More “Little Mermaid” Casting Fun.. Harry Styles Looked At For Eric

The internet, Twitter in particular, has been on fire as of late between storming Area 51 & #NotMyLittleMermaid. We have more fuel to the fire, so to speak, on the latter of those two now with Harry Styles in early talks to play Prince Eric. This comes from Collider, & displays a pattern in the seeking of the two main stars. They're definitely putting a focus on singing talent. Those that haven’t heard of Harry Styles, the One Direction singer made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. Of which I haven't seen yet. Leaving with no real ground to make a decision whether I think this is a good fit or not. He looks the Disney Prince part, & can sing. So until otherwise, I've gotta trust ‘em. Feelin’ that way with all these casting developments so far. I don’t really see any major problems. Except for the very publicity stunt feeling Ariel casting. Which is my only concern there. I think Halle Bailey will be great. I hope they keep the look. I saw a drawing of Halle with the straight red hair, purple shell top, & green tail, & it looked absolutely amazing. So, my only concern with her choice is the publicity backlash, & whether it will help or hurt in the long run. I’m even cool with internet sponsor of Terry Crews for Titon. Especially if they keep the blonde hair & beard. That would look epic. While that’s just a fan sponsor the other actual choices really work for me. With McCarthy in talks for Ursula, & Jacob Tremblay & Akwafina nearing deals for Flounder & Scuttle? Not only are the reactions to these decisions hilarious, there actually carving out a music heavy cast that might actually really surprise us. What do y’all think about this potential addition? Styles for Eric? Or no? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


First Teaser For Live Action “Mulan”

The first Official Trailer for Disney's upcoming live-action Mulan is here, & it's awesome. I am not a fan of the original animated film. I felt it was a story of a girl turned warrior with no real evidence of which contained in the film. I’m not talkin' Kill Bill, but at least a little Ninja Turtle martial arts action could've worked. That why when I heard they were going the martial arts epic route with the remake I was totally intrigued. This trailer was everything I wanted from this adaptation. I absolutely loved it. They're really talong this seriously, & first & foremost it's a martial arts epic. I can’t wait for this film. It's got giant names in martial arts for years with Jet Li & Donnie Yen, two of my favorites, & according to the synopsis even, is staying closer to the original content: “When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”” I’m super pumped for this. Crazy considering it's essentially a remake of a film I don’t really care for. How bout y’all? In or no? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Casting For Live Action “Little Mermaid”

Ariel has been announced for Disney's live-action Little Mermaid remake. Halle Bailey, a singer/actress I'm not so sure I'm too familiar with. She had a song in A Wrinkle in Time. That would probably be familiar. Other than that? Nothing. Zero way to form an opinion going in as of right now on my end. Sometimes that works out for the best though. I can at least say that. I got all this from THR. Which had also mentioned Jacob Tremblay, Awkwafina, & Melissa McCarthy being in early talks to join the Rob Marshall (“Mary Poppins Returns”) directed adaptation. McCarthy being up for Ursula if all goes through. Who I think i’d actually like in that role. I say actually because I haven't really liked any of the films she’s led. For some reason, I think a villain turn would really work for her though. Definitely some left field casting choices. That totally paid off for Aladdin though. If they can keep this fresh face thing up that’d be awesome to me. Makes it even easier to separate the actress or actor form the whole thing. What's y’alls thoughts though? Put ‘em in the comments, like, & share.


New Featurette For Upcoming “Lion King”

Yesterday, we got this featurette for the upcoming livish-action Lion King, & I feel like I'm the only person who's not thoroughly pumped for this. It visually looks great. Now that we've seen the talking more I can say it's better, we're still not t o the point where it won't take some getting used to. In the snippet of the duet Beyonce totally overpowers Glover singing wise, which never works. Other than that though, I should be all about this movie. I’ve been more excited for way less. Not that I don’t want to see it or anything, I just feel like I’m not as pumped for this as a lot of others. If they do pull this off though, it opens the door for “live-action” animation on a whole new level. There's also, in Favreau we trust. I'm still going in thinking this thing is gonna blow me away. The CG, visual perfection on display can't do that alone. Leaves me wondering what will be new? All these remakes usually have something new to them. I’m thinking that’s where my excitement level's. I can’t seem to think of any big changes we can get to build on this story from the original. July 19th is right around the corner. So, we'll see soon. Until then, I'm still waiting for the thing that gets me to that higher level of excitement going in. What about y'all? Is there anybody that’s also excited, but feels like their level of which should be higher? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Special Look At New Song From "Aladdin", "Speechless"

