Disney Parks Live For Hollywood Studio's 30th Anniversary Celebration

I had a really big choice this week. Actual monetary work was interfering with my Disney life. Putting me in between a rock and a hard place. I could've either made it to today's 30th Anniversary Celebration of Hollywood Studios, or made it to Hollywood Studios for May the 4th's Star Wars Day. Obviously me being me, I chose the latter of the two. So I had to live vicariously through Disney Parks Live for the Celebration's parade & wait till Saturday to see the new Wonderful World of Animation Fireworks & Projection show. Needles to say, that choice left me a little bummed. After seeing this though, I think I really made the right choice. Though I'll miss out on my 30th Anniversary button, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything I can't see Saturday. This 30th Anniversary parade was a little disappointing. Not only was the commentary as annoying as the worst Macy's Day Parade coverage, a lot of what could've been big payoffs were very anti-climactic. I thought we were gonna see something really cool with Indiana Jones. Only to be very dissatisfied with the final payoff. Same thing goes for the big Galaxy's Edge reveal to a very not enthused Chewy firing his bowcaster. No Droids, no Kylo, no Boba Fett, no Phasma. This whole thing felt like a lot of missed opportunities. For that matter, it felt like it was thrown together today. The only success for ke out of this went to Toy Story. They stole the show in my opinion. At least the speech at the end & shout out to the cast was more entertaining than the commentary. I definitely know I made the right choice on this one. May the 4th be with me. On a bright note however, I do really like the new logo for Hollywood Studios. What do y'all think? Did y'all see something I didn't? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Preview Of New Firework Show "Epcot Forever"

This looks absolutely amazing! I Epcot's current show Illuminations , but if I'm being honest, I don't love it. Especially after all the advances in the firework presentations at the other parks.  The current one comes off as a little tame to me. Looks like they're going to fix that. Disney just released this preview of their new show, Epcot Forever, set to debut October 1st, 2019, & it looks absolutely amazing. A combination of all the aspects of the previous shows, with a host of new features. Including remote, glowing kites, & more. You get some real looks here, as well as some absolutely beautiful concept art. I can't wait for this. I've thought it was needed for awhile, & this looks like a lot of fun. What do y'all think? I know some love Illuminations , but will this help you "Let it go"? Put your thoughts in the comments, like, & share.

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New Info On Disney Spring's "NBA Experience"

Disney Parks blog has just unleashed a whole slew of updates & some concept art for Disney Spring's upcoming NBA Experience that has been being built where DisneyQuest used to stand. This thing sound awesome. When I was a kid I was all about some NBA basketball, & I would have totally went nuts for this. In addition to a NBA themed retail store, this place is going to totally put you right in the middle of the NBA. Or as close as you can be without actually being drafted. Check it out:

  • Experience one of the biggest milestones for a basketball player at the NBA Draft with a photo moment that re-creates the atmosphere of the draft stage.

  • Track and improve their jump shots and passing skills in a replicated NBA Combine challenge, complete with a scouting report that highlights their stats at the end of the session.

  • Step onto the court and hear the roar of the crowd as they maneuver through a series of timed shots to aim for a high score.

  • Execute the perfect slam dunk just like NBA superstars, captured by cameras surrounding adjustable baskets.

  • Test their ball-handling skills with an interactive trainer who will challenge them with a variety of dribbling routines.

  • Use an oversized slingshot to launch basketballs at hoops of varying heights, making as many shots as possible before the clock runs out in this thrilling timed challenge.

  • Immerse themselves in the rich legacy and history of NBA and WNBA championship-winning teams.

  • Access a team locker room that showcases up-to-date statistics and visuals of top NBA and WNBA players.

  • Test their knowledge of the NBA and WNBA – past and present – during a trivia game with up to 25 participants competing against one another to be champion.

  • Enjoy two 180-degree cinematic presentations that showcase the in-arena experience moments before the start of the game, as well as special stories from the players’ perspectives.

  • Take a seat at an interactive multi-screen module to watch replay clips from NBA games, using the tools at their stations to make the right calls.

  • Play interactive basketball games, from the fan-favorite Pop-A-Shot to modern video games.

