New Info On Disney Spring's "NBA Experience"

Disney Parks blog has just unleashed a whole slew of updates & some concept art for Disney Spring's upcoming NBA Experience that has been being built where DisneyQuest used to stand. This thing sound awesome. When I was a kid I was all about some NBA basketball, & I would have totally went nuts for this. In addition to a NBA themed retail store, this place is going to totally put you right in the middle of the NBA. Or as close as you can be without actually being drafted. Check it out:

  • Experience one of the biggest milestones for a basketball player at the NBA Draft with a photo moment that re-creates the atmosphere of the draft stage.

  • Track and improve their jump shots and passing skills in a replicated NBA Combine challenge, complete with a scouting report that highlights their stats at the end of the session.

  • Step onto the court and hear the roar of the crowd as they maneuver through a series of timed shots to aim for a high score.

  • Execute the perfect slam dunk just like NBA superstars, captured by cameras surrounding adjustable baskets.

  • Test their ball-handling skills with an interactive trainer who will challenge them with a variety of dribbling routines.

  • Use an oversized slingshot to launch basketballs at hoops of varying heights, making as many shots as possible before the clock runs out in this thrilling timed challenge.

  • Immerse themselves in the rich legacy and history of NBA and WNBA championship-winning teams.

  • Access a team locker room that showcases up-to-date statistics and visuals of top NBA and WNBA players.

  • Test their knowledge of the NBA and WNBA – past and present – during a trivia game with up to 25 participants competing against one another to be champion.

  • Enjoy two 180-degree cinematic presentations that showcase the in-arena experience moments before the start of the game, as well as special stories from the players’ perspectives.

  • Take a seat at an interactive multi-screen module to watch replay clips from NBA games, using the tools at their stations to make the right calls.

  • Play interactive basketball games, from the fan-favorite Pop-A-Shot to modern video games.

I'm going to be so all over this. I actually can't even figure out what I want to do more. The slingshots, dunk cam, Combine challenge, or just let lose on some interactive basketball games. I had my doubts on this one, but it's shaping up to he pretty cool. Your thoughts? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 


The Void's "Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire" Is My Next Must-Do At Disney Springs

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is still over a year away, but the Void might have the answer to our impatience. Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire Is now open & what I've seen looks absolutely amazing. This is everything I dreamed of back when Lawnmower Man came out, & VR was the coming future. I really want to see where this is played though. For me that will be the big defining moment for this. The actual VR looks on point, if it's accompanied by a terrain matching the game, then this thing really is one of the most immersive experiences I've ever seen. I hope I get to check this out next month. Has anyone else got a chance to try this out yet? What did you think? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Disney Springs To Get New Cirque Du Soleil Show

This news makes more since than anything I've heard in a while. I'm actually not sure why this wasn't like this from the jump? Disney Parks Blog has just announced that after the Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba's run ends December 31st. It will eventually be replaced by a Disney Animation themed Cirque. Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, elaborated, sharing “We are incredibly inspired by Disney’s immense creative universe. We are convinced that bringing Disney’s magic to life on stage will touch audiences and bring them back to their childhood.” This is not only awesome, like I said, it's a total no-brainer. I'm excited to go see this Cirque du Soleil, & that's an excitement I've never really felt while at Disneyworld. I would totally be down for an all animation Cirque! What would be picked? Argh! Curiouser & curiouser. Excited to hear more about this, what do y'all think though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


"Coco" Family Celebration Starts Soon At Disney Springs

I live in Florida. The bad part is I live as far away from Disneyworld as one possibly can & still live in Florida. I'm in the process of getting closer, & stuff like this is the reason why. Pixar's causing quite a frenzy of anticipation for the upcoming Coco. With a display in EPCOT's Mexico pavilion, & Plaza De La Familia at Disney's California Adventure the party's already going coast to coast. Now according to Chip & Co., Disney Springs is getting in on the action too. From October 27th to November 26 Disney Springs will be hosting the family-friendly Coco Family Celebration. From 6pm-10pm guests can enjoy Coco themed décor, music, & food, with face painting & activities for kids Fridays-Sundays. For a limited time get some vanilla flan at Spring's Street Tacos Food Truck, also joining the fray. I wouldn't just make a day of this, I'd probably make a week out of it. Tacos & mariachi music? Count me in. How bout y'all? Who's goin to attend this Coco Family Celebration, & who would if they could?


