First Look At The Villain Of "Toy Story 4" In Action In New Clip

Pixar gave us our first look at Toy Story 4's new villain Gabby Gabby. Seeming to fit in newer villains as of late, she comes in as someone that is seemingly good. When you have a set of creepy, voiceless ventriloquist dummies as henchmen we know that they can't be the case though. I have a feeling Christina Hendricks' Gabby Gabby might wind up being the most villainous toy we've ever got in a Toy Story film. This clip paints her out as helping Woody out, but something about it has me thinking her turn is going to be pretty extreme. I don't know if it's the perfectly deceiving good act, or the fact that I can't get over the creepy ventriloquist dummy. I just think this ones gonna be sinister on a level we've not seen from a toy yet. Anyway, what did y'all think of this clip? Put it in the comments, like, & share.


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SparkShorts' "Kitbull" Is Hard To Watch Greatness

The third in the lineup of  Pixar's SparkShorts has debuted, & it's unique in many ways. Titled Kitbull, it's animation is not the normal fare you'd expect from Pixar. Using gorgeous 2D animation, it gives off more of a Disney Animated Short vibe. If it wasn't for the intensely heavy story attached to it, I would think that's where it belonged. However, this very tastefully, & nonchalantly dealt with heavy subject matter that literally brought tears to my eyes. I'm a big animal person, & I've always said the bad rap pitbulls get are do to humans more than the dog itself. This shirt hits that nail right on the head. When they reveal where this is going I lost it. Angry & in tears at the same time I watched as this went on to prove everything I've always said. However, it was once again the subtlety that was used to convey this gruesomeness that impressed me the most. This could've been overwhelmingly in our face, but was, in glorious Pixar fashion, somehow toned down. Making it a somewhat innocent approach to an absolutely horrible subject matter. Loving & missing my own pitbull, this was a very hard watch. However, the cuteness factor, & pure love involved in this story revolving around the implied hate made this pure greatness. I loved this cartoon short. It made me go through every emotion possible in about 8 minutes, & that itself is a tall feat. Animal Welfare agencies should make this there new mascot of sorts. Curious, did this hot anyone else as hard as it hit me? And like me, did you still thoroughly enjoy it as much as myself?