Avengers Cast "We Didn't Start The Fire" Parody

This clip from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon might be the best quick way to get ready for Avengers: Endgame. I loved The Marvel Bunch, but this blows it away. It dosen't help this is one of my alltime favorite songs I'm sure, but this was amazingly awesome. I expected it to be funny, I wasn't expecting a full Marvel recap however. Really cool. Worth 2 minutes of your time to check out.

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"Avengers: Endgame" "Mission" Spot Adds Some New Details

So while this new spot for Avengers: Endgame doesn't really show us much new footage, it does tell us some new info on the mission. Captain America's pep talk to his fellow Avengers let's us know they're splitting up into teams. This means the battle is going to be waged on multiple fronts most likely. Which for me only adds to the epicness of a "for everything" battle scene. This spot also ends on a hilarious exchange with Rocket & Ant-Man. Great quick spot, but can this just go ahead & happen already. The 25th seems so far away. What do y'all think of this whole multi-front battle angle? Put it in the comments, like, and share.

Some Of The CinemaCon Clip Covers Endgame's Plan For Thanos

This clips covers some of the footage they went over that was shown at CinemaCon. A fleshed out version of the scene where Thor meets Captain Marvel. The big piece unveils the whys as to hunt down Thanos. Apparently, it sounds like he's used the stones again. With the plan being to retrieve them. Sounds easy right? Anyway cool clip, had to get it from Movie Access Trailers, so it's followed by the other trailers. War Machine questions Marvel, Cap curses, & the beginnings of a plan is formed. Do they know how ready we are for this thing? My levels are pushing to anxious. 

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Special Look At "Avengers: Endgame" As Tickets Go On Sale

A lot of settling went into the battle for my tickets this morning as all apps were pretty much in lockup while fans went crazy trying to secure their spots. Meanwhile, this "special look" trailer dropped, to announce said tickets for what has probably become the most anticipated event of the year. And what a special look it was! We finally get see Cap & Iron Man together for the first time since they went at it in Civil War, & so much more. I'll probably watch this thing 50 more times, as there were so many things jammed into this minute my head was about to explode trying to take it all in. Thanos, a spaceship piloted by Captain Marvel, & probably more misdirection than we can even imagine. Great quick look, that made me wonder if the Russos were still only feeding us stuff from the first act? Not to mention that scene where Tony asks Cap if he trusts him sure does look like the same spot in New York where he fought Ebony Maw. So many questions, but only 23 days until they're all answered. Great trailer though. I'm pumped up to a level of anticipation I'm not sure I've ever had. That said, what did y'all think of this trailer? Anything I might've missed? Throw it in the comments, like, & share.

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"Avengers: Endgame" Big Game TV Spot

Here's our next look at Avengers: Endgame that came out for Superbowl Sunday. It's definitely a blink & you'll miss it look, but I'm cool with that. I don't really want to see a lot of this one. At least, until I'm sitting in the theater. In this quick look though, we do get a couple big things. We get a look at a rather empty world left behind by Thanos. Half empty to be exact. We also see a quick glimpse of Tony Stark & Nebula helping each other to piece together their space shuttle. They also give us a shot of the remaining Avengers following Captain America. I'll have to watch this a few more times to see if I blinked & missed anything else. All in all, I like that they kept it small here. Awesome trailer to be crammed into 30 seconds. Check it out. If you catch anything big I missed let me know. Put it in the comments, like, & share.

The Trailer Is Here, And Your Title Is "Avengers: Endgame"

Wow..... Wow. Wow. Wow. This trailer was everything I wanted it to be & more. I thought it was just going to be a teaser. Figured it was definitely going to end after Tony/Iron Man's message is space, but no. It just kept going. Finally giving us the title, & yes, it's one of the heavily rumored ones, Avengers: Endgame. This is how you launch off something this big. This gave me goosebumps. In fact, I've never had a preview put me through so many emotions all at once. If you want to know why I wasn't totally feelin' the Captain Marvel trailer, this is why. This is the caliber of trailer we should be at. I should want to jump up & see the film now, & not now, but right now. I could do with just this, & absolutely no more until this film come out. Perfect opening trailer. All the feels, & then ending on a comedic note. Loved it!! I can't even say anything else. Just hurry & come out! What do y'all think? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Finally Got To Really Look At EW's "Captain Marvel" Spread

