Special Look At New Song From "Aladdin", "Speechless"

This live action adaptation of Disney's Aladdin seems to really be putting a bigger emphasis on Princess Jasmine than its predecessor. Which makes a lot of since considering out of the two leads Naomi Scott has more acting under her belt. Add that with Jasmine being the obvious role to extend if you wanted to flesh out this story, & giving her her own song seems like a given. The song sounds great by the way from the small snippet we get. So now the only question to answer is the hardest. Will it naturally fit in the story? For me that's always the hardest part of music in a film. Having a scene that would never happen in real life fit in seamlessly. Obviously we don't just burst I to song to get our points across. Can't wait to find out how this fits, & I've only got days now to wait. So until then, based on this snippet, what do y'all think of this new addition? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Aladdin Casting Call is Out

Is Disney bringing back the casting call? After what could only be considered a smashing success with the open casting of Moana, they're at it again. Collider Movie Talk reports THR confirms the studio has sent out a casting call for Middle Eastern actors ages 18-25 for Jasmine & Aladdin.

This is hopefully a sign of things to come. Sometimes it's easy to think Hollywood is a closed off place when you see that most actors seem to come from parents who are also themselves actors. These open casting calls put that thought to rest by giving everyone a chance. It also not only finds the best performers for the role, it puts more emphasis on the quality. Not knowing if that big name will be there to lean on.