I'm going to be so all over this. I actually can't even figure out what I want to do more. The slingshots, dunk cam, Combine challenge, or just let lose on some interactive basketball games. I had my doubts on this one, but it's shaping up to he pretty cool. Your thoughts? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 


Disney Gives A Countdown On The Upcoming Skyliner

Gotta take some time out for this. I was more excited than I should be for this one already, but now that I've been hopping from park to park on the monorail, I'm even more pumped for this to be up & going. Disney gives you some facts in this video countdown style. For me however, the most important piece of information is this connecting the parks in another way. With its completion, the only park not networked in will be Animal Kingdom. This makes a day between all the parks so much easier. On top of the fact that these concept images are beautiful! I could see riding these with no rhyme or reason at all. Even without a destination, this just looks like an amazing, relaxing ride. What do y'all think? Am I the only one who's super excited for these? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Concept Art For "Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railroad" Plus Another New Addition Coming To Hollywood Studios

With the opening of Toy Story Land  this weekend Disney Parks Blog wanted to make sure we knew there was still more to come. First, they released this friggin awesome concept art for Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railroad , the ride that will replace one of my all time favorites, Ghe Great Movie Ride . This was the first reveal for the ride car, & it came with this setup: "The fun begins when you see the premiere of a new cartoon short with Mickey and Minnie preparing for a picnic. As they head out, they drive alongside a train and find out that the engineer is Goofy. Then, one magical moment lets you step into the movie and on Goofy's train for a wacky, wild ride." This ride sounds like it's going to be totally amazing the more we hear. It should be too. This is the first time Mickey gets a proper attraction, & it all started with a mouse. I'm so excited for this one to finally get finished. The second big announcement came in the form of Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy .  A first of it's kind show, debuting early 2019 & located by Aerosmith's Rocking Rollercoaster where you'll come face to face with Lightning McQueen. He'll showcase the things he's learned over the years with all of his friends from Radiator Springs. They're being pretty vague on this one. Which honestly makes me even more curious. Anytime Disney says first of it's kind, you know you're in for something special. Anyway, what do y'all think of this awesome news? Put it in the comments, like & share.


Did You Catch The "Toy Story Land" Dedication?

Disney Parks went live for the dedication ceremony for Hollywood Studios newest addition Toy Story Land  today. I would've been there but we've got some developments here that are taking priority. Hence, the announcement I keep teasing, that is still coming. I'm really bummed wasn't able to make it though. They went all out for the opening day of this one! I mena, Tim Allen was there!! Buzz friggin Lightyear!!! The stage setup was awesome! The whole dedication show for that matter was really entertaining. The video was hard to watch though. It started off with all the food, & I couldn't get it off my mind through the whole video. Besides the aesthetic, the food at Toy Story Land is what really has me excited. I've never been a fan of eating at Hollywood Studios. Pulled pork grilled cheese & S'mores sandwiches though? I can really get behind that. Also in this vid are some quick looks at Epcot's GOTG Awesome Mix Live,  Magic Kingdom's Incredible Summer , & Animal Kingdom's Donald's Dino Bash . Fun dedication though. I should see these in about a month. Can't wait to share them firsthand. Let me know your thoughts on this awesome dedication, as well as Toy Story Land in general. Put em in the comments, like, & share.

I Actually Want To See This "GOTG Awesome Mix Live" Show Now

When I first heard about this concert at Epcot, I'll admit, I really wasn't that excited. I absolutely love the Guardians of the Galaxy,  & probably even more so the soundtracks. Those soundtracks have basically fueled the years in which they were released for me. I just didn't really think this show was going to come off as anything but a cheesefest. Seeing this little preview video though, has made me realize this isn't a cheesefest, it's an amazingly awesome cheesefest. It does seem corny, but the actors look great, & it looks like it's a lot of fun. I've gotta check this out now. Funny what looks like a throwaway experience at Disney can always fool you. My past couple of visits I've been trying things I never had before, & I've found some real diamonds in the rough. This looks like it could be one of them. You really can't judge a book by its cover, & that especially rings true at Disney Parks. What do y'all think though? Would y'all attend the Awesome Mix Live? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Disney Parks Gives Some More Looks At "Toy Story Land", Opening This Weekend