Took me a couple days, but among clearing out boxes & getting everything going in our new spot, I got to check out EW's exclusive first look at Marvel's upcoming "Captain Marvel". Where Brie Larson will be taking on the role of Carol Danvers the half human, half Kree superhero said to be the most powerful we've seen in the MCU so far. Set in the 90s, this film will not be an origin story. Though I'm sure we'll get filled in some way, this will start with Carol already having her powers. She's already left Earth & is part of elite military unit known as Starforce on the Kree planet of Hala. This is where we'll run into the return of Korath, Djimon Hounsou, returning from Guardians of the Galaxy and Minn-Erva (Gemma Chan). This is also where we'll get introduced to Jude Law as the commander of Starforce. He's sees Carol as a "mentee & pet project". They'll be going up against sworn enemy of the Kree, the green, shapeshifting Skrulls. With Ben Mendelsohn playing their leader, Talos. He uses said shapeshifting skills to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D., where he comes up against a de-aged Samuel L Jackson as 90s Nick Fury, Two-eyed Desk Jockey. Speaking of throwbacks, we'll also see the return if Ronan. Who will be not quite the crazed heretic from Guardians of the Galaxy.  Instead he's a high ranking member of Kree society. This was also accompanied by several exclusive pics, I've bunched them together below. My favorite of which has to be the young Sam Jackson shot. Followed by the Skrulls & Ronin shots. That doesn't take away from Ms. Danvers either. Larson looks absolutely amazing in this suit. Even on that cheesy as all what cover shot she manages to still almost pull it off. I'm totally psyched for this. Mainly, I want this to amp my already insane levels of excitement for Avengers 4 , & if judging by just these shots & snippets from EW alone? I think we just might get that. What do y'all think though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Synopsis For The Fourth "Avengers" Is Causing Mass Speculation

 The first description of the untitled Avengers 4 has been spotted in the latest issue of License Global. The new May issue included this vague synopsis for the film: “A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.” Afterwards, the internet has gone crazy with speculation. Even mentioning the illuminati, which would have to be reinvented, a handful a characters are absent from that usual lineup. I'm still leaning towards Secret Wars. That sounds like the best place to take it coming off Infinity War , but only they know for sure. This synopsis does seem to elude to a multiverse fueled film, with it's talk of reality. If that's the case, literally anything can happen. The more I think about it, I'd love to see that. Different versions of what we have now trying to get back right sounds awesome. Anyway, does this pique anyone else's curiosity? Any thoughts as to what's next? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


"Avengers: Infinity War" Trailer - 'Nuff Said

While we still don't get to see Thanos hurl a planet like the audience at D23, this trailer is kick ass. I should've recorded myself watching this one, because I've never been as excited through a trailer as I was this trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Just seeing all these characters together got me going. Hell, was screaming by the end reveal. Stand outs? Thanos, by far Thanos. Just seeing him manhandle Iron Man & Spider-Man lets me know he's definitely going to be the threat he's been built up as. Did you see how huge he is? Then there's the new Spider-suit. We're getting closer & closer to that Iron-Spider suit from the comics. That thing was awesome! And the major stand out was it's looking like I hope you got your funny out with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 & Thor: Raganarok. This one looks like it's got some odds, & it's taking itself seriously this time around. I'm getting the vibe that we're going to see the Avengers on multiple fronts too. As opposed to the whole band getting back together. I'm sure that will happen eventually, but it really looked like they're starting in their separated places they were left off in Civil War. This looks way too big to sum up in this one film, so if I had to guess, no matter what it's named Avengers 4 will still be either dealing with this, or at least the effects of what happens here. Feige has recently said that 4 will end the Avengers story as it started from Iron Man, & set the Marvel Universe in another direction. I'm guessing that just means no after credits scenes for Avengers 4. Anyway, trailer is friggin' awesome, my only drawback is this don't come out today. Check it out, I really want to know what y'all think! Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Nick Fury Not In Avengers 3 or Avengers 4

Speaking in an interview with Yahoo Movies UK for his upcoming film The Hitman's Bodyguard, Samuel L. Jackson let it be known Nick Fury will not be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War or the yet to be titled Avengers 4. This is a very puzzling move to me as they've said these films are to be the culmination of the 22 Marvel films up to that date. If that's the case, I really feel like the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. should be a part of it. If you recall when this was all getting put together "The Avengers Initiative" was all Nick Fury's thing. If anything he's the glue that binds the Avengers team together. I just felt like since this all started with him, it would be appropriate for it to end with him there as well. For that matter I still want to no where Fury stands on the events of Captain America: Civil War, & the whole "Sokovia Accords" thing. This news troubles me, & in the immortal words of that horse from Ren & Stimpy, "No sir, I don't like it." What do y'all think though? Major loss for the Avengers? Let us know in the comments, like, & share.

Production Starts On Fourth Avengers, Or The Purple Glove

The Russo's took to Instagram to announce production on the fourth Avengers film. They posted this picture with the words "Beginning the end." Still untitled, this has been told to be the movie that sums up the 22 films at that point of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So the words pretty much just convey that notion. The real question is the significance of this picture? The web has ran wild with it & speculation points mainly to Kang the Conqueror. I have to say considering the context this makes a lot of sense. What better way to end the 22 film arc than with a time-traveling villain. Add that too the newest announcement of the shape-shifting Skrulls being introduced via Captain Marvel in the past, pre-Iron Man, & we've all the sudden got many directions to go for the future of the MCU. I'm not sure how the movie going audience will take stories like these if that's the way we are going. Being a comic fan though, I can attest to these being the stories that have fueled Marvel. I'm excited about all these different directions being introduced. What about y'all? Any ideas to whom this ominous purple glove may belong to? Any feelings on the introduction of the time-traveling Kang? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Before Round 1 Even Starts, Thanos Is Signed On For A Rematch?

