New Official Trailer For "Frozen II"

Somehow this trailer was just as awesome as the first for Frozen II, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the highest grossing pieces of animation ever. Along with it we get se teases of finding put how Elsa got her powers, as well as her transition from Queen to Superhero. As the trailer states they've always thought her powers were to much for the world to stand, but now they question if it'll be enough to save it. I'm so excited for this film as the last one was pretty centered in one place. As this one takes the story into new heights with a more action & adventure direction. These previews have brought me in with an amazing amount of anticipation for a film i thought i wasn't even gonna be to pumped about until I saw the first. In fact I kinda wish I could trade spots with Lion King on this one. I'm ready to build a snowman again! What about y'all? Am I the only one that dug this trailer as much as the first? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

"Frozen II" To Totally Deliver On Some Action

This is a lot more than I expected from a Frozen II  trailer. Heavy on the action whether it be Elsa trying g to scale massive waves, whole fleets of reindeer, or Anna drawing her sword for battle in the end, this looks like it's gonna be intense. I didn't know what to expect from this sequel at all, but I definitely wasn't expecting action/adventure at all. I can't believe it, but this little teaser actually has me super excited for the return of Frozen . For what it was, this quick look was absolutely amazing. I really didn't care whether this went forward or not until now. With this, bring it on! Take my money now! I know it's not much, but what'd y'all think of this apparent new direction for Frozen? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

"Disney Empire" Starts The New Year Off Right With "From Now On"!

If you haven't seen this video yet, drop what you're doing & take some time to watch it. This thing almost brought me to tears, & at some points made me shout with excitement. All while doing the dishes. I'm working on a Top 10 video for my most anticipated items this year, & this gives a small look at a lot of them. Normally this is where I'd talk about what I liked most in the video posted, but in all honesty, I don't want to spoil it. Plus, like I said, I'll be talking about a lot of this later on today or tomorrow. I will say, bravo Disney!! This is how you boldly go into a new year. I was already pumped, but this totally put me over. I hope ya'll enjoy this video as much as I did. This is gonna be a big year, filled with limitless possibilities.

New Trailer For "Ralph Breaks The Internet" Gave Me Exactly What I Asked For

After all the teasers & trailers we've seen for Ralph Breaks the Internet up to this one, I mentioned that it looked hilarious, I didn't really see the heart from the previous film. This newest trailer delivers on just that. It seems in Penelope's quest for what we know now is a replacement steering wheel, she develops a fondness for the internet life. Much to the contrast of Ralph's feelings on the matter. At least, that's what I'm gathering from what I just watched. Adding the heart I was looking for in previous clips. This wrapped this whole thing up for me in a nice little perfect package. If these trailers are an inkling of where this movie is going? It has potential to be even better than the first. Not only that, it's double/tripling down on the the nostalgia/pop culture thing this time around. Which as an old school gamer was one of my favorite parts about the first. November 21st seems like a long wait, but in all actuality, it's just around the corner. This trailer was everything I needed to go into this one with no worries at all. What's y'all's thoughts on this newest trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet ? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Lasseter's Former Role Split In Two As We Start A New Era

John Lasseter. If you don't know that name you haven't been paying attention for a long time. According to his Wiki he's played a major role in Disney films since as far back as Lady & the Tramp . That was a new one for me even. I've known Lasseter as the "father" of Pixar. If not, definitely the "daddy". He's been there to steer Pixar to greatness the whole way. November last year he stepped away on sabbatical for "missteps" with employees. It was announced this year that he will be finishing out the year, but only as a creative consultant. This leaves some really big shoes to fill. It's been years since Disney has seen uncertainty like this. Yesterday, the first steps were announced with Lasetter's former Chief Creative Officer (CCO) position being split in two. Jennifer Lee will be assuming CCO of Walt Disney Animation, while Pete Docter will be assuming the role at Pixar Animation Studios. Lee is best known for co-writing Wreck-it Ralph  & writing/co-directing Frozen . Meanwhile, Docter was one of Pixar's first employees, & among many things responsible for writing/directing Up!, Inside Out,  & Monster's INC. . Obviously there's a lot of talent between these two, but still only time will tell. They have some major weight to pull. These seem to be the driving forces behind a lot of the current hits. If they can keep up that pace we're in good hands. All in all, Disney's had its share of changes, so I'm sure that will not be as noticeable as Pixar's. Pixar has had the same head for awhile. I'm curious to see if there's not a major change in feel. This is exciting! An adventure into the unknown for Disney & Pixar animation. Can't wait to see what's next. What's your thoughts on the change? Are we in good hands? Put it in the comments, like, & share.