New Official Trailer For "Frozen II"

Somehow this trailer was just as awesome as the first for Frozen II, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the highest grossing pieces of animation ever. Along with it we get se teases of finding put how Elsa got her powers, as well as her transition from Queen to Superhero. As the trailer states they've always thought her powers were to much for the world to stand, but now they question if it'll be enough to save it. I'm so excited for this film as the last one was pretty centered in one place. As this one takes the story into new heights with a more action & adventure direction. These previews have brought me in with an amazing amount of anticipation for a film i thought i wasn't even gonna be to pumped about until I saw the first. In fact I kinda wish I could trade spots with Lion King on this one. I'm ready to build a snowman again! What about y'all? Am I the only one that dug this trailer as much as the first? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

"Frozen II" To Totally Deliver On Some Action

This is a lot more than I expected from a Frozen II  trailer. Heavy on the action whether it be Elsa trying g to scale massive waves, whole fleets of reindeer, or Anna drawing her sword for battle in the end, this looks like it's gonna be intense. I didn't know what to expect from this sequel at all, but I definitely wasn't expecting action/adventure at all. I can't believe it, but this little teaser actually has me super excited for the return of Frozen . For what it was, this quick look was absolutely amazing. I really didn't care whether this went forward or not until now. With this, bring it on! Take my money now! I know it's not much, but what'd y'all think of this apparent new direction for Frozen? Put it in the comments, like, & share.