The Food Of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Three things I immediately noticed when D23 released all their pics & descriptions of the food. One, I immediately got a Satuli's Canteen from Pandora vibe. Second, it seems there won't be a traditional sit down restaurant, which is A-Ok with me. And third, even a galaxy far, far away has tacos! Here's the full rundown. Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo, owned by Chef Strono "Cookie" Tuggs, will feature Braised Shaak Roast, featuring beef pot roast with cavatelli pasta, kale, and mushrooms; the Fried Endorian Tip-Yip, a decadent chicken dish with roasted vegetable mash and herb gravy; the Felucian Garden Spread, a plant-based kefta “meatball” dish with herb hummus and tomato-cucumber relish with pita bread; the Ithorian Garden Loaf, a plant-based “meatloaf” dish served with roasted vegetable mash, seasonal vegetables, and mushroom sauce; the Smoked Kaadu Ribs, featuring smoked country sticky pork ribs with blueberry corn muffin and cabbage slaw; the Oven-roasted Burra Fish, featuring Dijon-crusted sustainable fish with mixed greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds with a creamy green curry ranch dressing; the Oven-roasted Tip Yip, featuring roasted chicken with mixed greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds with a creamy green curry ranch dressing; and the Yobshrimp Noodle Salad, a marinated noodle salad with chilled shrimp. Dessert options include a raspberry crème puff with passion fruit mousse, and chocolate cake with white chocolate mouse and coffee custard. With two children’s menu options: fried chicken with macaroni and cheese; and chilled shrimp with vegetables and rice noodle salad (with sweet orange dressing). Ronto Roaster will have a pod racer engine powered BBQ pit featuring Meiloorun Juice, the Turkey Jerky, and the Ronto Wrap filled with spiced grilled sausage and roasted pork. On a lighter snack note hit Kat Saka’s Kettle for the colorful Outpost Mix, a popcorn snack combining savory, spicy, and sweet flavors. It seems like the hardest part of all this will be figuring out what you want. That’ll be my main issue. Make sure to check out the drinks too in the article before this.


"Pandora: World of Avatar" Food Is Truly Out Of This World

We spent two meals in the Valley of Mo'ara, dining at Satu'li Canteen. In those two meals we managed to put a pretty big dent in the menu. Said menu consisted of two categories. There were Steamed "Pods" (Bao Buns) or Create-Your-Own Satu'li Bowls. We'll start off with the most intriguingly "alien" of the two, the Steamed "Pods".

This was Satu'li Canteen's version of a cheeseburger. There was a vegetable curry version too, but I'm way to carnivorous for that. I was a little worried as I usually order a plain cheeseburger & there's no option with these. It wound up being pretty good though. In the "pod" (bao bun) there was a "sloppy joe" like concoction consisting of what would usually come on a cheeseburger. So you had the cheese, meat, mustard, ketchup, & pickle all ground together. Not only did I surprisingly like this, I loved the root vegetable chips on the side. They were seasoned great. There was also a vegetable slaw with yogurt balls. Not much on slaw in the first place, but the little yogurt balls were good. That's about it for that one. Now we're onto the bowls.


The bowls consisted of 3 steps. First, there was the protein. There's a choice between slow-roasted sliced grilled beef, chopped wood-grilled chicken, sustainable fish fillet, or chili-spiced crispy fried tofu. We went for the first 3. My favorite protein was the beef with the chicken a close runner up. The fish was decent, yet a little under-seasoned for my taste. Second, you select your bowls base: quinoa & vegetable salad, red & sweet potato hash, mixed whole grain & rice, or Romaine & Kale Salad. I'm not a salad person, so the first time around we tried the red & sweet potato hash. I don't dig sweet potatoes, but nonetheless this was tolerable. Especially the reds. Next time we just doubled down on mixed whole grain & rice& yogurt balls mentioned before. Finally, the third step to the bowl was the sauce. These were very much like salad dressing which yours truly does not care for. That being said the wife seemed to like them all. There was a charred onion chimichurri, a black bean vinaigrette, & a creamy herb dressing. Now came my favorite part of any meal, dessert.


The dessert, or "Ber'ri" as it's labeled on the menu consists of two options, both amazingly delicious. The top one is a blueberry cream cheese mousse with passion fruit curd. I don't like fruit & I loved this thing. In contrast however, my wife that does like fruit, didn't like this at all. Said it tasted too much like candy. This was the strangest, yet most delightful thing I tried all day. It definitely has the feel of an alien type fruit. The bottom one is a chocolate cake with a crunchy cookie layer, banana cream, & goji berries. This was really good, but the "chocaholic" that I am can't believe I'm about to say I prefer the first. I would not have even placed the banana cream though until I read it just now off the menu. It tasted like cookie shell & creamy chocolate.

