New "Lion King" Trailer Has Talking Animals!!

Out of all the trailers so far for Disney's upcoming “live-action”, or ultra-realistic, remake The Lion King,  I've been waiting for one thing. Talking animals! Finally, someone has heard me, & though it's quick, it's there nonetheless. The opening with Nala is subtle. Not really much there, but if Timon & Pumbaa in the end is what we can gauge the talking off of it's not that bad. In fact it's good enough to probably be pretty convincing in the long run. Seeing them talk actually puts me a little at ease, & the reminder that there's going to be a realistic lion battle helped as well. Disney's coming off a real strong win for me with Aladdin. That combined with what we've finally seen here has me thinking they can really pull this off. As of this trailer I can now say I'm in. Maybe not all in, but in nonetheless. What about y'all? Relieved to know there are talking animals in this film? You know, considering that's only 95% talking animals? Put your thoughts in the comments, like, & share.