Unfortunately, I'm not able to attend the opening of Toy Story Land  this weekend. The reason involves that big announcement I keep teasing. There's just too much going on right now for me to make it down there. It'll definitely be sooner than later before I do though. Until then, we all get to enjoy the newest addition to Hollywood Studios via Disney Parks videos. First up today is an ariel view of the Slinky Dog Dash. A rollercoaster that is really starting to grow on me. I'm still not 100% on all the coasters popping up at Disneyworld Parks. I just feel like that's a copout from the imaginative attractions Disney is known for worldwide. At least it is a heavily themed coaster. Whats really got me excited for Slinky Dog though, is how smooth it looks. I've never seen a smoother looking ride to a coaster. On the other side however, it also looks pretty basic. Putting this one in the "how long do I want to wait in queue for this?" category. I could see loving this one on a slow day. A weird word to use for a rollercoaster is relaxing, but Slinky looks just that. I will take into consideration this is for the little ones as well, & with that in mind it's probably the perfect, first coaster. Then, speaking of perfect, the next video Disney Parks put up was a friggin awesome look at Toy Story Land all lit up for nighttime. I keep saying I'm more excited about just walking around this place. Now that seems like an all day, through the night event. As amazing as this place looks, it looks even better at night. Nostalgia is replaced by a beautiful carnival of light. My camera's going to overload once I get here. Can't wait for the opening weekend videos coming next week. I'm sure it won't be long before I go take a look at this place too. When that happens, I'll make sure to give a first hand look. Curious though, what's everyone else thoughts on this new addition? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Check Out A Look Inside "Donald's Dino-Bash"

Disney Parks just released this video giving us a look at what to expect from Animal Kingdom's newest addition, Donald's Dino-Bash.  A straight up party taking place in Dinoland U.S.A. featuring new characters & new costumes, all capped off with a giant dance party. New meet & greets with Scrooge McDuck & Launchpad of Ducktales  fame. Along with classics Donald, Daisy, Chip, & Dale in new Dino inspired costumes. None more adorable than the chipmunks full out Dinosaur costumes. This sounds like a lot of fun. Not to mention my daughter's new favorite thing now is Disneyworld dance parties. Adding this to Dinoland will make her day. Dinoland U.S.A. has been needing something fresh for awhile now anyway. Hopefully this can stir some traffic over there. I'm in though. I've gotta meet Scrooge & Launhpad. That's become my summer mission. Anyway, what do y'all think? Does this look fun? Do we want a dance party in every park? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Looks At Toy Story Land And A Ride On The Slinky Dog!!

GMA did a big feature on Hollywood Studios' upcoming Toy Story Land this morning. Some of the stand outs included a look the Flying Saucer attraction. I still can't make much out of this thing. The claw's involved in the middle, but it looks like the aliens just pull you around in a circle. I really hope there's more to it than that. As boring as that sounds, it's all I can make of it from what I've seen. Next, there was this ride through of the Slinky Dog Rollercoaster. Which if I'm being honest looks almost too tame. I won't know for sure until a hands on, but for right now I'm more excited by the Wheezy after the coaster that will be singing "You Got A Friend In Me". Not the best first look for me. I'm just gonna have to hope that come June 30th being shrunk down to the size of a toy will be better in person. What do y'all think? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


