Tickets On Sale For "Lion King", New TV Spot.

A new TV Spot for the more live-action yet still animated version of the Lion King came out yesterday to announce today's tickets going on sale. Not only do we get some more actual talking animal footage from Mustafa, we also get our first listen to Donald Glover & Beyonce's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?". It's a total plus on both fronts as well. I'm going to have to listen to the song a few more times to see how it weighs in against the original. First thoughts on the snippet here are good though. Even if it's highly noticeable Beyonce's got a better voice than Glover. Mufasa talking was pretty impressive as well. We've come a long way on the talking animal front it looks like. I also loved the lightning Mufasa in the sky shot. Got my tickets now though. That's as all in as I can get. Now I just have to wait until July 18th. What did y'all think of this TV spot though? In fact, how many are on the fence for this one? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 

First Look At Live Action "Aladdin" With New Teaser Trailer

Between trying to get ready in this new place, hurricanes, & just life stuff, I feel like I've been missing a lot. Even though I'm not fully back on track though, I said I wouldn't miss the big stuff, & this is pretty big. A couple of days ago Will Smith put out the poster for the upcoming Aladdin . I've been noticing a pattern. The poster release has usually been followed within a day or two by a trailer. So, last night I had about gave up, when I got a notification in bed that sure enough it was here. I wasn't expecting much, the movie doesn't come out until May 24th 2019, but I was looking forward to it after seeing the poster. It was basically an upgraded version of the original animated poster. Now the trailer. It's impossible to make any real decisions on these small teasers, but this one had three things that really stuck out. Aladdin was an instantly a classic for me when it released. This familiarity gives us a little more to work with in these quick looks. Out of my three standouts, we've got one bad & two good. So, I'll start with the bad. I wasn't really digging the reflection shot of Agrabah. I don't know why offhand, I just wasn't that impressed with the model. I thought the Cave of Wonders looked amazing though! Right after it bit down though, I remembered the original teaser. I immediately thought there is only one way this trailer can end to make me fully happy. Sure enough, we get that shot of Aladdin walking up on the lamp for the first time. Loved it! So one trivial, don't really care dislike. Followed by two amazing "love its" all in the course of a minute & twenty-eight seconds. A lot of which is the title. Which looks really good by the way. Once again, paying homage to the classic, but having a distinctive new, real feel as well. Very impressed, especially for just a teaser. I know it won't happen, but part of me wants them to hold off on Will Smith's Genie until I'm actually in the theater. Anyway great teaser in my book, what'd y'all think? Put it in the comments, like & share.