Hondo For Galaxy's Edge Proves Animatronics Are Getting So Realistic

This is insane. The level of realism with every new Audio-Animatronic is doubling down. I thought the Shaman of Souls in Pandora moved realistically, but this Hondo from Smuggler's Run in Galaxy's Edge looks like it's on a whole other level. It moves so fluently, that it's gonna be hard to realize it's not just a person in makeup & costume. This came on the same day as D23 dumping all kinds of stuff Galaxy's Edge on us from food & drinks, to merchandise & looks at concepts & attractions. Be on the lookout as I'm gonna break 'em all down over the next couple days, & share my thoughts. Until then, what do y'all think of this amazingly ultra-realistic Hondo Audio-Animatronic? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Acrobatic Robots Just Skipped A Few Levels

Remember the flipping stickman robot from about a couple months ago? Well it evolved pretty quick. This thing is in full humanoid robot mode now, & ready for whatever. This video blew me away. I can't wait to see what these things will be used for. Obviously shows are the first thought. These things have awesome superhero written all over them. I mean, the one in the end basically IS Iron Man. I started drifting off & speculating other uses immediately though. Like what if these are used in-ride even? As moving animatronics? That would be friggin awesome! The main thing on my mind when I see this amazing achievement however is, I hope they don't use these to cut costs. The worst thing they could do is use these in place of an actor, as opposed to using them just to fill in where actors can't. Being somewhat expendable, I only want to see these achieve the impossible. Bring em on though. This is the next level of animatronic. I've seen them become as real as we can possibly make them look. Even cartoons now, with digital projection mapping. The is the next step, years in the making. Audio-animatronics can not only move now, they can be more acrobatic than myself. What do y'all think of this amazing development in robotics? Awesome, or one more reason to fear the emergance of A.I.? Put it in the comments, like, & share.