I Can Barely Wrap My Head Around Disney's New "Show Environment Room" Patent

This one is not as much technical as it is hard to even fathom. This is a pic attached to a patent I saw first on DIZ, published by Disney Enterprises Inc., titled "Multimedia System for Transforming Any Room Into a Show Environment". The pic is somewhat overwhelming, but I'm going to try to sum up their explanation of what all's goin' on. Building on Disney's recent pattern of immersion, this is a way to make a room more enjoyable through in-room entertainment. I'm gonna say this is with Hotel rooms in mind. Mainly because they really go into Hotel use, & their want to change the mindset behind Hotel rooms. Saying, "Conventional thinking in the hotel industry has been that it is desirable to make their guest very comfortable while they sleep but to otherwise encourage their guests to leave their room to partake in entertaining activities such as shopping and dining on-site or elsewhere in a resort or nearby city." So, now they want you to have a reason to stay in your room. That said, the wording uses Hotels as an example, but does also mention it could be used in a home & other waiting areas like those seen in airports & hospitals as well. Best guess though, this has Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge written all over it. They sound like they're totally trying to bring your room to life though. I could see this used in all the resorts eventually. The whole room is basically going to be an attraction. The system will generally include a controller for selectively operating a television like device, a video projector, an audio system, & other show components like, lights, fan, mechanical props, electrical, illusionary props, & so on. Basically, your room is a friggin' ride attraction. It will have the ability to "tell a story &/or magically transform the space into a multidimensional & immersive entertainment space." Mind Blown. I never thought I'd be excited to stay in my room at Disneyworld. I could speculate what they're going to do with this, but they've basically turned into your room into Happily Ever After. Infinity & beyond is literally the limit of this. This is the first step to Star Trek: The Next Generation 's holodeck. I'm ecstatic! Please, let this happen! What do y'all think? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


"Destination D: Celebrating Mickey Mouse" Now Has A Pricetag

D23 is celebrating Mickey's 90th birthday with Destination D: Celebrating Mickey Mouse taking place at the Contemporary at Walt Disney World Resort, & now it officially has a price tag. D23 Gold members can get a ticket for the bargain price of $215 per person, or $1,300 if you're feeling VIP. There's a bunch of really cool stuff lined up, like exclusive stores, panels, & even a movie night. Most interesting to myself is a Mickey exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives, & a sneak peek of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railroad attraction coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios. As of right now, unless I'm telling real celebratey for one reason or another this pricetag is a little too steep for me. Sounds fun though, here's the details as they appeared from D23:



The event will take place November 17–18, 2018, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World Resort.

Available to Gold and Gold Family Members
You will be required to show a photo ID. Members will be required to show their D23 Membership Card.

Guests will have the opportunity to kick things off on Friday, November 16 with optional early check-in. Once checked in, Destination D guests can enjoy the following:

  • Mickey’s of Glendale—The famed Walt Disney Imagineering store returns with a pop-up shop at the event for attendees, featuring a selection of exclusive Walt Disney Imagineering merchandise as well as limited-edition pins, apparel, and collectibles themed to the event.
  • Mickey Marketplace—For the first time ever, D23 is thrilled to debut a Mickey Marketplace inside Disney’s Contemporary Convention Center—exclusively available to Destination D attendees, a handful of retailers will offer limited Mickey-branded products.
  • Walt Disney Archives—Access to an exclusive exhibit curated by the Walt Disney Archives celebrating Mickey Mouse.

Please note: These experiences will also be available on Saturday and Sunday during event hours.

Then, join us in the Fantastia Ballroom at Disney’s Contemporary Resort on Saturday and Sunday to discover fascinating details about Mickey’s imaginative past, adventurous present, and boundless future as Disney historians, cast members, Imagineers, and artists host exciting panels, presentations, and other fun-filled entertainment. From Mickey’s historic roles in animated films and television shows to merchandise, magic kingdoms, and beyond, get ready to explore the many wonderful worlds of Walt Disney’s most famous creation!

Highlights of the weekendwill include*:

  • Presenters and panelists, including Legendary Disney Animator Mark Henn,Voice Actor Bret Iwan, Disney Legend Bill Farmer, Imagineers Jason Grandt, Wyatt Winter, and Alex Wright, Animator John Pomeroy, and Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline—plus more to be announced.*
  • A Mouse in Shorts: Animating Mickey Through the Years—From Steamboat Willie to Get a Horse!, Mickey’s epic film career has taken him on a journey that has endeared him to fans around the world. Join Disney animators and historians as they look back at the films that defined Mickey’s career, and peek behind-the-scenes of some of his most famous roles.