This live action adaptation of Disney's Aladdin seems to really be putting a bigger emphasis on Princess Jasmine than its predecessor. Which makes a lot of since considering out of the two leads Naomi Scott has more acting under her belt. Add that with Jasmine being the obvious role to extend if you wanted to flesh out this story, & giving her her own song seems like a given. The song sounds great by the way from the small snippet we get. So now the only question to answer is the hardest. Will it naturally fit in the story? For me that's always the hardest part of music in a film. Having a scene that would never happen in real life fit in seamlessly. Obviously we don't just burst I to song to get our points across. Can't wait to find out how this fits, & I've only got days now to wait. So until then, based on this snippet, what do y'all think of this new addition? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Special Look At The Sets Of "Aladdin"

It's things like this that makes me want to be a part of movie production. Not to just go to all the exotic places, but to see the real life sets. Seeing the actual streets of Agrabah were built just blows my mind. A set so big they mention in this video you could almost get lost in it? I can't even imagine how awe inspiring this would be to walk around in. Since Star Wars & Indiana Jones, I've always been amazed by giant set pieces. I love we still do this in a world where we could just create them on computer. It not only adds realism to use this method along with CGI, as opposed to just one or the other. It also helps the actors in their performances to have real grounds to stand on. This gives me yet another live action Disney film that I can't wait to see some behind the scenes on. What do y'all think of these beautiful set pieces displayed in this video? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Not The Grandest Entrance With "Prince Ali" Clip

IGN released this clip of Aladdin's big entrance into Agrabah as Prince Ali, & it comes off more Prince Abooboo to quote Jafar. The best word to use really is boring. They're using all the same lyrics as the original, it just completely lacks the visuals & the energy. Strange way to go for the big introduction scene in my opinion. It's not horrible, but it's far from great. The only thing making my feel a little at ease is knowing the Genie only has two songs. 

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Couple Of Clips Released For Disney's "Aladdin"

My anticipation for the new live action Aladdin just keeps growing. Two clips have been released over the past couple of days extending some scenes we've seen in the trailers. In the first, I'm really coming around to this depiction of the Genie from Will Smith. I loved this full interaction between him an Aladdin as he's asking to be made a prince. Letting him k ow the importance of the details in his request. Smith just comes off so natural in making this iconic role his own. The second clip is the beginning of the "A Whole New World" scene. I'm loving the reaction to the drop, & the magic carpet from Jasmine. Also, our first real good look at Rajah. Loved everything about these clips. Can't wait for May 23rd! How bout y'all? Have they done enough to turn you around from that first look? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

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Couple More TV Spots For "Aladdin" Deliver Some New

So, up until this point the Aladdin looks have been a new look to familiar material, much like Lion King has. These new spots deliver us some of the new material to flesh out the story form its animated counterpart. Along with some great lines of dialogue. Such as, "If you don't have anything, you have to act like you own everything." Love this line. It comes in a new spon on the tale where AL apparently breaks into the castle to see Jasmine. To me, a great addition that dosen't change the essence of the original at all. It just builds that much more on it. I'm also starting to feel a little the subtle "I'll say anything yo get what I want" evilness from Jafar. Not on the apparently evil on first glance from the original, but I am starting to see where we could get there. Not to mention some of the visuals in these are amazing. Like the giant parrot, & our first look at evil genie Jafar. Loving the top knot callout as well. Will Smith might just really pull this one off gloriously. Going into my favorite line of the second spot, "The whole song was the instructions!" line after Aladdin asked how it all works. May 24th is definitely a top spot on my calendar now. That said, we're all over the place in what they've shown now. I could almost put together a smal coherent film. Granted we already know the story, as it's a remake. I just don't want them to give away too much when it comes to new content. There still has to be some surprises left. Honestly, if you're not in by now, they've shown you enough, you're not gonna be. So, are you in or not? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

The New TV Spot For "Aladdin" Is Beautiful

There's no other way to put that. This new TV slot for Disney's upcoming live action Aladdin is absolutely beautiful. This might have been the spot that has totally won me over. I loved every second of this minute long spot. Every scene of the carpet ride is gorgeous, & from what we've seen, I'm really digging the chemistry between not only between Aladdin & Jasmine, but Al & the Genie as well. Any worries I had have been replaced with anticipation. I'm actually trusting that they can pull this off. We won't know until May 25th, but this is definitely a whole new world I want to visit. How bout y'all? Are y'all on board yet, or still on the fence? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 

