Disney Is Releasing Some Awesome Retro Gear For Epcot's 35th Anniversary!

October 1st what better way to celebrate Epcot's 35 Anniversary at Walt Disney World Resort than to take it back with some retro-themed merchandise. This stuff is so cool I'm having trouble narrowing down what I actually want to get. I do know at least some of that Figment & Spaceship Earth stuff will be going home with me on my fall visit to the parks though. This really captures the spirit of the original Epcot Center vibe. The nostalgia of the whole thing really gets me, as I'm one of those people who think Epcot is on it's way to, while still being a fun place, abandoning it's original mission to take us into a prosperous future. As a child that theme really stuck with me, & it's a shame we tend to not have a futurist point of view as whole in American society now. It's been replaced with an almost cynical approach to an inevitable post-apocalyptic future or Idiocracy (Great movie, check it out!), whichever comes first. So this is positively a great line of merch in my eyes as it inspires back to a time that actually in itself was inspirational. Can't wait to pick some of this up. Am I alone? Let me know in the comments, like, & share.