New Plans Unveiled For Epcot's WDW 50th Anniversary Updates

We've known for awhile my favorite park was going to go through some big changes for the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort. Now Disney's gave us a concept look at some of these major changes to come. First, they're finally going to do something permanent with the "Wonders of Life" pavilion. Turning into an interactive "city", full of interactive experiences, Disney characters, hands on activities, & engaging entertainment. Reminds me of a suped up Innovations of the past, but they're saying this will be a play pavilion unlike anything we've ever seen. According to Zach Ridley, portfolio executive at Imagineering it's described as an "immersive 'city'" where we'll "explore, create, & interact with some of your favorite Disney characters. Also mentioned was more details for the update coming to the park's entrance. The "Leave a Legacy" photos will be moved just outside the gate. Hopefully minus the giant "tombstone" looking objects they're attached to. They'll be replaced by a beautiful new setup of pathways, greenery, & a newly reimagined fountain. There will also be significant redevelopment between Spaceship Earth & the Wolrd Showcase Promenade that will be announced at a later date. Until then they releases this amazing concept art of what's to come. However, if you really can't wait to see more, they also announced a new Experience Center coming later in the year to the Odyssey Events Pavilion. Her you'll find interactive exhibits to help fully visualize all the park projects taking place. More on that once it pops up. While the downtime for Epcot during all this is going to drive me crazy, I can't wait for this amazing park to get a much needed facelift. It's probabaly my favorite place on the world, & I hope this can help make it that for more people.