Finally, An Animal Speaks In New "Lion King" Trailer

The new trailer for Lion King  has arrived, & with it we finally get our first speaking animal in the form of Scar. Even then though we still don't get much. A couple lines actually come out of his mouth with any other speaking parts off screen. Still a little concerning, but otherwise this movie looks absolutely amazing. Showcasing many iconic scenes, every moment was stunningly real. We even get a little Hakuna Matata , with a very quick glimpse of our second talking animals. If you blink, you'll miss their mouths moving though. Despite my concerns of them seemingly hiding the whole talking aspect, this trailer is probably the best, most fleshed out look yet. I'm a little more excited, after seeing this. I have a feeling we're still going to see more before this thing releases on July 19th. Namely get some more talky type interactions. This was a step in the right direction to get me on board though. What about y'all? Am I the only person worried they're shying away form one of the biggest aspects of this film? Let me know in the comments, like, & share.

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Not Much New To "Aladdin" TV Spot, But..

So, there really isn't much new to this TV spot released yesterday for Disney's upcoming live action Aladdin. Some very quick glimpses of Rajah, "Prince Ali", & the carpet ride were the only things that really stood out. However, for some reason, I still felt myself getting a little more excited for this film. While I had problems with the first Genie reveal trailer, everything since just keeps building up my anticipation for this film. This look is no exception to that build up. Hopefully they're not just skillfully cutting trailers, but my outlook for this film is shifting from worrisome to can't wait. Now if they can just get me on board with this way less sinister Jafar.. Like to know y'all's thoughts too though. Did this trailer, though not much new, do the same for you? For that matter, what your anticipation level for this one? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Aladdin Official Trailer Almost Restores My Faith

So, after the initial Genie reveal for Aladdin, I thought it was going to take a whole lot to restore my trust the film being good. Looks like all it took was a full trailer. I'm not saying this made me go full 180. Not by any means. I still think their Jafar is far from the evilness of his animated counterpart. This guy still totally reminds me of the cologne guy at a department store. On top of that I'm not 100% on the look of Genie, even though this extended look helped a whole lot. This proved at least what I thought in Smith being a good pick for at least conveyingthe role, & seeing a little magic behind him helped the overall look. Which was my only problem after that first reveal. Those being the only shakey parts still though. As the rest of this film looks amazing. The parkour style chase in the beginning looked thrilling, the carpet scenes were totally magical, & I'm way into the casting of Jasmine & Aladdin. So, while this didn't completely sell me on the look of Genie still, & more so the presence of Jafar, it did give me the impression that this is still going to be a very entertaining film. For right now I trust in Aladdin once again. What about y'all? The internet skewered this last time. Does this alleviate any of your worries as it did some of mine? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Set Pieces For Dumbo Are Amazing!!

This behind the scenes look at Dreamland for the upcoming live action Dumbo  is amazing! I'm as blown away by the set as Michael Keaton when he says he first saw it. I never expected this much of this film would be real. Especially with are reliance on CGI nowadays. And I'm not knocking CGI at all. I just feel like it's best used only in instances where it has to be. It looks as if Tim Burton thinks the same way. The number of talented extras brought, plus the scope of this amazing set proves that. I can't wait to see this film. Tickets go on sale today. So the countdown begins. Until then, what do y'all think of this amazing set though? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New Dumbo Sneak Peek Delivers On The Unexpected

I was not expecting that last scene of this new sneak peek for Dumbo at all! Every time they give us a new look it completely peaks my interest even more than the last. And this was no exception at all. Finally, we're getting to see why Eva Green deserves that character poster as they show her soaring atop the flying elephant. I almost wish they'd have saved that for a theater reveal. Nonetheless it was just as surprising to see it now. I also loved the flight prep scene, literally treating his ears as wings. That was great. Just a couple more reasons for me to be super excited for this film. I'm find myself hoping however, that this is the last time we see unseen footage for this one. I feel like we've reached that point where we've seen enough. Now just give us the film. What do y'all think? One, did you love the new bits in this peek? Particularly the two mentioned. Two, have we seen enough already until opening day? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

Dumbo Arcade Fire Reveal Contains Dangerous Levels Of Cuteness

Ok, so I know this was to reaveal Arcade Fire's version of "Baby Mine". Which is great, but I took out tow different things from this. The first was the absolute cute fest that was Dumbo playing with his mom. The second was a first real look at Michael Keaton's quick shift to villain. Both of these things has me screaming, "Just take my money already!" Really though, I've had Captain Marvel  tickets for what? Like a month or two now? This film is at the end of this month, & I need to see no more. Take my money please. I officially can't wait. Anyway, prepare yourself for absolute cuteness, & check this out while we impatiently wait for tickets to finally go on sale.

