More “Little Mermaid” Casting Fun.. Harry Styles Looked At For Eric

The internet, Twitter in particular, has been on fire as of late between storming Area 51 & #NotMyLittleMermaid. We have more fuel to the fire, so to speak, on the latter of those two now with Harry Styles in early talks to play Prince Eric. This comes from Collider, & displays a pattern in the seeking of the two main stars. They're definitely putting a focus on singing talent. Those that haven’t heard of Harry Styles, the One Direction singer made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. Of which I haven't seen yet. Leaving with no real ground to make a decision whether I think this is a good fit or not. He looks the Disney Prince part, & can sing. So until otherwise, I've gotta trust ‘em. Feelin’ that way with all these casting developments so far. I don’t really see any major problems. Except for the very publicity stunt feeling Ariel casting. Which is my only concern there. I think Halle Bailey will be great. I hope they keep the look. I saw a drawing of Halle with the straight red hair, purple shell top, & green tail, & it looked absolutely amazing. So, my only concern with her choice is the publicity backlash, & whether it will help or hurt in the long run. I’m even cool with internet sponsor of Terry Crews for Titon. Especially if they keep the blonde hair & beard. That would look epic. While that’s just a fan sponsor the other actual choices really work for me. With McCarthy in talks for Ursula, & Jacob Tremblay & Akwafina nearing deals for Flounder & Scuttle? Not only are the reactions to these decisions hilarious, there actually carving out a music heavy cast that might actually really surprise us. What do y’all think about this potential addition? Styles for Eric? Or no? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Tessa Thompson Going From Valkyrie To Lady

A Collider exclusive has Tessa Thompson in negotiations to play the title role in the live-action Lady & the Tramp . She'll be playing opposite Justin Theroux in a cast that's finally starting to fill out. They'll be joined by Benedict Wong of Doctor Strange playing Bull, an English bulldog, as well as Kiersey Clemmons as Darling, & Ashley Jensen voicing Jackie, a Scottish Terrier modeled after the animated original's Jock. Tessa Thompson is becoming an up an comer to really keep your eye on. She was great in Creed, & though I sold her short going in, I loved her in Thor: Ragnarok . I keep saying if they take this as serious as it looks like they're going to, it could really put Disney's streaming service on the map early on for 2019. Charlie Bean is directing a script by Andrew Bujalski, produced by Brigham Taylor. I saw this yesterday, but also saw Disney had no comment on either Thompson or Wong's casting. Saw it in a lot more places since, & Collider's pretty on point usually. So, while not set in stone, I'm gonna think this happening is a safe bet. Thompson seems like a great pick for anything though, & Wong is one of my favorite parts of Doctor Strange. I'm all for it. Anyway, what do y'all think of this casting? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


Aladdin Casting Call is Out

Is Disney bringing back the casting call? After what could only be considered a smashing success with the open casting of Moana, they're at it again. Collider Movie Talk reports THR confirms the studio has sent out a casting call for Middle Eastern actors ages 18-25 for Jasmine & Aladdin.

This is hopefully a sign of things to come. Sometimes it's easy to think Hollywood is a closed off place when you see that most actors seem to come from parents who are also themselves actors. These open casting calls put that thought to rest by giving everyone a chance. It also not only finds the best performers for the role, it puts more emphasis on the quality. Not knowing if that big name will be there to lean on.