Collider reports Josh Brolin has confirmed via his Instagram, he was about to begin filming on the untitled Avengers 4. Meaning we now officially know Thanos does not die in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. I feel like I've been trying to repeat that sentence to myself all day long. Who thought this made sense to let out? The Russo's have already crushed the rumors of Avenger 3 & 4 being a two-part series, saying 4 would be a entirely differentmovie, so this can only mean a so many things. There's the highly unlikely chance Thanos becomes a Loki-type, keep around because we need him kinda thing, the chance Thanos "wins" the first film, Thanos comes back for the rematch of the century, or "big surprise", Avengers 3 & 4 are a two-part series. I would accept any of these, as long as they're done right. Well except the first one, that would mean Thanos in a cell & I just can't really wrap my head around the notion. This is just a strange thing to announce if they're really trying to get away from this being two parts. That being said, I'm predicting a cliffhanger ending for Infinity War. With Skrulls on the table thanks to the details released at D23 from Captain Marvel, there's really no telling what to expect for Avengers 4. What do y'all think? Cliffhanger? Let's talk about it in the comments, like, & share.

Might Have Accidentally Learned A Lot About Avengers 4

First, for those who don't know about the big bad of the MCU thus far, Thanos in the comic books is fueled by his desire for Death. Not like an adrenaline junkie or someone wanting to off themselves either.  I mean a literal desire for the physical embodiment if Death, Grim Reaper style. He only wants the Infinity Stones to impress her. Ok that goes hand in hand with the conclusions to the items that follow. First, Collider's Steve Weintraub at the press day for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, asked Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige if we could expect to see Death in Infinity War or the untitled Avengers 4. Feige's response was, "[His motives] will be similar to what they were in the Infinity Guantlet in various ways. I guess that's all I can say about that." Before the next part, know that Feige had also said that the name of the untitled Avengers 4 if revealed would be a spoiler of sorts to Cinema Blend. So next, we've got Screen Junkies, among others, with the news that in an interview with the BBC for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Zoe Saldana mentioned being done with shots for Infinity War. Then went on to saying they'd have to come back for what she name-dropped as Guantlet. So even though they're not going to be shot at the same time now, it looks as if the next two Avengers films will still be closely related. As were their comic book predecessors, though in opposite order. If tweaked a little, as they do, this could really shake up the Marvel Universe as they keep eluding to. With the Infinity Guantlet basically making it's weilder a god literally anything is possible. However,  for all I know that could be the code name used on set just to throw everyone off, & this was all for naught.  What do you think? Think we're still gettin a double dose of Infinity? Let us know in the comments.

Kevin Feige Talks Infinty War, Avengers 4, & Beyond

At one point Infinity War was to be two parts with both films being shot at the same time. Then, it was let out that Avengers 3 would be subtitled Infinity War while 4 was untitled. They would still be shot at the same time. Now, in talks with Collider, Kevin Feige has announced that Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers 4 will now be separate shot movies. After part 4 was no longer Infinity War pt. 2 I kinda figured this would be announced a long time ago. It's a very hard undertaking for everyone involved, & usually has mixed results in the long run. So why do it if the movies don't slide right immediately into each other? That wasn't the biggest part of the interview though. When Collider's Steve Weintraub asked about the future of the MCU in Phase 4 Feige's response included, "Certainly as we get to Infinity War there is a sense of a climax if not a conclusion to, by the time we're at the untitled Avengers 4, the 22 movies that will have encompassed the first three phases of the MCU. And what happens after that will be very different. I don't know if it's Phase 4, it might be a new thing." He goes on later to add, "We have an idea, & it's going to be very, very different." It's that last sentence that really sticks to me. Very, very different. I've only got two guesses. One, this seems to e going into a "cosmic" direction making me think there's going to be a much bigger Sci-Fi aspect to the future. With the additions of Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, & the notion of Guardians Vol 3 kicking this new phase off I might not be that far off. My other guess is the "Avengers Initiative". There was a time when the Avengers thought they wouldn't be enough. The "Avenger Initiative" basically made almost everyone in the Marvel Universe an Avenger on call. Who knows though I could be wrong on both fronts. What do y'all think? Any guesses into the future? I'd love to hear them & talk about them with ya. So leave 'em in the comments & let's get the discussion going.

Chris Evan Hangin up the Shield?

Heard on Collider News today that in an interview with Esquire Chris Evans seemed to tell them that after the second "Avengers: Infinity War", his contract will be fulfilled, & he will be hanging up the shield. That's Avengers part 4 for those keeping count the old fashioned way. Not everyone can be Wolverine. That's not me being ungrateful either. Thank you Chris Evans for your amazing portrayal as the First Avenger. I also want to point out these exact words did nit come out of his mouth so it could be taken with a grain of salt as it could be Esquire over-reading. I'm just hoping this isn't a backwards way to get more pay. I'm figuring it's not as this isn't the first time I've heard him toying with the idea. Then again he's also said he'd play Cap forever. If anything is true of this though, I'm guessing this is his way to soften the blow of a death scene in the future. As we tend to be pretty protective of the loss of our on screen heroes.