Meet Grace, The New Baby Gorilla At Disney's Animal Kingdom

I always love the new additions to Disney's Animal Kingdom. This time we have Grace. She's the newest addition, a baby girl that I hope to see really soon. This video was really fun. Not only did it give you a look at Grace, it shows the gender reveal party the Gorillas had at the park for all the guests to see. Gotta get to the park early usually to see the babies. So, sometime in the next couple of weeks, I'm gonna drag myself up to Animal Kingdom early to meet this adorable new addition.

Check Out A Look Inside "Donald's Dino-Bash"

Disney Parks just released this video giving us a look at what to expect from Animal Kingdom's newest addition, Donald's Dino-Bash.  A straight up party taking place in Dinoland U.S.A. featuring new characters & new costumes, all capped off with a giant dance party. New meet & greets with Scrooge McDuck & Launchpad of Ducktales  fame. Along with classics Donald, Daisy, Chip, & Dale in new Dino inspired costumes. None more adorable than the chipmunks full out Dinosaur costumes. This sounds like a lot of fun. Not to mention my daughter's new favorite thing now is Disneyworld dance parties. Adding this to Dinoland will make her day. Dinoland U.S.A. has been needing something fresh for awhile now anyway. Hopefully this can stir some traffic over there. I'm in though. I've gotta meet Scrooge & Launhpad. That's become my summer mission. Anyway, what do y'all think? Does this look fun? Do we want a dance party in every park? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Cuteness Overload As Disney Animal Kingdom's Residents #PlayBig With Pixar Balls

Looks like us humans aren't the only ones excited for the June 30th opening of Toy Story Land. The animals of Disney's Animal Kingdom are pumped too. Don't believe it? Check out this adorable video of the animals of Rafiki's Planet Watch playing with Pixar balls. These should just always be a thing now. I saw some familiar faces among that animal crew. This would be so much fun to watch live, & to participate in with the petting zoo crew. I'd stand around & play ball with these guys all day!

Disneyworld Tidbits: Tiger Cubs, Random Millennium Falcon Pic, & Stitch's Last Ride

The past couple of days have had some major little things pop of at Disneyworld that are at least worth a mention. There's the tiger cubs, Jeda & Anala, now able to be seen on the Maharajah Jungle Trek in the Animal Kingdom. These endangered cuties are just friggin' adorable...


Then there's this random pic of somewhere in the Millenium Falcon attraction coming to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios. I'm not really sure what to make of it without knowing what exactly I'm looking at. Best guess, it's part of the queue? It's a picture though, & it's inside of something Millenium Falconey....


Last but not least there's the matter of Stitch's Great Escape. It's starting to really look like this is going to be the last season the attraction opens. December 23rd through January 6th will be the last run of this cursed attraction. I'll be down there for New Year's so I will get to ride this one more time. I hope my daughter's big enough, Stitch is her favorite. I don't remember having fond memories of this ride, as there's not much to it. I never got to ride it as it's original Exterrorestrial Encounter, I think it was called, but it's never been a fan favorite. Unlike the losses from earlier in the year, I'm excited to see this go, & honestly would love an actually good, thought out Stitch attraction.