  • Catching Up with Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway— Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019, the first ride-through Mickey Mouse attraction, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, will push the limits of immersion for the Disney experience. Join members of the Walt Disney Imagineering creative team for a sneak peek of the zany twists and turns of this upcoming groundbreaking attraction!
  • Collecting Mickey, the True Original—From the first Mickey Mouse wristwatch to the collaborations of today, Mickey has always been in style. We wind the (Mickey Mouse) clock back to take a look at the toys, collectibles, and products that defined the mouse—and what his future has in store!
  • Hidden Mickeys: Uncovering the Magic of Disney Storytelling—Chronicling some of the lesser known and “lost” adventures of everyone’s favorite mouse, Disney historians will guide guests through an exploration of rarely seen and unusual Mickey projects—including a few that never jumped off the page!
  • Weird Disney: The Early Mickey Years—Fan-favorite “Weird Disney” returns with an all-new show, as the Walt Disney Archives reveals some of the wildest and wackiest Mickey moments, merchandise, and more! Included is a deep dive into Mickey’s past, featuring some of the most unique appearances, depictions, and pop-culture influences of our favorite mouse during Mickey’s runaway success in the 1930’s.

  • Additionally, the weekend will feature exciting events, such as Mickey’s Animation Academy, where guests will learn to draw from master Disney animator Mark Henn, and 4 Artists Paint 1 Mouse, where four Disney artists embark upon an “Adventure in Art,” each interpreting Mickey in their individual style—live on stage!
  • Mickey’s Movie Night—To wrap up a great weekend and celebrate Mickey’s birthday on the evening of Sunday, November 18, we’re throwing the ultimate Mickey movie pajama party— including a visit by Mickey himself! Guests are encouraged to wear their favorite Mickey Mouse pajamas, grab a treat, sit back, and watch some of Mickey’s most iconic and rarest footage from the past 90 years!

All ticketed guests will receive access to the following D23-exclusive experiences:

  • Guaranteed seats at all panels and presentations in the Fantasia Ballroom
  • D23-exclusive Mickey’s Movie Night in honor of his 90th birthday on Sunday evening
  • Access to Destination D-exclusive Mickey’s of Glendale pop-up shop
  • Access to a handful exclusive retail shops in the Mickey Marketplace
  • Access to the Mickey Mouse exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives
  • A specialty gift created exclusively for the event

In addition, a limited number of Mouseketeer VIP tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. VIP guests will receive the above listed benefits, in addition to the following:

  • Exclusive VIP dinner on Friday, November 16, inspired by Mickey Mouse
  • Exclusive Mickey Birthday Breakfast with Disney luminary meet & greet at Disney’s Contemporary Resort the morning of his 90th birthday, November 18
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Lounge at Disney’s Contemporary Resort during event hours
  • Priority seating for all panels and presentations
  • Early shopping access to Mickey’s of Glendale pop-up shop and Mickey Marketplace on Friday, November 16
  • Early access to the Mickey Mouse exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives on Friday, November 16
  • Additional specialty gift
  • Dedicated VIP Destination D check-in location.

A limited number of specially priced rooms and theme park tickets will be available to D23 Members who purchase Destination D tickets. Further details will be included in the confirmation email.


Save The Date! Toy Story Land To Open June 30!

I know where I'm going to be June 30th!! Hollywood Studios for the opening of Toy Story Land. While it's not Pandora, & definitely no Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the idea of being shrunk down to the size of a toy does sound pretty awesome. Funny thing is I have a feeling this is going to blow me away, as I have pretty mediocre expectations for it in the first place. Gonna give it the full treatment though when it opens though. We'll be talkin' rides, food, merch, & just overall atmosphere & immersion level. Personally out of everything I've heard so far, I can't wait to get an old fashioned float. However, that said, I'm very curious about the Aliens Flying Saucers, & that Slinky Dash coaster is starting to grow on me the more I see it in action. It looks so smooth on the track. Anyway, can't wait. A date makes it that much more official. Are y'all excited? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

We Were There!! Disney Parks Live Streams "Fantasy In The Sky" For New Years Eve, Magic Kingdom

We brought the New Year in right for 2018. We spent the whole day in Disney's Magic Kingdom. The park was at capacity by about 11! I've never got to spend New Year's Eve with that many people, most of which in great spirits for the holiday. The most crazy part is we actually still had a pretty eventful day. On a day I thought we'd be at the mercy of just our fast passes, there was so much going on we was able to do things we've never done. (Like finally take lantern pics.) The fireworks show was probably the most amazing display of pyrotechnics I've ever seen, the two dance parties were total fun, & they not only throw in the Christmas Party parades, they supplied hats & horns. It is the greatest New Year's Eve I've ever spent, & I got to spend it with my family, making it that much better. Hope y'all had a great New Year Eve experience as well. Can't wait to see what happens in 2018!

