I'm just saying maybe that 50% is crazy, but so is 5%. Negotiations were needed, but like I’ve been saying, I saw this coming. Contract was up after Far From Home. Anything past actually would have been the surprise for me. I just barely started to think a third might happen after how much money this one did make. Not that my thoughts will matter to them, but I think Sony's failing to see that big picture of their losses as of right now. Even if they had to give up more than they wanted now, they should think long run. If Sony was smart they'd have negotiated “Spiderversing” Holland in the end of a MCU third or side entry like Doctor Strange. Even if it's a 1 or 2 film contract to do so. Everyone wins. No missing MCU character, & Sony gets Holland, with story still in tact, to drop in any part of the Spiderverse they please. Anyway, curious to see what happens, but even more so to hear y'all's thoughts. Put ‘em in the comments, like, & share.


Do Not Watch This "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Trailer Before "Avengers: Endgame"

You will once again get warned by Tom Holland not to watch this Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer before Avengers: Endgame upon watching, & for good reason. First, is this all takes place after knowing if Tony Stark's demise. Second, it also let us know a multi-verse has been created due to the events of Endgame 's snap. That's where we're introduced to Mysterio from another dimension. Dosen't make me trust the character any more, but apparently in his dimension he's a good guy. I'm loving this trailer. We're really gonna start testing some waters of comicbookdom that non-comic fans haven't been in yet. Tickets also went on sale today. Join the battle, I learned form Endgame, got mine immediately. One thing that worries me though, is this next step in Marvel is a big one. We seem to be in a place where we're getting further away from a true starting place. I'm cool with that, & as many people have seen these judging by Box-offices, so are they. You begin to wonder if these will get to a point where they intimidate new watchers. It's a lot of catch up for a beginner to enjoy Avengers: Endgame. That's only gonna keep getting bigger. I been on this ride form the jump though, so I can't wait. Let's dive into some sci-fi comics. This trailer is all the things we'd expect from a Spider-Man sequel, & a lot more. It's hinting on the same world building level as Civil War was. What do y'all think though? About the trailer, or this very sci-fi future the Marvel Universe is heading into? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

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Teaser Trailer For "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Is Amazing!!

Finally we have got the teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, the highly anticipated sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marvel really knows how to do these teasers, but at 2 minutes, 47 seconds, this is more a trailer in my book than a teaser. Even though this highly disrupts the ending of Infinity War, we get some major first looks in this trailer. Jake Gyllenhaal looks like Mysterio just got ripped right out of the pages of the comic book. From what Gyllenhaal & Holland say they will be teaming up against the Elementals in this. Those are the "guys" you see them fighting in this teaser. Each one having control of a different element. Personally, in Mysterio fashion, I think this is just a ruse pulled off with his signature special effects. We also not only get a look at Spidey's new suit, but was that a black Spider-Man noirish suit? If you blink you'll miss it, but it was definitely there. The biggest thing I took out of this trailer though was Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury. Does that cat no how to make an entrance or what? Hands down my favorite part of this trailer. Helluva first tease though. I knew there was a reason this made my top ten anticipated list for this year! What about y'all? Did this move you one way or the other on this? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Jake Gyllenhaal Joins "Spider-Man Homecoming" Sequel (UPDATE)

UPDATE: THR reports the character Gyllenhaal will play is none other than Mysterio. With two of my favorite childhood movies being FX  & FX2 , adding the villain known for special effects use is right up my alley. This is even more exciting than the addition of Gyllenhaal himself. Sinister 6 might finally see the light after all.

Jake Gyllenhaal is finally about to dive into the comic-book universe. Variety reports the Oscar-nominated actor is set to join the sequel to Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s currently unknown who he's playing, but sources say he would be the new villain. If so he'll join Michael Keaton, who will be returning to reprise his role of Vulture. Tom Holland is returning to play Peter Parker, with Zendaya and Marisa Tomei also coming back for the sequel. Jon Watts is back as director with Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley taking on the script. I absolutely loved Spider-Man Homecoming . Not only is everyone coming back a plus, but this addition is great. Gyllenhaal has been one of my favorite actors since Donnie Darko. I can't wait to see whose shoes he'll be filling. Let the internet begin. His consistency is off the charts though. So I'm sure whatever it is, it will be rememberable. Any thoughts on this addition? Put 'em in the comments, like, & share.


Tom Holland Seen On Set Of Sony's "Venom"

I can't tell you this means Venom takes place in the official MCU, but according to Jon Schnepp of Collider, the MCU's Spider-Man will be in Sony's upcoming Venom with Tom Hardy. Tom Holland has been seen on set for couple days, & is apparently in the film. This leads to speculation that there could be some set up in this upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. That would be awesome, but just the fact that Spidey is in Venom makes my day. I had a couple of scenarios in my head that could work without the web-slinger, but let's be honest, you can't do Venom without Spider-Man. These are probably the best nemisies in comic books period. It would've been like M&Ms without the candy shell, it would totally melt in your hand. I hope this is even bigger than it seems in the long run. I'm definitely going to be paying it some attention. What do y'all think though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Tom Holland's Spider-man May Appear In Non-MCU Sony Spinoffs?