Dumbo Behind The Scenes Video

I loved this behind the scenes video. Mainly because it gave me a whole new outlook on this film. The first thing besides all the new glimpses was the blue between whYs actually real & what's CGI. I couldn't believe all the actual set pieces & extras I was seeing. Looking like they might've found a great blend of CGI & real elements to create that perfect realistic fantasy. The other thing that hit me is when they were talking about how Tim Burton really understands this element & these characters. The sort of abnormal characters that they are. It immediately made me think of another Burton circus in the form of Big Top PeeWee . Love or hate the film, he captured the reality of circus life so well. It made me for the first time think he might have been the perfect pick for this. We won't know for sure until March 29th, but with this I'm more excited for this one than I was before watching. What do y'all think? Is Dumbo on your must-see list? Do you have faith in Tim Burton with this one? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

New "Lion King" Trailer, Still No Talking Animals

I feel like we just keep seeing the same thing out of July 19th's upcoming Lion King remake. The closer the not-so-live-action live action remake of the beloved classic animated film comes, I'm really starting to wonder when we're gonna see some talking animals. We're once again covering the "coronation" scene. In fact I'm pretty sure this is now pretty close to the whole scene now. What I'd really like to see is even a sentence actually coming from an animals mouth. We've heard some lines out of Mufasa in one of the trailers, but not with the visual of him saying it. I don't know why this troubles me so much, but it does. Honestly, that said, this trailer was a real letdown. I get it, the first minutes of the original are there. And even though I don't wanna see too much more, I wanna see something new. Just a little of what to expect out of more than just the beginning.  In all honesty, I'm more excited about the absolutely beautiful poster that came out. At least it doesn't take place in the opening scene. Still close though, as if I had to guess this is the "all the land the light touches" scene. For that matter, I'd have took that in the trailer. I mean, what do y'all think though? Is this pretty much exactly what we've seen already minus some more species? Am I the only one that would like some talkin', singin', animals form this thing? Let me know in the comments, like, & share.


Mixed Feels When It Comes To First Real Look At "Aladdin"

I'm battling with myself on this one. I absolutely love the original animated Aladdin to the point one of my daughters are named Jasmine. It's probably my personal favorite of all the classics. That said, I knew I'd be particularly hard on the live action version coming this year. While the first pics were a pleasant surprise, I've been impatiently waiting for an actual trailer to give this some real contrast. In comes this special look from last night. Now there's a lot more pluses for me here than minuses. The backdrops are amazing. From the deserts, to Agrabah, all the way to the Cave of Wonders, I was awestruck. Aladdin himself totally looks the part. Jasmine is absolutely gorgeous. Even the quick look at the flying carpet was amazingly on point. The bad part is the minuses here are really big minuses. Jafar didn't come off half as menacing as his animated counterpart, & that's a really big thing. To me your hero's story is only as powerful as the portrayal of its villain, & even though it was just a small piece, I wasn't buying in at all. Even worse though was the long awaited reveal of the often imitated, never duplicated Genie of the lamp. I have my fingers & toes crossed that this feeling will go away, but big blue Will Smith just took me right out of this. I've never had a major actor's appearance pull me out of something like this did. The bad part, is I'm not sure if even a recast would fix this problem. The more I thought about it, I'd almost say we needed a full CGI character just voiced. Maybe it's the fact that personalizing him doesn't really work. I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it's just not working with me. Sad it falls short for me in two of its biggest, most pivotal roles. What do y'all think though? Put it in the comments, like, & share

New Sneak Peek For "Dumbo" Has Me Super Pumped

For me this sneak peek has been the best look we've got so far for Disney's upcoming live action Dumbo . It gives a real look at how they're blending things from the original animation with this new original take. I actually can't pinpoint one thing I didn't just thoroughly enjoy from this trailer. Keaton looks like he's going to be absolutely amazing as a wolf in sheeps clothing villain. While Devito also came off as just the epitome of his character as it's been explained, just trying to keep his failing circus afloat. You can see in these short takes that Colin Farrell & the kids are totally going to supply the heart to this film. And I really feel much like 80s Superman we will believe an elephant can fly. My excitement level has jumped 100 times with this peek, & I'm now counting down the days until we get to see this film. Check it out though, & by all means I'd love to hear your thoughts as well. Put 'em in the comments, like, & share.