"Hall Of Presidents" in Walt Disney World Finally To Reopen

It feels like this thing has been under construction for awhile. It's been almost a year since Magic Kingdom visitors have been "Welcomed to the Hall of Presidents", an original attraction & personal favorite of Walt Disney himself. Now Chip & Co. confirms that not only is the Hall of Presidents about to open, it's opening back up tomorrow, 12/18. Supposedly it's got some amazing new enhancements, including the new ultra-lifelike audio-animatronic President Donald Trump.  Whom the inevitable addition of caused quite a stir this year, after the election. The President came later to personally record his remarks, as each president has done since the early 90's. I didn't really get sucked into the whole controversy thing. He's the president when it comes down to it, it would go against history to omit President Trump. I still think it would've been hilarious if he got up & tweeted instead of talking, but that's just funny, pro or con. It's strange how much I've been looking forward to this reopening, but I really have. I've always liked the Hall of Presidents more than most folks, but this is the first time it's this high on the list of to-dos. I'll definitely make it a point to hit this on our New Year's Eve trip. Curiosity just has ahold of me, what about y'all though? Anyone else curious to the upgraded Hall of Presidents? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Disney Springs To Get New Cirque Du Soleil Show

This news makes more since than anything I've heard in a while. I'm actually not sure why this wasn't like this from the jump? Disney Parks Blog has just announced that after the Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba's run ends December 31st. It will eventually be replaced by a Disney Animation themed Cirque. Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, elaborated, sharing “We are incredibly inspired by Disney’s immense creative universe. We are convinced that bringing Disney’s magic to life on stage will touch audiences and bring them back to their childhood.” This is not only awesome, like I said, it's a total no-brainer. I'm excited to go see this Cirque du Soleil, & that's an excitement I've never really felt while at Disneyworld. I would totally be down for an all animation Cirque! What would be picked? Argh! Curiouser & curiouser. Excited to hear more about this, what do y'all think though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


"Galactic Nights" Reveals New Details About Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

The other day the ominous photo from the Millennium Falcon was put out & though it looks a lot like the inside of the Falcon, there's no telling what part of the attraction we were actually looking at. Now the attraction itself get some ominous details. "...until you climb through that hatch, walk through her hallways, sit inside her cockpit, power her up & actually fly her yourself, it's not quite the same." That was the description of the ride from a panel at Galactic Nights about Galaxy's Edge put on by Imagineers Scott Trowbridge, Robin Reardon & Chris Beatty, & Doug Chiang from Lucasfilm. I honestly have no idea how they're going to pull off the things that was just said right there. That's a tall order when you've also got to think about keeping lines moving. While that description leaves to much to the imagination, the next ones came wit these pics. First, a whole friggin' fleet of X-wing Starfighters. Metal, so they're the closest things to being real X-wings. I can't wait to see this, talk about photo op! What if they're secretly functioning X-wings? Sure there's no way, but can't I just tell myself that? The coolest part for me though is this marketplace photo & description. Overseen by a Toydarian, like from everyone's favorite The Phantom Menace, the marketplace will of course carry toys. However, they'll be toys form the Star Wars galaxy exclusive to this outpost. The real kicker is they go on to mention that all of it will look hand-crafted by local artisans, keeping even the merchandise in-story. That's level of submersion just takes this thing to a whole other place for me. Talk about make you feel like you're really there. I kept saying when it came to Pandora, wait 'till they use what they've learned here, & up it for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. That shop let's me know they really are going for something to make you feel like you are truly out of this world. I love it! What do y'all think about this exciting news? 