I saw this on, & I don't know what to take out of this video at all. In an interview with Amy Pascal (Sony Executive) & Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President), Amy is speaking about the Sony announced Black Cat & Venom Sony films. She says, "Those movies will all take place in the world that we're creating for Peter Parker. I mean, they'll be adjunct to it; they may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world & they will be connected to each other as well." She's then asked of Tom Holland appearing. In which she says, "There's always a chance." Definitely watch the video though, as the look of pure confusion on Kevin Feige's face speaks to me as this not being the last we're going to hear on this subject. Definitely going to keep my eyes & ears on any developments to come. I'd be all for these spin-offs if I they weren't a Sony only production. They've had too many chances at this already, & I'm only trusting the hands of the MCU with Spidey. Now if I hear these will also be in conjunction with Marvel Studios, I may change my mind. Until then though this is just another bad idea from Sony. What do y'all think? Leave it in the comments, like, & share. 

Friendly Neiborhood Spider-man Get Another Amazing Trailer

Spider-man Homecoming dropped a new trailer today. This one is more centered on our friendly neighborhood Spider-man after the events of Captain America: Civil War. We get a better look at the new suit, which is a lot more like the comic book this time around. With multiple function web-shooters & lenses that give a on-screen "HUB", much like the screen in Iron Man's armor, this Spidey seems prepared to take on much more than common thugs. Which seems to be one of the underlying plot points behind this outing, Spidey thinking he should be doing bigger, better things. This trailer is amazing, but this puts me at the point where they can stop. I don't want to see anymore of this movie until July 7th when I'm sitting in the theater. I actually can't believe I'm this excited for this movie. Considering this will be the third incantation of this character in the time it took to retire one Wolverine. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see Spider-man's first official adventure in the MCU. What do you think? Can't wait? Or actually need to see more to be convinced? Let us know in the comments like & share.

New Spiderman Homecoming Clip From MTV Music Awards

Last night's MTV Music Awards have delivered us a clip from the upcoming Spiderman Homecoming, & I've gotta say, this might be the best damn Spiderman we've ever got. I liked Tobey McGuire, I loved Andrew Garfield, but Tom Holland has young Peter Parker down, & it's not just that. This whole cast is awesome. From Spidey, to his friends, to the villain in Michael Keaton's Vulture, this thing seems casted to perfection with every look we get at it. This trailer gives us a bigger look at Peter's best friend Ganke. This seems to have what was majorly missing from Amazing Spider-Man 2, Parker' normal life. Not just his love interest or a friend that will eventually become an enemy. Peter Parker's normal life is what made him the Marvel mainstay that he is. It seems we're getting a lot of that this time around too & every look they give at this thing makes me think Marvel Studios can do no wrong. I can't wait to see this version of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Let us know what you think of this look in the comments.

Spidey Staying At MCU for at Least 3 More Films

More great news for the wall-crawler. According to Forbes at Cinemacon Amy Pascal confirmed a sequel planned within the MCU for release in 2019. While noting anything beyond this remains uncertain, she made sure to add that the deal between Sony & Marvel Studios has been extended to include additional films. Going on to also say all sides expect these movies to be very lucrative. Well.... yeah. It's no secret Spiderman was dying over its Sony. This deal, just with "Civil War" breathed life back into what was starting to become a somewhat tiresome road to get back and stay on. With the biggest Spidey success being Spider-Man 3, they've been downhill from there. That's coming from someone who really liked the "Amazing Spider-Man". Even if the rest of the movie goers seemed not to want to watch Uncle Ben die again. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a whole other story looking like it was trying to set up sequels more than standing on its own and that's never a good sign for any film like or not. So what do you think? Spider-Man in the MCU for good couple films and move on, or are you just tired of the friendly neighborhood Spider? Comment below and don't forget to like and share

Spiderman Homecoming Trailer is Here!!

"Spiderman Homecoming" trailer just dropped & this is one amazing Spiderman trailer. See what I did there? If you weren't excited about this outing of your friendly neighborhood hero,  you will be after this. Sony wants you to know this is a MCU movie. We knew we were getting Tony Stark from the last trailer, but this answers the question of will he suit up. It gives us plenty of wall crawler action as well, but much more to my delight, this trailer gives us more Keaton as the Vulture & Adrian Toomes. Keaton is a major reason for my excitment on this one as he elevates everything he's in. Probably the biggest highlight though is during an epic ferry save we get a glimpse of the Spidey's first superhero team-up, a Marvel staple in the comics where the web-head teams up with another superhero. "Spiderman Homecoming" hits theaters July 7 this year, & yes, that is a Marvel Studios logo over the title in the end. Share, leave a comment & let us know what you think of the trailer.

New Spiderman Homecoming Trailer.... Tomorrow

So we got another one of these trailers for a trailer. I'm guessing this is a thing now that's not going away anytime soon. Anyway, it's for Sony's upcoming "Spider-Man Homecoming" which though is a Sony movie, it does take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We got about a six second trailer that is a teaser for the actual trailer that comes out tomorrow. In it we get to see Spider-Man use one of his famous spider tracers, which actually looks pretty cool, even though it is a different take on the spider-trinket. We also get to see the Vulture kicking the wall-crawler into the turbine of a passenger jet and it going all explodey. We also have USA Today talking to director John Watts and him saying that this Spider-Man will be more of a "regular Joe" compared to the heroes of the Marvel studios movies we are used to. They also put up this first picture of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, the Vulture sans costume. Michael Keaton still has a face that was just made to play comic book characters. Until tomorrow though this little taste is what your stuck with. What do you think of the teaser trailer to a trailer thing? Do you like this idea or is it something you rather see go? Let us know in the comments.