Cast Member Costumes For "Galaxy's Edge" Revealed

Blog Mickey put up all these cool shots of the Galaxy's Edge costume reveal, & a little background to go with them. The ones up top are the village costumes of the various patrons you'll encounter as you enter Batuu in Hollywood Studios or Disneyland. The coolest part about these are they're deemed interchangeable. Cast members will have a lot of control over how they accessorize throughout the day, & will even have the option to change. I love all the different variations. It's gonna create a more realistic living environment. Down below you see the best & caps that will be donned by the cast members involved with Smuggler's Run , the Millennium Falcon attraction. I like the look, but for some reason I'm just not really feeling the color scheme. They need a little more change up from the full solid color in my opinion, even if it was just expanding the size of the lines on front. On the other hand, right next to them is the costumes for the Rise of the Resistance . I would totally buy these for myself. I don't even know which one I like more. All in all this is even more than I was expecting from the costumes. They're really going all out to make this look like a diverse, real city in a galaxy far, far away. The level of detail to making this feel like a real populated place is blowing me away every time. I can't wait to see this in action. What about y'all? What do y'all think of this costume reveal? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Disneyland's Cars Have Their "Carstumes" For Halloween

This made me smile. It's Halloween in Car's Land & the stars of Cars have donned their "Carstumes". The Disney characters in their costumes were the coolest thing for me when we went to the Not-So-Scary Halloween party last year at WDW Magic Kingdom. These guys are going to be posted up at Disney's California Adventure. I already want a Car's Land on my coast, this extra little Halloween setup just makes me want it even more. So since it's Halloween we have to judge a contest for these two. I love me some superheroes, but my vote is going to have to go to Mater's "Dracarla". What do y'all think? Put it in the comments, like, & share.