Special Look At "Avengers: Endgame" As Tickets Go On Sale

A lot of settling went into the battle for my tickets this morning as all apps were pretty much in lockup while fans went crazy trying to secure their spots. Meanwhile, this "special look" trailer dropped, to announce said tickets for what has probably become the most anticipated event of the year. And what a special look it was! We finally get see Cap & Iron Man together for the first time since they went at it in Civil War, & so much more. I'll probably watch this thing 50 more times, as there were so many things jammed into this minute my head was about to explode trying to take it all in. Thanos, a spaceship piloted by Captain Marvel, & probably more misdirection than we can even imagine. Great quick look, that made me wonder if the Russos were still only feeding us stuff from the first act? Not to mention that scene where Tony asks Cap if he trusts him sure does look like the same spot in New York where he fought Ebony Maw. So many questions, but only 23 days until they're all answered. Great trailer though. I'm pumped up to a level of anticipation I'm not sure I've ever had. That said, what did y'all think of this trailer? Anything I might've missed? Throw it in the comments, like, & share.

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Marvel Studios' Special Look At "Captain Marvel" Is My Favorite So Far!

Captain Marvel has had its ups & downs with me so far. In the last trailers I mentioned that "powered up" she looked awesome, but otherwise Brie Larson just looked kinda bored. On top of that Samuel L Jackson was stealing the scene left and right. Not the case with this newly released "Special Look". Jackson's still great, but this trailer gave some life to Larson out of full costume. Their back & forth seemed much more natural this time around. Leading me to hope I only felt that way in the first ones due to how the snippets were cut. I absolutely loved the Jukebox scene they put in here, not to mention the SHIELD logo quip. Comedic scenes aside though, this first foray into the cosmic side of the Marvel universe looks pretty intense this time around. You get more looks at her while team as well as some more of the training with Jude Law. Still no clear consensus on Law's character though. I'm still leaning towards Mar-Vell, even with the Yon-Rogg Funko "mishap". I keep thinking that was either misdirection or we're going to get a combination of the characters with the film's release. Making it a huge Spoiler instead. I digress though, back to the trailer. Which is hands down the first one for this film I've absolutely loved start to finish so far. It has totally renewed my excitement for this release. I also can't help but think this isn't as much set up for Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame as it is set up for the future of Marvel Studios as a whole. If this is what I think it is, it could be setting us up for the next major event post-Endgame . Those who are enriched in the actual Marvel comics probably already know where I'm going with this, but I think a "Secret Invasion" might've already occurred. Our heroes futures, based on this one's past might just be dealing with the ramifications. Anyways, as of now that's just speculation. So on another note, what did y'all think of this special look? Was it special enough for ya? Put it in the comments, like, & share.