Special Look At The Sets Of "Aladdin"

It's things like this that makes me want to be a part of movie production. Not to just go to all the exotic places, but to see the real life sets. Seeing the actual streets of Agrabah were built just blows my mind. A set so big they mention in this video you could almost get lost in it? I can't even imagine how awe inspiring this would be to walk around in. Since Star Wars & Indiana Jones, I've always been amazed by giant set pieces. I love we still do this in a world where we could just create them on computer. It not only adds realism to use this method along with CGI, as opposed to just one or the other. It also helps the actors in their performances to have real grounds to stand on. This gives me yet another live action Disney film that I can't wait to see some behind the scenes on. What do y'all think of these beautiful set pieces displayed in this video? Put it in the comments, like, & share.

The Rock Gives A Look At The Amazingly Huge Set For "Jungle Cruise"

This video us great for two reasons. One if gives all the credit to where it should be, Walt Disney. This is all because of one man's dream, & I absolutely love that The Rock makes sure to acknowledge this. The second reason is the scope of this awesome, ginormous set that has been made for the upcoming Jungle Cruise film. In today's age of technology you just don't see that many things like this anymore. I would absolutely love to be standing in that spot right now just to soak it all in. Beautiful on so many levels, it's hard to think people made this. This has actually got me very excited for more to come on this film. We still got awhile to wait, but this is really promising for me. You can tell no expense is being spared on this one. I wonder though? What do y'all think about this mindblowing set? Put it in the comments, like, & share.