Disney Unveils Concept Art For NBA Experience At Disney Springs

Here's the concept art for something I'm not even sure I want yet that NBA President, Global Partnerships Sal LaRocca, recently described as a, “one-of-a-kind experience is sure to be enjoyed by basketball and Disney fans of all ages who visit Disney Springs from around the world.” NBA Experience, which will be replacing the recently deceased Disney Quest, will contain a restaurant, interactive games, immersive fan experiences, and a retail store. The building's in the concept art are absolutely amazing, based off NBA arenas. I just always had a hope that there would be some upgrades to Disney Quest, or at least have a similar theme. I'm willing to give it a shot though. I used to be a real big NBA fan. If the games & experiences are actually on point & innovative I could totally be on board with this none the less. Anyway, what do y'all think? Not just about the concept art, the building's going to be beautiful, but the actual concept as a whole? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire Looks Like It's Going Beyond Virtual Reality

“A truly transformative experience is so much more than what you see with your eyes; it’s what you hear, feel, touch, and even smell. Through the power of The VOID, guests who step into Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire won’t just see this world, they’ll know that they are part of this amazing story.” Those were the words of Curtis Hickman, co-founder and chief creative officer at The VOID. I couldn't think of anything that sounded cooler than that. This is being described as a first of it's kind Star Wars & is produced by Lucasfilm & ILMxLAB in collaboration with The VOID. It's gonna open to the public this holiday season in two VOID Experience Centers. One at Downtown Disney, Disneyland & the other in Disney Springs, Disneyworld. The description of this thing at face value is very exciting. Moving freely through an untethered, social, multi-sensory Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience that will allow you to interact & engage with friends, family, & Star Wars characters. I'm hoping I'm not hyping this thing up in my head, but after using words like "transport" & phrases such as "invoking all the senses" further along in the announcement sets the bar pretty high. My curiosity is definitely peaked though. I gonna keep my eye on this, it might wind up being my Christmas wish this year. What do y'all think? Any wishes or guesses on how immersive this things gonna be? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

We Review "The Polite Pig" A "Disney Springs" Restaurant

Let me start by saying this is a first for me. I've reviewed many things, but never food. I like food though, so this should go pretty well. I had been hearing about this place as it's fairly new, but I was mainly attracted to the line out the door. That's usually a good sign, & it definitely was this time around. The smoked BBQ here is amazing. I got the pork plate & the wife ordered the beef brisket sandwich. The pork was filled with flavor as well as the brisket, as I had to also try the wife's sandwich. I've actually never got smoked meat that came out this juicy. It was also "rubbed", but not enough to overpower the taste of the meat.  The sides weren't as amazing as the BBQ. The Mac & Cheese was baked with bread crumbs on top, & while it was not horrible it definitely wasn't the best mac I'd ever had. (That came off the Fantasy Fare Food Truck two days later.)

We all know a BBQ place is only as good as it's various BBQ sauces though, right? And for me this place delivers on theirs. A "BBQ Bar" of sorts, you have four sauces to choose from. Lil John's Signature Black Pepper, Layla's Sweet Sauce, Thomas's Southern Gold, & BBQ Ranch. My wife & I both agreed that they were 3 out of 4 with the one with the most in-unique name, BBQ Ranch being the one coming up short. We did not get chicken wings though, & they suggest it with that. We surprisingly both gave Thomas's Southern Gold the "medal" of best sauce in the long run though. Here's a pic of the sauce's with descriptions:

The layout of the place was really cool too. Had Blues/Rock atmosphere, in that order. The windows up top in the place looked like it might be "daytime" all the time with the night only touching the outside patio area among the bustle of "Disney Springs". For where it was, the food was some-what reasonably priced at about $14-15 a plate, give or take a buck. The most unique thing that caught my eye however were the drinks on tap. Not just beer either, these taps also included mixed drinks, & an assortment of wine. Normally not a drinker, I had to partake due to this intriguing novelty. I ordered a Rum & Coke, which prompted me to wonder where the rum had gone as I expected a more stout drink for 10 bucks, but it's light mix actually paired great with the BBQ as strange as it sounds. Anyway long story short, I would suggest this place to anyone who love some good BBQ. Definitely worth the price, & the wait.