See The Hollywood Tower Four Different Ways At "Flurry Of Fun" In Disney's Hollywood Studios

I keep seeing shots of all the tower projections from Galactic Nights, & I really wish I could've seen them in person. I found all but one a little underwhelming on video. When you see the castle transform during Happily ever After, it all but becomes something new. I'm not getting that with even this video from Hollywood Studios Flurry of Fun celebration either. I just can't separate it from the Tower itself. Like I said though, I have a really good feeling this is because I'm seeing it on video though. I really want to see this in person to get a better idea of how the effect plays out without being "zoomed in". This celebration sound awesome though, not just for the projections either. That last bit where he said the parks lights were in tune to the music? I'll bet that is a sight to behold. And I always love it when they make it "snow" in the park. Not to mention, I absolutely adored Olaf's Frozen Adventure, so I would really like to see the special showing. Anyway, what do y'all think about this, & has anyone ever been to the changing of the Hollywood Tower? Does it look better in person? I still really want to see it changed into the gingerbread house if so.. Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Disneyworld Tidbits: Tiger Cubs, Random Millennium Falcon Pic, & Stitch's Last Ride

The past couple of days have had some major little things pop of at Disneyworld that are at least worth a mention. There's the tiger cubs, Jeda & Anala, now able to be seen on the Maharajah Jungle Trek in the Animal Kingdom. These endangered cuties are just friggin' adorable...


Then there's this random pic of somewhere in the Millenium Falcon attraction coming to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios. I'm not really sure what to make of it without knowing what exactly I'm looking at. Best guess, it's part of the queue? It's a picture though, & it's inside of something Millenium Falconey....


Last but not least there's the matter of Stitch's Great Escape. It's starting to really look like this is going to be the last season the attraction opens. December 23rd through January 6th will be the last run of this cursed attraction. I'll be down there for New Year's so I will get to ride this one more time. I hope my daughter's big enough, Stitch is her favorite. I don't remember having fond memories of this ride, as there's not much to it. I never got to ride it as it's original Exterrorestrial Encounter, I think it was called, but it's never been a fan favorite. Unlike the losses from earlier in the year, I'm excited to see this go, & honestly would love an actually good, thought out Stitch attraction.


Extensive New Details For Epcot's Coming "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Attraction

One of the major losses to the Disney Parks this year was that of Ellen's Energy Adventure, formally located in EPCOT. However, at the 2017 D23 Expo it was told that it would be replaced with a Guardians of the Galaxy themed roller coaster. Not much has been said since then, until now. WDW News Today has basically gave a whole rundown of the mechanics of this upcoming attraction. The entrance will be in the same spot, but the doorway will now take you into the Welcome Gallery. The building appears to be many levels, where you climb a series of ramps to get to the elevated load platform. There's a second room, the Xandar Gallery, is probably filled with Xandarian relics. This room will lead to the first pre-show, labeled in their documents as "singularity". "Singularity", by the way, is the only clue we get to the actual story of what will be going on. So feel free to speculate. A second pre-show will take place in the next room, the transformation room. Where some kind of guest transformation takes place, involving a giant red cannon looking thing, Rocket Raccoon, & Groot. They will appear with a ship as projection, as it looks like there's no animatronics. Afterwards, you head upstairs to the load area. Two trains will load & unload at a time, featuring five cars that hold guests in four, two by two. Loaded up, they will then head into the launch tunnel, where they get shot into the added building behind the old attraction. Standing 12.2 stories in height at 133 feet tall, the building houses a coaster with no inversions. Making it seem to be a lot like Space Mountain with added projection effects. Many twists, turns, & straightaways follow in what they say seems to look like a pretty long coaster ride. They say it doesn't look like there's any show elements throughout the ride, which is a little disheartening. It looks instead like it's just lighting, but it also sounds like some pretty early on stuff too. Either way this ride sounds awesome. I hope the story they've been developing is really cool too. When first announced they really keyed in on that point, & that it shares an actual place in EPCOT for a reason. I can't wait to hear more about this. Mainly because I'm really curious if they are going to add some more to this or not. I  personally would love for some story elements throughout this ride. What do y'all think of this run-through though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.