Preview Of New Firework Show "Epcot Forever"

This looks absolutely amazing! I Epcot's current show Illuminations , but if I'm being honest, I don't love it. Especially after all the advances in the firework presentations at the other parks.  The current one comes off as a little tame to me. Looks like they're going to fix that. Disney just released this preview of their new show, Epcot Forever, set to debut October 1st, 2019, & it looks absolutely amazing. A combination of all the aspects of the previous shows, with a host of new features. Including remote, glowing kites, & more. You get some real looks here, as well as some absolutely beautiful concept art. I can't wait for this. I've thought it was needed for awhile, & this looks like a lot of fun. What do y'all think? I know some love Illuminations , but will this help you "Let it go"? Put your thoughts in the comments, like, & share.

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More On Pixar Fest, Coming To Disneyland

Pixar Fest was one of the things announced at D23, & now Disney has released some more details about the celebration. Starting on April 13, 2018 Together Forever - A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular, a new "fireworks spectacular" will debut. Sounding a lot like Happily Ever After on steroids this will involve pyro, projections on the castle, the water screens of Rivers of America, it's a small world, Main Street U.S.A., & Buzz Lightyear flying over Sleeping Beauty Castle. Pixar Play Parade will make it's way to Disneyland with new features including characters from UP, the Pixar lamp, & characters from Inside Out. Meanwhile, Paint The Night with Toy Story, Monsters Inc., & Cars will be joined by another Pixar Story at Disney's California Adventure park later in the year. In addition, the Sunset Showcase Theater will host a Pixar Shorts Film Festival, rotating Pixar shorts throughout the fest. That's not even including yet to be announced food, beverages, merchandise, whatever else gets added to this. I might have to find a way to attend this. It's on the other coast but this sounds amazing, & who knows how long it's going to last. I hope they stream the debut of this just so I at least get to see it for sure. Wow! What do y'all think of the details to this amazing show? Put it in the comments, like, & share. 


Disneyland's Updated "Fantasmic" Is Fantastic!!

If you've never seen Fantasmic, do yourself a favor & watch this. Preferably as big as you can possibly watch it. I've seen the Hollywood Studios version of this at Disneyworld many times, & it's the most amazing live show you'll ever see. It combines water, fire, live-action, projections, lights, sound, music, fireworks, & laser in an amazing spectacle of a show that combines a ton of Disney favorites. They've added some more scenes to this one at Disneyland which were really impressive. The Aladdin & Jasmine carpet ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, & Tangled lanterns really stood out. Disneyland added a new mist screen that makes the projections a lot more clear. At first I thought California got robbed. Florida's ends with a giant realistic live-action dragon fighting the live-action Mickey Mouse. If you keep watching the video though they explain though it was missing it's still part of the show. (I'm guessing technical issues) They did show some test video of it though & it even improves on the show I've seen. I hope some of these changes now get implemented into the Hollywood Studios version. That'd make it a lot easier for me to see it live. Check it out & let me know what you think in the comments, like, & share.

"Happily Ever After" Is Amazing!! Check it out!

I've always thought Fantasmic in Disney's Hollywood Studios was the best firework show ever created. Until now. Disney put up a live stream of the new firework show Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom. Paired with music and animation that brings the castle to life, this thing is breathtaking. I can't wait to see this in person. It is a truly beautiful sight, filled with many surprises along the way. Check it out & let us know what you think in the comments below.

Disney Raising the Bar With "Happily Ever After"

I got to see "Wishes" at the Magic Kingdom on a few occasions. The most amazing sight to me of the whole show was the use of the castle as a theater screen to play all kind of effects on it. Last year, however, I got to see the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular show, & I noticed more effects. Or more specifically, more animated effects. Now today Disney has released this video to help build excitement for the new firework show debuting in the Magic Kingdom May 12. It includes the classic animators explaining how they will bring the castle to life with hand drawn animation. The original artists will be putting together brand new, hand drawn sequences with Ursula, Aladdin, Princess Tiana, & more. These shows keep getting bigger & better with every change. It's no secret my love for classic hand drawn animation. I will definitely be losing a little sleep looking forward to this show.