Hondo For Galaxy's Edge Proves Animatronics Are Getting So Realistic

This is insane. The level of realism with every new Audio-Animatronic is doubling down. I thought the Shaman of Souls in Pandora moved realistically, but this Hondo from Smuggler's Run in Galaxy's Edge looks like it's on a whole other level. It moves so fluently, that it's gonna be hard to realize it's not just a person in makeup & costume. This came on the same day as D23 dumping all kinds of stuff Galaxy's Edge on us from food & drinks, to merchandise & looks at concepts & attractions. Be on the lookout as I'm gonna break 'em all down over the next couple days, & share my thoughts. Until then, what do y'all think of this amazingly ultra-realistic Hondo Audio-Animatronic? Put it in the comments, like, & share.