Featurette For "Hakuna Matata" Remake

Today is the day I finally get to see the new more live action, yet still animated Lion King. Beforehand Disney has dropped this video though. It's Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, & Billy Eichner talking about reimagining Hakuna Matata. First off, I love these guys. Haven't seeing the film yet, I love these guys in these roles. I am not however, loving this version of the song though. This video's fun, & I've only heard the song two or three times so far. So, maybe it could grow on me. That said, the original never had to. Curious to see how context affects it. Don't know how I'm feeling goin’ in. It's got some negative feedback. Let y'all know tomorrow with my first thoughts review on YouTube. Until then has anyone else heard this song yet? If so, put your thoughts of it in the comments. Just tryin’ to get a consensus here.

Tickets On Sale For "Lion King", New TV Spot.

A new TV Spot for the more live-action yet still animated version of the Lion King came out yesterday to announce today's tickets going on sale. Not only do we get some more actual talking animal footage from Mustafa, we also get our first listen to Donald Glover & Beyonce's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?". It's a total plus on both fronts as well. I'm going to have to listen to the song a few more times to see how it weighs in against the original. First thoughts on the snippet here are good though. Even if it's highly noticeable Beyonce's got a better voice than Glover. Mufasa talking was pretty impressive as well. We've come a long way on the talking animal front it looks like. I also loved the lightning Mufasa in the sky shot. Got my tickets now though. That's as all in as I can get. Now I just have to wait until July 18th. What did y'all think of this TV spot though? In fact, how many are on the fence for this one? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 

New "Lion King" Trailer, Still No Talking Animals

I feel like we just keep seeing the same thing out of July 19th's upcoming Lion King remake. The closer the not-so-live-action live action remake of the beloved classic animated film comes, I'm really starting to wonder when we're gonna see some talking animals. We're once again covering the "coronation" scene. In fact I'm pretty sure this is now pretty close to the whole scene now. What I'd really like to see is even a sentence actually coming from an animals mouth. We've heard some lines out of Mufasa in one of the trailers, but not with the visual of him saying it. I don't know why this troubles me so much, but it does. Honestly, that said, this trailer was a real letdown. I get it, the first minutes of the original are there. And even though I don't wanna see too much more, I wanna see something new. Just a little of what to expect out of more than just the beginning.  In all honesty, I'm more excited about the absolutely beautiful poster that came out. At least it doesn't take place in the opening scene. Still close though, as if I had to guess this is the "all the land the light touches" scene. For that matter, I'd have took that in the trailer. I mean, what do y'all think though? Is this pretty much exactly what we've seen already minus some more species? Am I the only one that would like some talkin', singin', animals form this thing? Let me know in the comments, like, & share.


First "Lion King" Teaser Delivered Almost Perfectly On Thanksgiving

So after cooking all day, eating way too much, & fighting off a turkey haze, this CGI "live-action" Lion King teaser from Disney kinda felt like the big payoff. An almost perfect teaser. It's a short look, not much you can really say about it. A couple iconic scenes with a little longer version of Mufasa's "all the land the light touches" speech, is pretty much the perfect way to kick things off. I couldn't help but keep thinking it was missing something. It looks amazing. Visually stunning. If I took this back in time, they'd be wondering how we trained all those animals to do that. I just felt it missed the mark without ending on some sort of talking animal. And since it seems like I'm being super picky, they totally could've gone without the parade of actor names. That would've worked for me though, with the addition of Timon or Pumba talking in the end. That break from the epicness of the iconic scenes, even with the name scrolling, would've really put this over the top for me. So, I liked it, but I felt like I could've loved it. What did y'all think though? Put it in the comments, like, & share. Disney's The Lion King opens in theatres July 19, 2019.

Are You Prepared For No "Be Prepared" In Upcoming "Lion King"?

So, according to Collider yesterday, Sir Elton John told The Sun that only four of the original songs will be used in the more live-action, yet still technically animated upcoming Lion KingKnowing that you can almost guess what they are, Circle of Life, Hakuta Matada, Can You Feel the Love Tonight,  & Just Can't Wait To Be King . That said, they pretty much covered what they must have. All except Scar's Be Prepared that is. This is going to put them in a curious spot. The song takes place at not only a pivotal moment, but if I remember correctly, it also delivers a good amount of exposition. With that, my guess is they'll replace it. Putting whatever's new directly up against the original. That puts a good amount of pressure on the whole thing. Any new music added for that matter now will immediately be put up against what's missing from the original. That's gonna be a tall order in itself right there. Not only that, this is one of my favorite scenes. It's no punches pulled terrifying. As dark as the song is, it still added a liitle light to the scene. Curious to see if we'll hear any of the new stuff before the film's release. Not only that, but I'm wondering if the four originals will be reimagined? Anyway, are these four songs from the original enough for you? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 


Disney Announces Release Dates for Frozen 2 & The Lion King (Live Action)

If you can't wait to be king or have an itchin to build a magical snowman bad news is you're going to have to wait until 2019. Good news is we now know when in 2019. Disney has announced the dates for Frozen 2 as well as the live action retelling of The Lion King. In regards to the return of Elsa & Anna in Frozen 2, they will let it go on November 27, 2019. On the other hand be prepared for the live action Lion King on July 19th of 2019 with the unreplaceable James Earl Jones reprising Mufasa, Childish Gambino Donald Glover as Simba, & Jungle Book director, Jon Favreau. If I could by tickets now I probably already would have them. I can't wait for Lion King as it's one of my all time favorites & honestly Frozen grows on me a little more as a whole every time I watch it.