Last but not least, the drinks. I'm not a beer drinker, but part of me wanted to at least sample the "local" brews, Hawkes' Grog Ale & Mo'ara High Ale. However, we went, & came back again, for a Dreamwalker Sangria. That would be that blue concoction you see above. It's a refreshing white sangria with a hint of blue curacao. They used the right word when they say refreshing, this is probably the most refreshing alcoholic beverage I've ever tasted. This drink is why we didn't get to visit Pongu Pongu, the local waterin hole to get a Mo'ara Margarita, it was just too good. Then what Disney Theme Park restaurant would be complete without a signature refillable cup? That would be the wood cup with flute you see above, I even heard some people getting their flute to actually work. Nothing beats a drink & a toy combo.

All in all I really enjoyed this place for what it was. It was far lighter food than I'm used to eating at Disneyworld all together. It seemed like a great spot for lunch to keep you going through the park without weighing you down. The atmosphere is awesome which I will include in the landscape entry coming soon, along with entries for the merchandise, & rides. So follow us on social media, like, & share. There's more to come from our trip to Pandora: World of Avatar. For all of it click here.

We Review "The Polite Pig" A "Disney Springs" Restaurant

Let me start by saying this is a first for me. I've reviewed many things, but never food. I like food though, so this should go pretty well. I had been hearing about this place as it's fairly new, but I was mainly attracted to the line out the door. That's usually a good sign, & it definitely was this time around. The smoked BBQ here is amazing. I got the pork plate & the wife ordered the beef brisket sandwich. The pork was filled with flavor as well as the brisket, as I had to also try the wife's sandwich. I've actually never got smoked meat that came out this juicy. It was also "rubbed", but not enough to overpower the taste of the meat.  The sides weren't as amazing as the BBQ. The Mac & Cheese was baked with bread crumbs on top, & while it was not horrible it definitely wasn't the best mac I'd ever had. (That came off the Fantasy Fare Food Truck two days later.)

We all know a BBQ place is only as good as it's various BBQ sauces though, right? And for me this place delivers on theirs. A "BBQ Bar" of sorts, you have four sauces to choose from. Lil John's Signature Black Pepper, Layla's Sweet Sauce, Thomas's Southern Gold, & BBQ Ranch. My wife & I both agreed that they were 3 out of 4 with the one with the most in-unique name, BBQ Ranch being the one coming up short. We did not get chicken wings though, & they suggest it with that. We surprisingly both gave Thomas's Southern Gold the "medal" of best sauce in the long run though. Here's a pic of the sauce's with descriptions:

The layout of the place was really cool too. Had Blues/Rock atmosphere, in that order. The windows up top in the place looked like it might be "daytime" all the time with the night only touching the outside patio area among the bustle of "Disney Springs". For where it was, the food was some-what reasonably priced at about $14-15 a plate, give or take a buck. The most unique thing that caught my eye however were the drinks on tap. Not just beer either, these taps also included mixed drinks, & an assortment of wine. Normally not a drinker, I had to partake due to this intriguing novelty. I ordered a Rum & Coke, which prompted me to wonder where the rum had gone as I expected a more stout drink for 10 bucks, but it's light mix actually paired great with the BBQ as strange as it sounds. Anyway long story short, I would suggest this place to anyone who love some good BBQ. Definitely worth the price, & the wait.

What's To Eat In Pandora: World of Avatar?

Disney let out some details of the various refreshments & nourishments that will be available in Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom. They kept Pongu Pongu tight lipped in only letting us know that the name of the refreshment bar means Party Party in it's native Na'vi. They also let us know it will feature indigenous beers, an exclusive sweet snack, & even more curiously, a "bioluminescent" frozen cocktail.

Disney was more forthcoming about Pandora's fast-casual restaurant Satu'li Canteen even displaying some pictures which I've collaged together at the bottom. The Satu'li Canteen will feature wholesome grains, fresh vegetables, & hearty proteins with an on stage grill.

They give us a little backstory on the place letting us know it was the main mess hall of the Resources Development Administration base in the Valley of Mo'ara. It's now been beautifully redesigned into a dining room decked out with various Na'vi items filling every nook & cranny.

An interesting menu to say the least invites diners to start with quinoa & veggie salad, red & sweet potato hash, mixed whole grain & rice, or romaine & kale salad. Starring wood-grilled chicken, slow roasted beef, sustainable fish, or chili-spiced tofu. The bowl is then topped off with charred onion chimichurri, black bean vinaigrette, or creamy herb dressing. On a stranger, more unique note, they'll have steamed "pods" - Bao buns with cheeseburger or veggie curry served with root veggie chips & crunchy vegetable slaw. Don't despair kiddies, there's something for you too. Kids will have grilled chicken or beef, fish or tofu with greens or rice, a hot dog wrapped in dough, cheese quesadilla, or a steamed "pod" (cheeseburger).

Originally coming from, they also went on to mention that Satu'li Canteen will be the first in the park to offer mobile order with the "My Disney Experience" app. This lets guests preorder their food & bypass what will surely be some long queues. After ordering they will hit "I'm Here" on the app & then be alerted to pick up their food from a designated window. This feature is supposed to roll out among other eateries later this year.

So there you go. I'm excited. Like I said Snipes n Snarfblatts will be there opening day &  now I have even more to look forward too. Can't wait to share it with y'all, but until then what sounds the like the most yummy, can't wait for, item to you? I gotta have a "pod". Write yours in the comments & don't forget to like & share.